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Review : Clinique Blush Brush

It may not be the best blush brush in the market, yet there is something nice about the Clinique Blush Brush that I would like to share. Despite confusing reviews online and a lot of bemusement on the pros and cons of this brush, I wanted to add my (honest) opinion too.

I began using this brush one and half years ago (this is a new brush. I have shared the pictures of the old one in the post for comparison) and it has never failed to deliver the results I wanted. It is a beautiful blush brush indeed.

So lets see what makes Clinique Blush Brush so special. Read after the jumpbreak.

What Clinique has to say :

Perfectly sized and softly tapered to deposit the right amount of powder blush on apples of cheeks and cheekbones. Highlights temples, bridge of nose and chin. Unique antibacterial technology helps ensure the highest level of hygiene.


It comes in a nice plastic sleeve casing with Clinique embossed in Silver on the front of the pack. A bit of details and codes on the back of the sleeve. This milky semi transparent sleeve looks quite chic and looks as if the brush was sterilized before packaging. Although the brush boasts of an anti-bacterial coating (which I truly believe in after dedicating 3 yrs in the brand) it is not very sanitary to store it back into the plastic sleeve, as it get stained easily with makeup products.


The brush hair are natural. I believe they are PONY hair and not the softest one could find. But they do fairly a good job in dispersing and diffusing the color onto cheeks. The bristles are soft enough to pick up a right amount of color and transfer it onto skin without creating blotchy patches (of course if applied correctly with precision). But can get coarse over time and usage if not cared for properly.

This blush brush is flat but has tapered round edges. This enables easy swirling of the brush. If you add some pressure at the base of the bristles, it does create a fan brush like effect which makes it a beautiful brush to highlight as well. I am not sure whether many people knew this as no one has mentioned this in the reviews anywhere.

One could use a Clinique Blush Brush to do the following :-
  • Swirling a nicely pigmented soft and fine milled powder blush on the cheek apples. The size may be a bit large for many women while applying. But that didn't bother me for my clients.
  • Apply highlighters to the areas of the face that need to be brought forward.
  • Applying translucent loose powders. Its good for ladies with smaller faces. Instead of a fluffy powder brush, one can opt for this brush.
  • For blending cream based blush on the cheeks to give a diffused lived-in youthful appearance.
  • For dusting shimmer based powders on decollete as the brush can catch a lot of powder.
According to makeup maverick, Tom Pecheux, one tap some color on to the blush brush and swirl the brush over the mirror of the packaging (of the blush) and then apply color. This prevents overloading of a blush and gives healthy looking cheeks.

You can see the old brush (almost one and half years ago) and newly bought blush brush. Although the shapes are different and the old one could never look the new one (which is unused), you can see that the glisten on the hair is the same. Luckily the bristles of the old one are as good as the ones of the new one which matters a lot.


I use a simple hair shampoo to clean the brush thoroughly. A conditioning shampoo is good to keep the bristles soft. However as the Clinique scientists say, soap cannot remove the anti bacterial coating. Although its safe to not wash this brush often (bacteria cannot adhere to the chemically treated hair) I would not advice so. I seldom use Alcohol based brush cleansers even on a makeup job and prefer to clean the brushes with Baby wipes during emergency situations. This keeps them looking healthy. Its very important to retain the shape and I would not recommend putting a brush guard over this brush while it dries as it holds a lot of water and can stink with remnant water inside.

Btw I discovered a brilliant brush cleanser from Makeup Forever and will try on this brush soon to see whether it makes the bristles coarse. And for everyone's information my old brush is as soft as the new one (maybe I have been smartly taking care of it and not just being lucky.)


1600 INR and is available at all leading Clinique stores and counters across India. Visit for more information.


Hunt for the perfect blush brush may not end here but its a decent one to try and the people whom I know using it are grateful for this wonderful purchase. The scope of this article was to make others aware of the existence of this brush. For me, this is an essential brush in the makeup artist's kit due to its size and blendability.

Hope you liked the article.

Till then,


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  1. thats such a cute brush..nice review

  2. This one looks great! need to check it out!

    1. Oh ya u must. Its very basic but very nice.


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