Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day dreamers........Delicate Metals

I couldn't resist using my Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette and Urban Decay Naked palette to do this spring inspired office look. Its a soft metallic look with intermix of coppers and bronzes and golds. This look is easy and effortless and very apt for day wear without looking overdone.

Dusting soft copper with a brighter gold gives this unique bright color that is just incredible.
Lets see how to do this look.

  • MAC Pro Longwear SPF10 foundation 
  • MAC Select Coverup concealer
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder. I used Medium for a soft glow.
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer followed by Candlelight Glow highlighter
  • Clinique High Impact Lipstick in Pure Posh
  • Clinique Long last lipgloss in Knockout Nude
  • TFSI on eye lids.
  • Highlight with UD eyeshadow in Sin on the brow bone and also in inner corners.
  • Too Faced eyeshadow in Teddy Bear is applied in crease to define it. 
  • Too Faced Lovey Dovey applied on the outer corners and outer crease. Then smoke it out on the lower lids in the outer and middle one-third.
  • On flat brush mix Too Faced Copper peony with Urban Decay Half Baked and dust it gently on upper lid and inner third of the lower lid.
  • Tame brows with MAC Brow Gel.
  • Coat lashes with Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara after curling lashes with Shiseido Eye lash curler.

I love this delicate placement of metallic colors to make the entire looks so youthful and sophisticated. You can skip eye liners if you like to make it more brighter and less defined.

More pics.

I hope you liked this look. Do enter my amazing Too Faced Insurance Policy giveaway ending on 5th Feb.

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Glossynews..........about Glossybox

Glossybox, the famed box of beauty products finally lands on Indian soil with operations starting in March. Its a dream come true as they send you a mish mash of beauty products every month for a montly membership so that you can try some of their fantastic loots and make mind to buy actual sizes.

Here's something Glossybox has to say,

GLOSSYBOX is the leading international e-commerce service aimed at introducing discerning users to new and highly sought--‐after beauty and cosmetic products. Each month, hundreds of thousands of women around the world eagerly await the delivery of their GLOSSYBOX, to find out just what the box contains for them –luxurious products for the recipient to try in the comfort of their home, away from the cramped, rushed environment of a cosmetics counter at a department store.
GLOSSYBOX is a beautifully--‐wrapped box containing a mix of five travel--‐ and full--‐sized products, carefully curated by our experts.
We’re committed to providing only the best products in our boxes, for which we partner not only with the world’s most admired and respected beauty and cosmetic houses, but also with luxurious Indian brands.
Through our service,you can be assured that you’re receiving some of the best and most innovative beauty and cosmetic products around.
What’s more, you can share and discuss your GLOSSYBOX experience with other GLOSSYBOX members on the GLOSSYBOX.in blog, or on the GLOSSYBOX India facebook and Twitter pages – all great ways to discover and discuss new and exciting beauty and cosmetic products, tips, and experiences.

So what would these pretties contain?

They work with 150+ brands internationally and I hope they get them here too....

Why am I writing this?

Glossybox has been kind enough to help me and Beauty Traveller out for a surprise venture that would be discussed and talked about soon.

GLOSSYBOX Glossaries...
Blog: http://www.blog.glossybox.in/
Contact: contact@glossybox.in
Website: glossybox.in
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/GlossyBoxIN
Twitter: twitter.com/GlossyBox_in
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GlossyBox.in
Skype: missglossy.in

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Saving and Sewing the pocket hole!!

Have you been new to makeup and don't know what to do next?
Have you read every beauty blog on this planet and tried to learn a lot within less span of time?
Have you watched Youtube videos of some of the famous names in beauty and drooled over the products they have?
Have you haphazardly bought products just to build up your vanity?

Well if even one of your answers is YES, then you are with me on what I was 4 yrs back. After graduating in Medicine and deciding to be a makeup artist one day was not just a decision of the moment. I had plans (which are gradually unfolding) of having a wonderful makeup wardrobe but never knew what was good and what wasn't. I ended up spending lakhs of Rupees on stuff I would rarely use and secretly have thrown away so many things after they exceeded their expiry dates and cried secretly with head in the pillow.....LOL.
I was one of those people who did not dare go near brands like MAC, Christian Dior or Chanel looking at the costs and then just going out of budget and satisfying myself by buying lipsticks from Maybelline which eventually exceeded my budget always plus I wasn't satisfied and happy.

