Monday, August 27, 2012

Review : Makeup Forever Sculpting Brush

I got hold of a couple of brushes from this amazing store in Bandra named Beautiful and this brush is one of them. When priced at over 2500 INR, I had always yearned to own a supersoft lovely duo brush like this and one fine day my prayers were answered. Since I got this one and only brush left in stock for 1250 INR, I immediately bought it and shot the pics for reviewing.

So presenting the amazing Make Up For Ever Sculpting Brush review. Unfortunately this happened after MUFE withdrew itself from the Indian markets with a better plan to launch the brand with upcoming Sephora (a little birdie told me so).

Lets read about this beauty after the jumpbreak............

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review : Clinique Blush Brush

It may not be the best blush brush in the market, yet there is something nice about the Clinique Blush Brush that I would like to share. Despite confusing reviews online and a lot of bemusement on the pros and cons of this brush, I wanted to add my (honest) opinion too.

I began using this brush one and half years ago (this is a new brush. I have shared the pictures of the old one in the post for comparison) and it has never failed to deliver the results I wanted. It is a beautiful blush brush indeed.

So lets see what makes Clinique Blush Brush so special. Read after the jumpbreak.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beauty Explorer : Product Watch

With Beauty Explorer, I am able to unfold a lot of discoveries that I make on some of those wonderful beauty trips I have with my partner in beauty crime and of course the Beauty Traveller. In the product watch section, I like to tell about some lovely stuff that I saw and that I should share with my wonderful readers. Beauty Explorer is a great way to update on beauty and on what's coming soon!!
To read this section of Beauty Explorer, see after the jump break....

Fleur De Lotus.......

I dedicate this post to a person who is unfathomably creative, true to his work, amazingly talented, very down to earth, modest, honest and one of the nicest people in the world - ME...LOL. Its not a self praising post although. Its my name NEERAJ - which means 'born in water' and is another name for LOTUS. As it is Chanel's Fleur De Lotus collection is on its way to Indian shores, so this was an apt look to do.

This is a lovely melange of beautiful aquatic colors and creates sensational effects on eyes. Lets see how to achieve this look.....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Simply Bizarre Eyes!!

This is just a random makeup post of a really bizarre makeup that I tried. Unfortunately I don't have a tutorial of this as I wasn't sure how it would turn up.
If done in a very esthetic manner, which I haven't, you could actually create an illusion of long and fuller lashes. I just went a bit berserk and created a makeup look fit for a photo shoot or some wild party.

I used my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette to achieve this look along with BH cosmetics eye liner pen which is fabulous for that little price that we pay. Lets have a look.....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dash of Rose Gold on a Bronzey Smoke

This post was always in my mind but I never really executed it. This is a classic eye that is all races, all clothes, all occasions and uber-easy to do. I was so longing to use the MAC pigment called Rose Gold (as my friend Rashmi and me went gaga over it. See her review here). Rose Gold is a metallic pigment that maybe discontinued from the regular lines and could be a MAC Pro pigment. Its a beautiful antique gold fine milled powder and is very versatile in its use.

I always wanted to try this pigment due to its versatility on eyes, cheeks and lips and how gorgeous it would look. Rose Gold can go as a beautiful highlighter for darker skins and it would make the skin radiant and glowing and also could be sheered down on lips by mixing with clear gloss. Waiting for someone to use Rose Gold on nails too. Hope Illamasqua has something.

A classic bronze-black eye can really be smoldered and amplified with a dash of Rose Gold pigment and its does a get a surreal touch. So lets see this flattering tutorial............

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Neon Arch

I just randomly thought of doing this post and had no theme in mind perse. Neon may or may not be a trend this coming Fall (wonder Summers are still on abroad or what) but I did as it pleased my mind. Wanted to add a bright bow of color on the crease of the eye lid and could find nothing but a lovely Fuchsia pigment to do so.

This could be a take on Chanel's Summer 2012 collection which was inspired by ocean and sea shells. Just added some neon from the bright fauna of the ocean to create a wonderful effect.
This may be one of the smallest makeup tutorials on Beauty Traveller, but I can guarantee that its very interesting. So lets see how to get this look...........

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beauty Explorer - Product Watch

Its been a long time that I haven't updated the Beauty Explorer Section. Today instead of a question or a poll, I would be talking about some products from the skin care line (new and old launches) that I am sampling and would decide soon whether to buy them or not.
These products would be a part of my skin care regimen and may be an addition or a substitute for the current skin care regimen I have been doing. As a cosmetologist and a makeup artist, I get to use and sample some really amazing products and this gives me an idea of what I should use for myself and my clients. It could be from department brands, mass brands or even pharmacy brands and I don't really divide them into those categories. For me what product works, works and what doesn't, I don't bother to talk about it instead of writing hate comments and all.

