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Friday, April 13, 2012

Understated Elegance

Its different to be rich and different to be royal. I have always admired the kings and queens of several Indian dynasties but whom I respect the most is Rajmata Gayatridevi. Her sophistication, her sense of style and her effortless dressing is a sobriquet to the fashion world. I could imagine her Majesty carrying this makeup look and that why this is an ode to her sense of style and fashion.

To capture the beauty of the makeup I am using my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which has certain colors that would suit royalty at its best.

The colors marked with a star are the ones that are used. You might not be able to trace the colors as they are not placed distinctively on the lid but you'll appreciate the nuances in the look.

So lets see how to do this look.............

Prime the eye lids. Use a concealer underneath to even out the skin on the eye lids before applying shadows. In case this is not done, the shimmer in the shadows will amplify all the flaws and discolorations in the lid.

Apply concealer underneath over a foundation to minimize under eye darkness and unevenness. Also apply Bootycall eyeshadow on the brow bone and apply Suspect in the inner corners. All done very subtly and well blended.

Apply Pistol eyeshadow in the crease. I generally do not like grey tones in the crease as they can look ashy but golden pearl in this eyeshadow adds a certain warmth and kills the gray tone yet the color showing true and nice.

Trace the lower lids thinly with Busted eyeshadow and the apply in 'V' Shaped manner in the outer corners of the upper lid blending it lightly into the crease. Keep the dark shadows muted enough to give definition and not create stark edges.

This is how Busted must be applied with a softer touch and blended out gently in the crease.

Apply YDK eyeshadow on the entire lid and blend it into other colors. To keep the eyes away from intense sparkle of this eyeshadow, use a flat brush to load color and then a large flat eyeshadow shader brush to disperse the color and create a wash.

With a dry angled liner brush apply Blackout eyeshadow on the lash line and diffuse it to create stained lash line. I used an eyeshadow to draw a soft focus line instead of a stark wing of the 70s. This could be a modern take on the liner though.

Curl lashes with eye lash curler. Tame and define the brows. Keep them bushy to give an elegant look. Apply several coats of Revlon Grow Luscious mascara to gently add volume and dimension to the lashes. The gel like formula coats every lash lightly and gives fluffy and fluttery lashes.

So this is the finished look. I would suggest a hint of pink rouge on the cheeks and bold rani colored magenta lips. If you find the lips too dark then use some muted colors. You can get very experimental with the lips in this types of looks though.


  • Estee Lauder Mattifying base
  • Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita Mineral makeup
  • Clinique Air Brush concealer
  • Clinique Blended Face powder
  • Shiseido Accentuating Stick in Rose flush
  • Chanel Les Tissage blush in Tweed Fuchsia
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Eyeshadows used are Bootycall, Busted, Suspect, YDK, Pistol and Black out
  • MAC Dark Edge eyeshadow for the brows
  • MAC Brow Gel
  • Shiseido Eyelash curler
  • Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara in Black
  • Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in Iced Orchid mixed with Oriflame Lipstick in Midnight Orchid

Hope you enjoy the look.

Till then,


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  1. really nice Neeraj ... soft and subtle and yet noticeable :D :D

  2. perfect heading for the post! classy!

    1. Thanks Parita...Isnt she amazing! I was always inspired by their royal heritage and her social work!

  3. Luks very elegant and beautiful..I love such luks where things are kept subtle and as you said understated...

    1. Thank u so much Parul...there's a very different appeal to a makeup like this!

  4. Perfect look! Any idea where can I get the Naked pallete 1 in India?

    1. U can get it at Kamya's The Beauty Bar in Mumbai...THanks a lot Shivangi!

    2. Thanks for the info Doc :)... cheers!

  5. Now that's definitely very elegant and regal. I loved how Her Highness used to dress up even in the later years of her life. Most beautiful lady of her time.

    1. she has been one of the most elegant and beautiful ladies...Really amazing.
      Thanks a lot Eesha!

  6. Everytime i feel like uv done the best ever u come up with such a classy look...every look is classier than the first!! this is one heck of a royal look!

    1. Thank u so much Zara....Thanks for the precious words!


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