So the next step was to make swatches, irritate the BAs on counters, get samples of whatever they could provide and buy lots of branded stuff blowing all the money I got from my salaried job + Taking it from daddy + Mummy + anyone who wanted to gift me with something. And then my bags started overflowing, I spring cleaned them even in winters, chucked my favorite MAC eyeshadows as they got old and did menacing things and disturbed my mind.

The purpose of writing this article was to tell you how things went and what I have learnt from my mistakes. I learnt some very important things in makeup while going on a makeup job or while collecting stuff for the stash,

  1. Pack on light and with only essential stuff so that you dont get confused and panicked.
  2. Use smaller bags to stay away from tempting yourself to pack big...LOL....its silly but its true.
  3. Invest in smaller size items if available of the colors you like but you know you'll never use it twice. This saves the guilt. 
  4. Travel size stuff is always handy and palette like that are divine interventions.
  5. Don't follow all the trends in Glossy magazines, because even artists like Pat McGrath and Tom Pecheux who set them never say that you have to buy everything they say.
  6. Buy colors that suit you and not because it suited your friend.
  7. While making bridal trousseau invest in basic makeup products that make you presentable and not funny.

Here are some hit list products that one should go for if you are totally new to makeup and planning to splurge,
  • Urban Decay Naked or/and Naked 2 palette, that has every color you need to look gorgeous anytime of the day or night and yet not very heavy on the pocket if bought from Sephora
  • BH Cosmetics 26 Shadow blush combo palette or/and Tropical Shimmer palette, they have many palettes but these basic ones have colors flattering our Indian complexions.
  • Kryolan Supra color foundation palette of 6 colors or individual pans, are fantastic for starters as makeup artists or for personal use as they can help you learn the art of makeup better. Since their ingredients have improvised a lot over these years I can recommend these palettes blindly to anyone.
  • Search for lip palettes or create ones from brands like NYX, Inglot, Bobbi Brown etc.
  • For blushes I love to custom make mine from MAC or Inglot and stick them in a palette. Do not de-pot as that can be a murderous attempt to strip the pan from its clothes.
  • Too Faced cosmetics, Tarte cosmetics, Benefit and Stila make some really gorgeous palettes which are mostly collector's items but sometimes really good to get a wider range of colors. My giveaway of Too Faced Insurance Policy palette is a typical example of a collection of shadows that suit every need of your day. My friend Kamya from the Beauty Bar has some amazing deals on these brands and if you are in Mumbai or plan to come here, you must visit her store.
  • Do not invest in too many eyeshadow primers. Just basics like TFSI or UDPP or Nars Pro Prime and then MAC Paint pots like Bare study or Groundwork should be enough. My friend and quite experienced makeup artist Tejas Shah told me once,' If you want to build your makeup kit, invest minimum in cream based products as they don't last longer.' and he was so true. So I have decided to go light on mascaras and cream eyeshadows and buy one if its very urgent or LE or look for a dupe in the powder eyeshadows.
  • Just one translucent powder of compact powder is enough to get you ready and investing in another one without finishing the first one could be funny.
 This article is getting too big, so the next part would come soon.

Till then,


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Monday, January 30, 2012

Faux Gloss!!

Giorgio Armani beauty and Linda Cantello, their international artistic director are like Vanilla Ice cream with chocolate. Without following trends this Italian Giant always concocts some of the most glamorous effortless looks.
This spring 2012, with ocean inspired looks on run, this look is one the most incredible and sought after looks of the season. I define it as a classic beauty and this looks truly spells 'effortless glamour'.

Giorgio Armani Prive Spring 2012

I used BH cosmetics Tropical Shimmer Palette, one of the newest additions to my stash to do this look. This palette is laden with 88 colors of mediterrannean magic infused all in one place.
Anyways the 'stars' symbolize the colors I have used with mentioned references.


