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Wake up Eyes Makeup Look

This was the look I posted in my Wake up Makeup Series as it is such an amazing way to open up tired eyes. Nothing much done here but I did use a bit of products that awakens the eyes and in the inner corners I have used an orangey-peachy shimmery eyeshadow to contrast the bluish purple under eye color in inner corners.

Rest is all "brightening" soft shimmers and nothing chunky.


I used Benefit Lemonaid Eye lid correcting primer as a concealer. The second dupe to it could be MAC's Soft Ochre.
I used Stila "Wheat" which is shimmery soft beige all over the lid.; the dupe could be MAC eyeshadow in Ricepaper or Goldmine if you like. On the lower lid I have used MAC's All that Glitters as I wanted a bit of smoky appearance and some color for definition. On the outer corners and the crease goes MAC's Brown down with an angular liner/brow brush which is then smudged with a small flat eyeshadow brush and hazed outwards. On the brow bone as a highlighter I used Shiseido's Accentuating Stick in S3 Glistening Flush. I skipped the liner to create a wide eyed look and applied 2-3 layers of Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara in black to the top and bottom lashes. Since it curls lashes on its own I didn't have to use lash curler.


To prep the under eye skin I used MAC's Moisture Cover concealer in Yellow tones from the limited Mickey Contractor collection with little tapping motions and then layered Clinique's All About Eyes concealer in 05 shade over it and then the rest of the under eye area with  a concealer brush. I love Clinique's Concealer brush for its precise application and it feels like nothing during concealer application.

For blush opt for a bit warmer color like apricot or a bright peach which is flattering on cheeks.

For lips, opt for lipgloss to get that brighter smile. Shimmers are good as well as shines, opt for something that is suitable according to the occasion.

Hope you find this article amusing.

Till then,


Wake Up Eyes PART 2

I always decide to do a Part 2 version as the post gets so long and then it may become a bit cumbersome to read. Wake up eyes is not a daily phenomenon apart from the skin care part. But its interesting and playful and the results are really fine provided there is not much of work to do.

While perusing through my previous posts and thanks to an avid reader to comment on such an old post I thought I must again link this post to the article. It called " Concealing is Revealing". I never thought I would write so good those days than the way I write, one of the reasons was I wasn't working anywhere and freelancing. BTW if you suffer from chronic redness in the eyes consult an ophthalmologist for some medicines to do the same. The "artificial tear "eye drops or Hypromellose is such an amazing rejuvenating product for concerns of dry eyes but must be used with doctor's recommendation. One can try i-tone or i-kool eye drops from the over the counter but not more than twice a day, as they are not for treatment of the condition but to soothe tired eyes and should not be a habit.

Anyways, moving ahead with some iconic makeup products that I came across while browsing through beauty counters and websites (also a part of beauty travelling.)

  1. Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in Champagne 23 L, a champagne liner also brightens up the eye area if applied in the inner rims as well as in the inner corners. It instantly awakens tired red eyes.
  2. Stila Kajal Liner in Topaz which is described as Apricot Nude on but is actually a peachy eye pencil. Ladies in India can buy this from
  3. Stila's Smudge Pot in Kitten, a regularly launched limited edition product which is liner and eyeshadow in one and is the most flattering shimmer. I do use the Kitten eyeshadow from Stila all the time as it makes very good highlighter.
  4. Smashbox Photo-op eye brightener, is the nude accent that has subtle shimmer to awaken tired eyes and also botanicals to soothe the eye area. They have eye pencil called  Eye Beam which does a good job but the colors are more towards the pink side and can look a bit funny on application. Smashbox Artificial Light Inner corner highlighter is an excellent product too but I always feel it could get over done due to the amount of product deposited at a time. Its difficult to clean than putting Artificial Light.
  5. Givenchy Magic Kohl eye liner in Beige, which I think was limited edition and was a very good eye brightening pencil. Since I found out about that I would use it wisely and carefully.
  6. Benefit makes couple of product worth trying like Erase Paste (a creamy peach toned concealer), Eye bright, Ooh la la lift and Powderflage, the under eye concealer powder with light reflecting pigments.You can purchase on or
  7. Bobbi Brown introduced correctors to be used under concealers wherever needed and the effect it amazing if you have hit the target rightly. Correct only where needed and then conceal is Bobbi's rule for picture perfect perky peepers.
  8. Lancome Teint Miracle Instant Retouche pen for light from within effect and fresh dewy glow on the face and under eyes.
  9. MAC NC30/NW25 eye pencil from their limited Pret-a-papier collection. I mentioned it wrongly in my comments by mistake. Good product and really fleshy but I have no idea whether its available now a days.
  10. Lancome has also started creating light reflecting products and Lancome Miracle Retouche is an excellent example. Its very light reflecting though so I advice to use it over a concealer as the base. And Clarins got their version of light reflecting concealers too but have golden as opposed to silvery pink particles and very suitable for warmer skins.
  11. Clinique makes lovely Air Brush concealers which are the right mix of concealer and eye brighteners and looks fabulous when applied in the under eye area. If you find the color too light for your skin I would advice applying the air brush concealer in the inner corners of the eyes and then topping it with your favorite concealer.