Since past few weeks as my older skin care products were getting over I was on a hunt to sample some really nice products out there and although I refrain from doing skin care posts (since we all don't have the same skin types) I will do something that may entertain my readers who have a combination-oil-acne-prone skin like mine.

So lets see what am I exactly talking about..............

Upcoming posts Teasers!!

Here are a few pictures of the makeup tutorials that will be coming soon....

This is an innocent neon look, more of an oriental inspiration. I have always admired China for their culture and traditions. They were the ones who used a lot of pinks and wanted to dedicate a post to the Orient.

See the other looks after the jumpbreak..........

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Smokey Eye Comeback!!

I was inspired by the phrase 'Setback is another comeback!' on Masterchef Australia (YUM!!) and wanted to add this to the tutorial of today. Classic Smokey eyes had vanished somewhere and it seems to come back as Fall season comes near.

This is just a plain and classic smokey eye, taught to us since the last century. Just added brown in the inner rims to add a bit of softness instead of smoldering it too much. Its a classic black-brown smokey eye which is very easy to do and looks elegant all the time.

I used the Stila Classic Eyes palette and the eyeshadow quad from Too Faced Cosmetics from their Pixie Perfect collection. First time I have thought of picturing these palettes although wont do it too often coz I get really bored doing that (and flaunting my stuff).

This is a talking palette (mine is mute though) and has one Stila multiple and 3 eyeshadows with the description given below. Since I bought both of the palettes from The Beauty Bar I cannot comment on the country of their origin.The Stila one looks like its from Russia though and I used all the 2 shadows from there.

From the Pixie Perfect eyeshadow palette, I used Exclusive Shade (dark chocolate brown) and Totally toasted (honey colored shimmering accent) to add a sultry dimension. So lets see how to do the look after jump .........

Friday, August 10, 2012

Glamour in Shape - Cleopatra Vs Anarchic makeup

I couldn't think of a name that was apt for a look like this! Although a trial look, this came put as fabulously as I wanted and that why I mustered the strength to put this on the blog. It comes from 2 inspirations. One is the 'anarchy' makeup that was featured in the legendary Kevyn Aucoin's book Making Faces. The other is of course was the most famed Cleopatra and this look happens to be an amalgamation of the two.

This spindle shaped eye is very flattering and can be used to amplify some really mundane days and outfits. Btw I apologize for that little fall out on the nose area. I was too excited to wipe that out.

So lets see how to do this look.............

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Friendship Day Dedicated Look.....Jewel, Pearl, Garnet and Jade

This is actually a Friendship Day post dedicated to my dearest friend Garnet. She looks like a fairy (trust me on this) and the post is actually inspired by the name of her and her siblings. So I present to you a post dedicated to Garnet, her sister Jewel and Pearl and her brother Jade.

I did 2 looks and I have a tutorial of the first look which I will put a little later. One small flaw in the first look is that, after layering a red eyeshadow on black, it turned into a burgundy but I hope you will not mind that. At least I wont look angry in the post. LOL

First look

Second look

I will add a detailed explanation of how to achieve this look after the jump. So lets see how to get this look inspired by Garnet and her Siblings.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day to Night Glam-Up

This is a day to night look post for someone who has to attend a party or an evening function just after her job. It maybe a very cliched thing for pros as there are many videos who show how to do them but I did this for a few of my readers who do not have time to go through those amazing videos and posts. 

Some may find this makeup to be a bit too much for the day, but please remember that for photography generally you have to do a bit of exaggerated makeup to bring out the features in a better manner. Some colors look too bright and overwhelming with the camera flash light but look uber natural in natural light settings.



You can literally achieve this smokey eyed night look with additional 3 steps. Lets see how.....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Guest Post : Natural Acne Treatments

Almost everyone at one point of their life suffers acne. Regardless of the stage in life one may be,
this is one of the most annoying ailments one goes through and in most cases a nuisance. Natural
Acne Treatments are therefore everyone’s favourite are they are known to work well with all skin

Lets see how to treat acne with natural methods and remedies..........

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings!

This is an all occasion makeup look which is incredibly flattering and can be pulled off easily. With Rakshabandhan tomorrow I think this could be an inspirational look for all the sisters to don themselves. We do not look for a smokey eye or something glamorous. We aim for a look that is less over powering and looks perfect for this magical moment.

This is a lovely mixtures of gold infused pinks (rose gold) and purples to create a heavenly combination of drama and beauty. Shimmer drenched lids and lips break the ties of subtlety and add a dramatic facet to make the face look youthful and glowing.

Lets see how to do this look..............

August Makeup Files!!

With the rains not happening this monsoon season, it feels pointless to even talk about beauty and makeup. I am following my summer skin care regimen and by the grace of Almighty nothing has gone wrong or been disastrous. In the meanwhile I wanted to open up the amazing month of August with some beautiful makeup inspirations taken from Fashion and Beauty.

These are some things I am liking this month and want to rave about it as much as I can....


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