For such luminous eyes always keep the entire complexion matte, slick on a shiny not shimmery lipgloss and keep mascara minimal for those soulful eyes. Its like makeup of the angels.
  • MAC Pro Longwear SPF10 foundation
  • Kryolan Supracolor foundation used as concealer
  • Kryolan Transparent Powder
  • Calvin Klein Blush in Foolish used for contouring
  • Shiseido The Makeup Lipgloss in G5 Chianti Rose
  • Nars Pro Prime Smudgeproof eyeshadow base
  • With fluffy dome brush, dust medium taupe grey in the crease to define the lids.
  • Stain the lash line with Bourjois Effet Smokey pencil in Ultra black smudging the color into lash line.
  • Apply brighter silvery grey with beige (sea shell beige) nuances on the entire lid.

  • I mixed two light sea foam color with green nuances on the left upper corner to create subtle highlights and applied shimmery yet soft sky blue in the inner corners to give that oceanic - oyester pearl kind of effect.
  • For a little more definition apply smokey silvery plum on the outer corners.
  • Blend the lid color on the lower lids as well keeping it soft and diffused.
  • Curl lashes and apply just one coat of MAC Opulash mascara for longer peepers.
  • Set brows with brow gel.

Such opalescent look gives an impression of clear lipgloss on eye lids and looks very chic. This type of makeup is very suitable for candle light dinners as the eyes look hypnotic in soft candle lights. 

Hope you like this look.

Till then,


Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions. I have paid for this palette via Paypal and not related or affiliated to BH cosmetics in anyways. I have used the Giorgio Armani Prive pic from www.style.com

Sunday, January 29, 2012

An artistic inspiration!!

Makeup is a vast field. It has so many branches and tributaries. If you are on camera, you need makeup but in our daily lives we need it too. Then there is fashion, editorials, advertisements, theatre, films, television, HD and also there are cosmetologists and cosmetic chemists and so on....the list is endless.

Most makeup artists are our true inspirations and each have their unique taste and creative contributions to this vast field. One of them is artist to the celebrities and an eminent makeup teacher who has also written wonderful books on makeup and has touched millions of lives through them, Mr.Robert Jones. I wish to pay him an ode in this post.

His book, Makeup Makeovers was one of the first books I purchased from Amazon.com and still use it for references while passing on makeup skills or improvising over my existing ones. His book makes application and understanding of makeup so easy. Its like a primer for English language, tip of that huge iceberg and a magic in itself.

With some amazing best sellers in his tow, he's a magician who leaves everyone spellbound. A person who truly believes in the art of makeup to enhance someone rather than changing someone. To hide what needs to be hidden and to reveal radiance through it.

He has penned down masterpieces like,

  1. Makeup Makeovers
  2. Makeup Makeovers Beauty Bible
  3. Makeup Makeovers in 5,10,15 and 20 mins
  4. Looking Younger
  5. Makeup Makeovers Weddings
  6. Ultimate makeovers
He also owns his own line of brushes and makeup accessories which are must haves of the beauty world.
These books are megadoses of inspiration and confidence to a normal woman who is new to makeup and cannot afford her personal makeup artist. Do read his biography here. His interview is very inspiring too.

Hope you enjoy this makeup artiste extraordinaire and get inspired.

Till then,


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This is a glimpse and an update of what is happening in my altered ego mind (just for makeup and nothing else). I hope you enjoyed my 'Enchanted night' series and liked some of the posts that I did. I was also requested to do tutorials on some of the looks which I will be doing in some more spare time.
I have started embracing this idea of using themes to portrait makeup looks because its not only an inspiration but also a very methodical way of arranging different elements of makeup and a food for thought for all those ideas to emerge.
Soon shall come the 'Quick Quotes' section which I am a bit lazy and tardy on working. And more reviews on my favorite fellow blogger Wiseshe (Anamika) which I am sure you'll love.
Working on the theme called 'Classic eyes' and 'Random Colors' I came across certain looks that could be done daily without pushing the limits and yet create a statement. Here's a glimpse of those looks.

These are some of the looks that are on the way. Shall keep you posted. Thanks for supporting.

Do enter my Too Faced Insurance Policy giveaway.

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Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.