Its all about trying things and then when you hit the right one, use it just the way you like it!!

I would appreciate if anyone would be interested to post their before and after makeups.

Till then,


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wake up Eyes!!

Anything done late night can be troublesome. I mean parties, weddings and their preparations, fashion shows etc and some unavoidable circumstances and all; can take a heavy toll on your skin. This is because the skin is the mirror of the body.

Taking such a stress can cause lots of things, like eruption of blemishes (if the stomach and liver is gone for a toss) or dark circles and under eye bags (due to sluggish circulation) which can definitely create havoc in your skin's life (Its an organ that has its own thinking system and believes in inputs and outputs.) This happens in the eye area as it is the most sensitive area of the body and also the thinnest.
( Illustration purpose only)
This article is about waking up tired eyes. Tired eyes can be red and watery whereas the under eye area is usually dark and puffy. In the market are products that help you instantly wake your eyes and give fantastic results and that what this post is about. Its about certain skin care and makeup techniques to flush out toxins and lymphatic pooling and look well rested the next day even if you are dying (exaggeration) from inside.

We begin with skin care,

This image shows arrow of massaging for lymphatic drainage
  • to awaken tired eyes there can be home remedies like putting cucumber, cold tea bags, cold potato juice, cold spoons and all and it works seeing the gravity of the situation.
  • under eye cream enriched with caffeine and under eye serums work the best to give your under eye area an uplifted look. I love the duo of Clinique All About Eyes under eye cream (which recently won the Vogue Beauty Award) and Clinique About Eyes Serum known for that amazing cocktail of soothing botanicals and the roller massager. Garnier Roll on is good too and well in the budget. There are other eye revitalizers and you can use whatever suits you. Its the technique of using it that matters and here is what I am going to speak about. 
  • under eye area being delicate, even the slightest touch can create changes. I would advice to wash your face in the morning with cold tap water (whatever comes out of your tap and is not freezing cold). Then apply your favorite moisturizer (preferably without a sunscreen which you must layer after wards) in dabbing motions on your face so that the product is pushed into your skin and not hands. Then scoop up a small dollop of your under eye cream (preferably water and thin and if possible refridgerated) and spread in the under eye area. Beginning from the inner corners to the outer corners with tapping motions push the eye cream inside and lie down for 5 mins if possible. While lying down with gentle outward strokes try to drain the lymphatics and try to reduce puffiness.


This is my favorite part. Products available in the market have high claims which may not make them good but simple makeup tricks can create wonders.


Lavender colored face primers available in brands like MUFE and Smashbox cosmetics are very good color correctors for brightening the skin. Stila (available at makes some lovely all in one color correcting primer.
The idea is to use a minuscle of this primer over the entire face and blending the remaining part in the eye area as it could emphasize under eye circles.


I prefer foundations with a bit of light reflecting particles that could impart a dewy finish. The topmost on my list is Clinique Super moisture makeup for dry skins and Guerlain Parure Gold foundation for combination skins while Clarins True Radiance Foundation is all skin types. If you have an oily and blemished skin stay away from these foundations but you can use them to brighten up the good skin that is there on your face keeping the rest of the skin matte.


Use a Lavender corrector just in the inner corners of eyes to awaken the skin and remember to keep it there itself. Light reflecting concealers like YSL Touche Eclat, Clinique Airbrush concealer, Dior Diorflash, Lancome Miracle pen etc. are some of the concealers available to give a brighter effect. They must be used in caution because over use can make your under eye ghostly white or what is "reverse panda syndrome" like effect with ghastly white circles around eyes. Opt for concealers with treatment properties and botanicals to soothe and moisturize the under eye area.

Stay away from drying creamy concealers as they would just make the effect worsened. The word of caution is "less is more" and do not pile products as they can just accentuate the tiredness instead of awakening the eye area.


Use white eye pencil only if you are too fair and pale. Otherwise you would see an alien in the mirror. I prefer beige or peach colored pencils with a bit of light reflecting properties so that eyes look wide open and awake. 
Strategically use shimmers to highlight the brow bone and inner corners. Apply liner on the upper lash lines only and use a volumising mascara and I love the Clinique High Impact Curling mascara for the same.


