Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Smokey Eye Comeback!!

I was inspired by the phrase 'Setback is another comeback!' on Masterchef Australia (YUM!!) and wanted to add this to the tutorial of today. Classic Smokey eyes had vanished somewhere and it seems to come back as Fall season comes near.

This is just a plain and classic smokey eye, taught to us since the last century. Just added brown in the inner rims to add a bit of softness instead of smoldering it too much. Its a classic black-brown smokey eye which is very easy to do and looks elegant all the time.

I used the Stila Classic Eyes palette and the eyeshadow quad from Too Faced Cosmetics from their Pixie Perfect collection. First time I have thought of picturing these palettes although wont do it too often coz I get really bored doing that (and flaunting my stuff).

This is a talking palette (mine is mute though) and has one Stila multiple and 3 eyeshadows with the description given below. Since I bought both of the palettes from The Beauty Bar I cannot comment on the country of their origin.The Stila one looks like its from Russia though and I used all the 2 shadows from there.

From the Pixie Perfect eyeshadow palette, I used Exclusive Shade (dark chocolate brown) and Totally toasted (honey colored shimmering accent) to add a sultry dimension. So lets see how to do the look after jump .........

Conceal the under eyes with a yellow based concealer to get rid of dark circles and tiredness.

Prime the lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer. This will keep the eyeshadows stay put and not budge for a longer period of time. Fill in the brows with MAC Dark Edge eyeshadow.

Apply a wash of the base shade all over the lid upto the brow bone from the Stila palette. See how it neutralizes the lid and gives a soft flawless touch. You could do with just the base shade as well though.

Apply the color called 'Liner' on the outer corner and crease. This shade also makes a perfect brow definer and is a good contour. Although its too light for being a liner on Indian skin tones. Begin with less as you do not want to pat too much color on the first go. Its all about layering.

Deepen the crease by blending with a crease brush and take it upwards towards the brow bone to widen the eye lid and create an illusion of bigger eyes.

Apply a coat of Deborah Absolute Hi-Tech mascara after curling the lashes. This could be a DAY LOOK or else just apply a coat of mascara so that whenever it dries up, it behaves like a primer.

Trace the upper lash line with Bourjois Khol and contour pencil in Ultra Black.

Smudge the harsh lines so that it looks blended. I used a Sigma Pencil brush to do that.

Apply the dark chocolate shade called Exclusive Shade from the Too Faced eyeshadow quad on the outer corners in a diagonal motion and then make a V shape. Blend the upper prong of the 'V' in the crease. More than a classic 'V', this looks like a parabola. Also trace the chocolate brown on the upper lash line to soften the black eye liner.

Add Totally Toasted eyeshadow from the Too Faced Quad on the middle of the lid and also in the inner corners. This shimmer has a high shine content and it looks almost like sun light reflecting on water.

Apply the dark chocolate brown on the lower lids and smoke them out.

Apply Max Factor liner effect pencil in Blazing Brown in the inner rims of lower lids. You can also tightline to make an impact.

Apply 5-6 layers of mascara to create fabulous lashes.

This is the finished look. I loved how subtle and beautifully earth this makeup turned out to be. The shimmer element of Totally Toasted eyeshadow creates a wonderful illusion of bright eyes. To match this makeup you can apply a rose nuanced bronzer (blush) on the cheeks and apply same toned lipstick in the lips to create a wonderful monochrome.

  • Shiseido Advanced Hydro liquid compact foundation
  • Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer
  • Shiseido Luminizing Trio Powder
  • Shiseido Accentuating Blush in Blazing Brown (for natural accentuation of contours)
  • Clinique Blushing Blush in Bashful Blush
  • Benefit Girl Meets Pearl highlighter
  • Clinique Long last lipstick in Sugared Maple
  • Stila Classic Eyes Palette
  • Too Faced Pixie Perfect Eyeshadow Quad
  • MAC Dark Edge eyeshadow
  • Shiseido Eyelash curler
  • Bourjois Khol and Contour pencil in Ultra black
  • Too Faced Shadow insurance eyeshadow primer
  • Max Factor Liner effect pencil in Blazing Brown
  • Deborah Absolute Hi-Tech Mascara in Black
Hope you liked the look. Do let me know your feedback in the comments section.

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  1. I luved the night look a lot!

  2. Love your tutorial Dr have so much of patience to explain each and every step in detail..hats off..btw suggest me one palette which can be used for both day time subtle looks and night time bold looks as well?

    1. thanks a lot Parita...if u r on a budget, I love the Maybelline eyestudio palette in Copper chic. if u want to splurge then Estee Lauder has some amazing palettes and so do Lancome. To custom make a palette of 4 colors from MAC - buy Ricepaper, Goldmine, Embark or Folie and Typographic....u will be sorted!

  3. I just found your beautiful blog, and spend time looking in your older posts.
    Just to inform, the pallet on the top must have some Greek origin, since 3 of the 4 pans (all but the lower right, that is) have greek translations under the english (I know because I'm Greek).
    Keep up the great work!



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