A Night in Zen Garden

The serene nights in Japan and the stories that linger around have always inspired me to do looks. In this post of 'The Enchanted Night' I wanted to round up with a post that brings serenity and beauty in one place. Zen Gardens have been inspirations to poets and artist alike. They bring a positive dimension to creativity, you can feel the life force flowing through with just a mere glance at the picture.

Zen Gardens are all about planning a perfect environment that is ornamented with an eclectic mish mash of plants and exotic shrubs with miniature ponds and lakes laden with freshwater lilies and lotuses. Its truly divine.

I am doing two looks viz,



These looks are inspired by serene Zen Nights and moonlit flora. Lets see how to do them,

  • Smashbox Cosmetics Photofinish primer light
  • Kryolan Supracolor foundation used as base and concealer
  • Kryolan Transparent Powder for setting the makeup. Exclude cheeks to keep it all dewy and radiant.
  • Shiseido Accentuating Stick in Rose Flush and Glistening Touch for a dewy and rosy lit-from-within glow
  • Estee Lauder Pure color gloss in Brazen Berry


This was also one of the references I used in Illamasqua's Sophie-I technique look and have put a glimpse of it in previous post.

  • Its just a black, charcoal grey and light peachy beige shimmer, just 3 eyeshadows enough to create a multidimensional look. 
  • Apply TFSI as a base for everything to stay put.
  • Line the rims and trace the lash lines with Bourjois Effet Smokey Liner in Ultra Black.
  • Highlight brow bone with Girlactik Eyeshadow in Satin. Also use it in the inner corners and on the middle half of the lid. Its all sparkle and shimmer.
  • On the outer corners and immediate lower water line, blend matte Bourjois Intense black eyeshadow and smoke it out.
  • The charcoal black color from Chanel Quad called Sparkling Satins is applied in the crease and blended towards the brow bone for soft definition. Also smoked on the lower lid to add softness.
  • Brows are defined with MAC Dark Edge.
  • Curl lashes with Shiseido Eye lash curler and apply 2 coats of Clarins Instant Definition mascara.


I so wish I was in Japan to sport this look on someone there. This is an interplay of taupe grey shimmer with muted soft jade green infused with a touch of grey.

  • TFSI as a base with MAC Paint pot in Groundwork over the lid, softly diffused in the crease.
  • MAC Smut applied on the outer corners and smoked on the lower lid..
  • Highlight brow bone with MAC eyeshadow in Shore leave.
  • On the lids with a damp brush apply shimmery soft grey green eyeshadow from Lancome Duo in Light & Dark in patting motions.
  • Comb brows, curl lashes and coat with Clarins Instant Definition Mascara.
These are simple looks with very less products. The simplicity and purity of thought inspires these looks.

Hope you like them. Do enter my Too faced eyeshadow giveaway and remember time is running.
Till then,


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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Basic Essentials Part 2

Jolly good, I found another imagery of the brush post that I did and here is another picture with description.

A short description of these brushes, from left to right.

  1. Sigma SS194 brush aka F70 brush, a very good concealer brush for precise concealing and applying products to spot conceal. I also use it to apply loose pigment by dampening the brush, apply primers, paint pots and even lipsticks.It is similar to the Urban Decay Good Karma eyeshadow brush.
  2. Sigma SS224 aka E45, similar or actually a better dupe of MAC 224 this brush is versatile with lots of things to credit to, need it be spoken though? The shape itself is self explanatory and does a wonderful job in defining the crease. This is my all over eye brush too.
  3. Christian Dior Large ES brush, is good enough for highlighting the brow bone and thats where I use it only.
  4. Essence of Beauty Smudge brush, which I got from Rashmi of IndyaBeauty is good enough to blend liner and can be dipped into water or mixing medium and create a liner from eyeshadows.
  5. Smashbox Dome brush from their limited holiday brush collection is a smaller dome brush to blend shadows in areas where bigger brushes are inefficient.
  6. Smashbox Arced Liner brush, is a cult favorite to create precise dramatic lines and am I not speaking cat eyes?
  7. Essence of Beauty Smoky Wide, is a nice dual ended brush for defining and highlighting. A complete brush on its own.
  8. Sigma crease brush, is perfect to define the crease and is the first step in creating a gradient.
  9. Lancome Large Eyeshadow brush, is one of my favorite all over eyeshadow brush.
  10. Oriflame Lip/concealer brush, is mostly used by me to spot conceal and never applied lipstick with it, though I am planning to apply Max Factor Lipfinitty with it,
I hope you enjoyed some of my brushes. I am putting another post of my newest brush purchases.