Keep your blush very simple in light bronze with subtle peach or pink hints or go for skin brightening blushes in vivid shades but stay away from over doing and also stay away from using dark blush colors. Keep lips simple and glossy and fresh looking.

(model Chanel Iman looks so fresh and dewy skinned, all due to the wonders of makeup)

Hope you find this article interesting. More makeup tips and looks to come in this section so stay tuned.

Friday, July 29, 2011


The colors that I have used in this tutorial are so vivid and playful that I couldnt think of a name to describe them. Do play with colors, they can enliven a boring outfit, create a statement and keep you remembered by your friends for that bolder personality of yours.

Applying makeup is not just a simple regular process. Everyday is a new experience and the colors you wear spell your personality emotionally. Makeup is a wonderful stress buster and who doesn't want one in real life.
Its very important to try such look at home first and keep photographs to replicate them.I feel if you find these colors too many which they are, you can opt for any three colors and create a masterpiece.

So let's move on with the look.


Face is relatively matte as you don't want everything to shine on your face all of a sudden. Over a moisturizer and sunscreen apply Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 foundation, conceal the problems with MAC Moisture Cover concealer for under eyes and some spot concealing if required using MAC Studio Fix concealer. Set with Clinique Blended Loose Powder. On cheeks, slightly dust MAC Dollymix followed by a silvery pink highlighter from the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose.


Keeps the lips colorful but glossy. I liked Shiseido Lip gloss in Chianti Rose but you can opt for brighter and neon pink glosses if you like.


Let me first describe the eyeshadows used. The numbers also signify the steps in which these colors were used so it would be easier to understand.

1. MAC Sweet and Punchy in the inner corners.
2. MAC Birds and  Berries
3. Please find Birds and Berries in between 1 & 4 on the lower lid and of course the outer corners of the eyes as well.
4. Clarins Thunder Grey very lightly dusted for a defined effect but kept soft and hazy.
5. Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Really Black blended on the outer corners into the shadow and also on the upper lid just at the lash line.
6. Highlight with Stila eyeshadow in Kitten (its a universally flattering highlighter and goes well on any and every skin type, exclusively available at
7. MAC Dame's Desire, an absolutely stunning frost lavender applied as mid tone eyeshadow.

For lashes I used my all time favorite Bourjois Volumizer mascara and the brows were simply combed with a spoolie brush.

Its an absolute burst of colors but you can tone down your look with appropriate measures for any occasion. This is a simple look and I really loved doing it (actually practicing it).

I hope you love these looks as I have been daring enough to put them on a public site like this. Though I prefer to put just the eyes instead of an entire face. Please support the blog and let me know how you feel doing this look on yourself.

Till then,


Beauty Bloggers United

This is an article real different from others. Its more of an idea or an inspiration.

We beauty bloggers in India, do meet at places unfortunately that involves PR and since we have our differences and fights (I don't have with anyone personally and prefer to stay neutral even if people talk s**ttu things behind my back or be jealous) I always feel that the bloggers are not strong.

We have some amazing bloggers, settled and new comers who write or swatch or review products purchased by them or sent to them by PR for reviewing but always maintain a low key.

This message is to all the ladies and guys who are reading this post today about having an ALL INDIA BEAUTY BLOGGER's ASSOCIATION where there could be yearly meetups, registration and invitees for Indian Bloggers both in India and Internationally. This could be a well executed plan where some of the professionals could be invited to give better insights and hands-on practice on makeup application skills and demonstrations. The selected representatives instead of thinking how much they could earn through all this and write hate comments to stop traffic would be more united and firm while resolving their differences. We could have unions and re-unions just the way it happens in the WEST and maybe invite special famous bloggers to India to share their experiences in blogging in the beauty world and all.

This concept of having a Beauty Blogging World was started by famous celebrity makeup artist and brow specialist Elke Von Freudenberg with a vision and her formula worked. If an initiative is taken then this formula could work in India too.

India faces social diseases and epidemics like corruption and terrorism that makes us all diversified and selfish is some or the other ways. The United India which was a long term dream of the well wishers who built free India. This could be their dream come true. Let this not be like hundreds of political parties that we have but be a strong national union that is diversified in the country and in cities.

I must conclude by saying that I have directly or indirectly not accused or targetted any individual or group of bloggers and would love to be a part of the process if someone initiates this.

If you drop by my beauty blog and read this article then I request you to get inspired and inspire others for the same.


Till then,


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pinned UP..

