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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review : Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats in Rose Plein Vent

Today I am reviewing the Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats blush in Rose Plein Vent. Its one of the blushers I picked up at the Guerlain Warehouse sale and when I have been ogling on this blush for a long time, I had the opportunity which was god-given to pick up this beautiful blush and give my opinions on it.

(Do not mind the dermatoglyphics)

Lets get to know this lovely rosy blush.............

This is a blush that imparts the most beautiful rosy glow on the face without looking over done or over the top. If you are a MAC or Colorbar blushes fan, then you might find this one a bit too sheer as it just adds a whisper of rosiness to the face.

This lovely blush comes in a plush rich black packaging and of course its own luxurious sleeve with Guerlain logo. The packaging is metallic and a bit heavy compared to other brands. The gold case looks plush and adds a flare of flamboyance and richness to the vanity case. It has a clam shell design with a flip to open the case. Inside is the blush and small tapered natural hair plush brush provided for precise application and a good deal for travelling.

No one can beat Guerlain in the size of the product. For a whopping 9g. Guerlain retails this blush for 2876 INR which is good as you get a lot of product. 


The formulation is silky, finely milled, soft shimmery blush with illuminating particles which are micronized so that they impart a lovely sheen on the face and not look cheap as its cheaper alternatives. It is delicately fragranced that is enticing and lingers around for sometime. I smell a nice, feminine, floral rosy violet kind of smell which I cannot decipher thanks to the olfactory weariness that my nose has gone through.

The shades are
  • Shimmery Beige with micro pearl particles to impart a luxurious shine
  • Shimmery cream warm color which is shine not sparkle
  • Satiny soft tan or light terracotta color that matches the contours of the face and adds a bit of definition and warmth
  • Satiny tawny rose which is the essence of the blush and gives that sweet but not excessively cute pink effect
Rose Plein Vent means 'A lot of rosy breeze' OR as I call it a whisper of rosy tone as if you have been windswept. I love such colors as they mimic the blood under the skin and create that invigorating flush with soft shine and dewiness on the face.

( Please overlook the beard. I am guy and I have it. Try to look at the blush color and not to pass ridiculous hate comments)

  • Guerlain talk about swiping the blush brush horizontally to pick up highlighting colors for cheek heights and contouring colors for cheek contours. I tried that and nothing happened.
  • Instead I prefer to use them all for an all over glow. Luckily I have a tongue shaped Shiseido Blush Brush which is small enough to pick up individual colors.
It does impart a soft rosy sophisticated glow and helps the blush really work into the warmth of the skin and melt to give a fabulous finish. This is a lovely color for fair and medium skin tones as blush and can be used as highlights for olive and darker skin tones.

Hope you liked the blush. I purchased it from the warehouse sale and for those who are interested it is available at Guerlain counters all over the country.

Till then,


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  1. The colors r just gorgeous for that natural look..ur making us so so jealous Neeraj with all these wonderful goodies :)

    1. The blush is amazing. Truly natural. Thanks so much Parul...even I'm wanting more stuff from Guerlain now. See the greed!!

  2. Gudmorning Neeraj :) it's a lovely blush cum highlighter :) thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks a lot Priya. I'm glad that u liked it.

  3. Gorgeous.... i love how well you have taken the closeup picture... I always envy your pictures... :D :D

    1. Thanks a lot Eesha...its all about lighting. However expensive the camera is,it can only capture pictures if lights r good and I just have a regular Canon.


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