Till then,


 Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.

Basic Essentials

This was a post I had planned a long back but due to some untoward circumstances I could not post it. These are some of the essential eye brushes that I use to do my EOTDs and these are the wands that make me conjure spellbinding looks everytime. LOL

I am sure there's a post of this somewhere without any description though. Btw you may not need all these brushes (until you really want to collect them like I do) but there's nothing wrong to own some. Some of these brushes are from drugstore brands and perform exactly the same as their counterparts from higher brands and thats why I include them in my kit.

Lets see, (I may not know their real description at times so pardon me), starting from left to right,

  1. Coastal scents Chisel fluff/pointed crease duet brush, I got this brush from their sale once at a dirt cheap price. I love it because the pointed allows me to blend pencils and define crease while the fluffy side is good to stipple on some pigment or highlight the inner corners.
  2. MAC 217, Do I need to say anything about this brush? Its a makeup artist's must have brush from concealer application, for a subtle wash of color, highlighting key points on the face, stippling concealer over acne or rougher facial surfaces and what not. I could end up writing an essay on this brush.
  3. Sigma Tapered Blending Brush, is my favorite to create a color degrade especially while creating a horizontal smokey eye. This fluffy brush made with natural goat hair is cut to precision and does a wonderful job. I also use to apply highlighter sometimes.
  4. Estee Lauder Blending Shadow Brush, this impulsive purchase made justice. Created by makeup artiste extraordinaire, Tom Pecheux, this brush can be the only brush you may need. It helps highlight, define and blend crease and also pack on color on the lids. Most versatile brush I ever owned after MAC 234 which is somewhat not included in this picture due to some unknown reasons.
  5. NYX Smokie eyeshadow brush, is a revolution by itself. It creates perfect smokey eyes in a jiffy. This is one of the first brushes I bought and used at the Max Factor Fashion week.
  6. NYX eyeshadow brush, is good to pack on color and blend pigments. I use this stamp and spread technique of eyeshadow application with this brush.
  7. Jane Iredale Crease brush, very good for defining and blending crease.
  8. Sigma Pencil SS219 aka E30 brush is answer for MAC's pencil brush. Though I haven't bought the latter yet I love this brush for quick blending and stronger definition. I use this brush extensively in my looks.
  9. Scott Barnes Crease brush, is the softest crease brush I own and does its work flawlessly. Got it from strawberrynet.com but unfortunately is no more available.
  10. Essence of Beauty Smudge Brush, is the brush I got from dear friend and fellow blogger Rashmi and is a gem of a brush. I use it sparingly though but use its counterpart extensively and I somehow forgot to photograph that brush.
  11. Bare Minerals Large crease brush, is my favorite highlighting brush or very good for a quick swipe of eyeshadow.
  12. Sigma E25 or SS217 brush, is an answer to MAC 217 and does the same job and I love both of them. This one generally comes free with a bigger order so dont skip it next time when you buy Sigma brushes.
  13. Oriflame Highlighter brush, is very good for applying eye primer, MAC paint pots and anything and everything that is creamy. Never used it for highlighting though thats the purpose of this brush.
  14. Lancome Precision Eye brush, is extensively used by Michelle and Promise Phan in their videos and thats why I got it. Trust me, this is another brush that can do eveything in eye makeup for you.
  15. Shiseido Small Eyeshadow brush, is good for those hard to reach or hard to blend areas.
  16. Sigma SS275 or E70 shading angled brush is very good for creating precise eye shapes. Very good for monolids as it creates a precise definition and enhances eye shape.
  17. Smashbox Angled Brush, is very good for applying powder in brows and drawing an arch. Never used it as a liner though.
  18. Ben Nye eye liner brush, is very apt for drawing thin lines.
Thats a lot of brushes and many more not included in this pic. Though I say again that one does not need so many brushes as there are some that do an excellent job on their own.
If you want to invest, buy the Sigma brushes as they perform really well and do an excellent job. Btw I found the article on Essential Brushes in my previous post with no descriptions. Shall do the second part soon.

