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Monday, September 3, 2012

Model Makeup : Evening Bride

Photography Credits

Photography by Brijesh Bhindora
Makeup by Neeraj S Navare for Beauty Traveller
Hair by Vaishali
Styling and concept by Shane Lonen

For the next concept shoot, it was about creating a beautiful bedazzling bride who does not look conventional and has some sort of aura around her. I added a coppery golden tone to the face while darkening the eyes and emphasizing the mouth. This may sound loud but it just blended well with the heavy velvet robe that she wore.

Anyways lets see how to achieve this evening bride look....

To create the copper tone on the face and also to warm up the model's complexion, I applied this limited edition (discontinued as well) blush from Scott Barnes Cosmetics called Brandy Wine.
This blush is generally made for darker complexion and the shimmery copper in the right pan is the most amazing color I have ever used. Earthy tones and warmed up complexions look extremely flattering in the evening lights and the pictures come out perfect. Only there should be a balance between harsh and soft tones and there should be a layering effect to bring out the best in the bride's skin tone.

Here's what I did to achieve the look.

  • After cleansing, toning, moisturizing and priming up, I used Shiseido Dual Foundation in O60 - a comparatively darker shade of foundation to warm up the skin. I made sure that I applied some of that foundation on the model's neck and also mixed a bit with body moisturizer and applied on the exposed skin to get a uniform look.
  • For under eyes I used MAC NC40 concealer to go with the foundation and also used it to spot conceal and tackle unevenness on the face.
  • A slight dusting of Kryolan Translucent Powder in TL4 got things settled and sorted.
  • For the contouring, I began with Benefit Hoola Bronzer in the shading areas of the face. While layering the color to get the desired intensity I used a foundation brush to actually create stronger contours by erasing the color in between the cheek bone and jaw. The matte bronzer was also dusted on the temples and with a flat eyeshadow brush I also used it to contour the nose.
  • Then with a fan brush copper toned shimmery blush was dusted softly to eliminate any harshness or product overload.
  • I highlighted the key areas of the face where light normally would hit with Shiseido Multi Shade Enhancer in S1 for a soft focus and less over powering effect.
  • For eyes, I just chose to do soft conventional black smokey eye and then highlighted the inner corners with MAC pigment in Melon. MAC Ricepaper was used as highlighter for brow bones. Filled the brows with MAC Dark Edge and to add some dazzle there I used MAC Buckwheat eyeshadow to give brow accents. Curled the lashes and applied 4 coats of Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition     mascara.
  • For the lip, I chose a red tone. While tracing the outline of the lips with a Bourjois Red Pencil, I filled in MAC Rubywoo for a flat matte finish. After a couple of blotting and reapplying I got the perfect flat red lip as a canvas to work on. To add dimension I used a Bourjois Dark Brown lip pencil on the outer corners of the lips and blended the dark into red to deepen it. To get a velvety lip I applied some Max Factor Lipfinity lip balm in the centre of the lip without over-glossing it up.
  • Dusting a bit of Multishade enhancer on the model's decollete made her ready for the shot.
This is a very easy and yet glamorous makeup and can be done when there is very less time interval in between the pheras and the evening reception. 

Hope you liked the look. Do let me know in the comments.

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Till then,


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  1. The model looks simply awesome Neeraj! :-)

    1. Thanks a lot Eesha. So happy u liked the look!

  2. Neeraj, your work is amazing. By the look of things, am pretty sure you won't be available to us bloggers anymore because you will be that busy!!! I hope however busy you are when you are world famous, I still get to meet you once :)

    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words Coral crue. I am so delighted and I just hope what u say becomes true...And of course we will meet sometime..LOL
      Thanks for liking the look!

    2. Neeraj, hard work never goes to waste and I am very very sure you will be the most sought after very soon. just keep at your good work and let your dreams take shape, Dream big :) All the best in everything.

  3. Simply speechless.. Again Amazing job done by you sir. How do you manage to bring out magic on every look.
    Dr neeraj i just wanted to request you to do some basic and advanced makeups on models having dusky/ wheatish skin tones someday.

    1. Thanks a lot Rachna...Will do when I get to work in dusky models...Surely!

  4. she looks gorgeous..awesome work neeraj

    1. Thanks a lot Preetha...I am so glad that u liked it!

  5. beautifulllll it is Neeraj ... lovely combination of colors , sculpted cheeks , red lips and flawless skin is to die for :D
    how stunninggg she is looking with your magic :D :D

  6. I wish I could learn from you personally, do lemme know if by chance u visit Pune!


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