Hope you find my article on brush cleansing useful too.

Till then,


Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.

The Guide to Right Decision 2

Thanks a lot for the encouraging comments. The post did not end there. In its sequel follow all the other things one can look for in foundations and base products, all of course from the mass market affordable brands.
With recommendations on liquid foundations in the previous post, I move to on to the foundation setting powders, concealers and of course primers.


As one knows primers are important to keep the foundations stay put longer and prevent them from getting oxidized on face.

  • Oriflame Face Primer is the one of the most perfect primers I have used from drugstore brands. Its as efficient as most of the high end primers, is been introduced in sleek and efficient professional packaging and it claims to be equivalent to MAC Prep+prime when matched with parameters of a primer. Isn't that enough to say. Btw this silicone cocktail is good enough to be spread on eye area as well.

  •  L'Oreal Studio secrets primer is said to be answer to Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect base as it feels the same. Its easily mattifying, capable of holding the foundation longer, efficient in hiding pores and sat on my horribly oily skin for 8 hrs at work without making me feel a smidgen of oil seeping on my nose.

  • Inglot Under makeup base may not be an affordable budget brand but its placed in the same range and is equally effective in getting everything what a primer should do. Online Inglot shopping may give fabulous discounts.


  • Bourjois Anti-cernes pinceau is one of the nicest concealers in the mass market brands. It was actually a hidden gem for me. The texture is thicker and less iridescent than YSL Touche Eclat and somewhat comparable to Clinique Air brush concealer. Unfortunately it is only available in two colors.

  • Loreal True Match Superblendable concealer was one of my concealers of choice when I started as a makeup artist 4 yrs back and this blog was new. I may not have purchased it again but this newer formula happens to be more promising than its previous version so may give this product a thought. Another concern is availability of limited colors.

  • Inglot concealers are some of the widest ranges available in the mass market brands. Buying their refill pan makes it not only cost effective but also a good way to mix and match to get maximum impact. I liked their creamy concealers for the texture being very smooth and coverage was what I wanted. They are perfect to handle dark circles but for really various concerns good old Kryolan palette is my best friend.


Loose translucent finishing powder or compacts for touch up, powders are must to get that mattified look. I prefer powders that are mineral enriched with skin benefits and what give a bit of glow on the face rather than wicking away all the oil (all thanks to Bismuth Oxychloride which I am not allergic too.) With so many pollutants raking our skin already I don't know or have seen anyone allergic to powders yet but if you are then treat some of these products with caution.

  • Kryolan Transparent Powder is my answer to combating hideous oily shine and setting the foundation. You may use it with a puff or a brush but I dust it with a fan brush to give me or my client a silky beautiful complexion which is hassle free. They answered my prayers and got a smaller canister instead of the gigantic one they made before. My favorite colors are TL4 and TL14 but do check their vivid range of colors.

  • Bourjois Healthy Glow powder foundation is something I am looking for in my next purchase for that luminescent glow though I would advice reserving this product for evenings and special occasions. 

  • Oriflame Giordani Gold mineral loose powder impart a seamless finish and amazing radiance. This powder I have been using since the day it was launched and their medium shade is non cakey or chalky and universally flattering. Good choice as it fits the budget rightly too.
Other products I am yet to look at and test are,
  • Revlon Photoready concealer
  • Revlon Photoready powder
  • Bourjois Healthy mix serum foundation which may not get launched in India soon.
  • Derma Color fixing powder to be used with Derma foundations for corrective makeup. I am still engaged and engrossed into my Kryolan Suprafoundation palette.
  • Dermablend by Vichy translucent setting powder
And a lot more. So the saga still continues and I will be back with more products from the mass market. Although these products are mostly in my kit for professional usage I do use them in some of my FOTDs and shall be doing that randomly in future too.
There are brands like Deborah Milano and Be:Yu cosmetics as well face products from NYX cosmetics which I haven't thought of trying since I am more into their eye and lip makeup but shall notify whenever  I get that urge of trying them.

Any PR samples are most welcome in this matter. LOL

Hope you like this small glimpse of my favorite drugstore products. More in the lineup coming soon....
Till then,


 Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.


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