I am such a fan of the pin-up girl look. Its one of the most glamorous looks and look wonderful at any occasion. Though this is a very classic retro look there are ways to modernize it and makeup it look gorgeous for your skin type. I'd be showing an Indian Pin Up girl look for someone like Aishwarya Rai.

Aishwarya looks lovely with those tomato red lips and she carries them with elan. Although the look may be possibly done by Loreal, I would put in my suggestions about the look.


Prep and prime the skin to get a flawless finish with Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light over a moisturizer. Since this is a full-on look apply generous doses of foundations. I like Lancome Teint Idole foundation as it gives a matte-youthful finish. Apply concealer to combat and camouflage dark circles and also do a bit of spot concealing using Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in your color. End up with loose translucent powder for a matte finish.


If you want to exactly emulate what Aishwarya has done in this look then go for a burnt red toned blush. To achieve the most natural effect,  on the apples of the cheeks blend Shiseido's Accentuating Stick in S4 Rouge flush before you set your makeup with loose powder.For an intensified evening look you can dust MAC Sunbasque in the contours of the face. The prior one keeps the look healthy and flushed while the latter adds a smoldering touch. You can also highlight with a gold dusting of MAC Trace Gold or MAC Gana (Mickey contractor collection) depending on your face color.
Also MAC blush in Frankly Scarlet is another good option.


Keep it simple. Dust Clinique Twiglet on the eye lids and MAC Sable in the crease. Highlight with Stila Wheat or Kitten on the brow bone and inner corners. Apply falsies if you like or go ahead with lots and lots of mascara on the upper lashes. I suggest Dior Extase mascara. Alos trace a thin line across the lash line and wing it out into a cat eye but very subtly.


This is the bolder part. Trace your lip colored pencil all over the lips for an outline. Then with fingers dab your favorite red lipstick, I love Clinique Long lasting lipstick in Party Red or Rubellite and MAC Russian Red or Lady Danger. Blot with tissue and then dab a layer again till your get soft creamy velvety lips. Remember to exfoliate chapped lips before doing this.

Its a bold yet classic look and you have your own ways to modernize it.

So lemme know, how did you do yours,

Till then,


The Saga of Serums

Serums have been invented long ago but have been beauty's best kep secrets for a while before they were commercialised. A strong formulation with concentrated ingredients "serums" are something we look for, for faster and long lasting results.


I call serum as a "beauty cocktail" as it has everything needed to get a brighter, younger and gorgeous looking complexion. Serums are basically highly concentrated ingredients (Vit.C, anti-oxidants etc) chemically formulated into molecules that are smaller than molecules of a moisturizer. So the penetrability of the serum is much deeper (upto all the three layers of skin) compared to moisturizer which  is on the surface layers only.

Serums dramatically improve the skin conditions and concerns and show visible effects that long lasting. A serum treated skin looks flawless, hydrated and glowing and its something beauty addicts opt for. Dermatologists use serums with galvanic microcurrents to stimulate anti ageing benefits while doing a facial and get back the lost youth of your skin.


Serums are designed to make skin look smooth and radiant while maintaining hydration levels and plumping up skin. They also even out skin tone, decrease the appearance of spots and blemishes and brighten the skin. Anti ageing serums give a bio-lift to the skin by boosting collagen formation (by fibroblast cells). Serums for under eye concerns help reduce puffiness and appearance of dark under eye circles and puffiness. They also prevent skin damage due to environmental aggressors and stress induced free radical damage while maintaining resiliency of the skin. Exfoliating serums track down epidermal debris, loosen dead skin and promote healthier cellular renewal and boost up circulation.

In short, a serum is good;

  • for wrinkles
  • for hydration
  • for brown spots and discoloration
  • for brightening skin
  • for face lift
  • for acne
All said, serums should be incorporated as an integral part of your skin care regimen as they have 75% concentration of ingredients compared to moisturizers which have 5-10%.


As I said a serum is a cocktail of active ingredients. They contain anti oxidants like Vit C and Vit E, exfoliants like Salicylic acid and Acetyl Glucosamine, anti ageing ingredients like Retinol, hydrating agents like Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid and plant extracts like licorice, mulberry, turmeric, rice bran, oats, soyabean, green pea etc. as well as amino acids and peptides to boost up collagen production. Some even have marine collagen and algae to promote thorough hydration and mushroom extracts for skin brightening.

There are many more plant botanicals and gemstones and precious metal extracts that help in radiance boosting as well.

SERUMS I LIKE AND I RECOMMEND (Please find the prices yourself because they have changed)

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector - This high performance skin lightening serum has been a boon to the cosmetic industry. Target 5 causes of pigmentation, Even Better Clinical breaks down surface melanin clusters to fine dust and exfoliates them out of the skin, while inhibiting excess melanin production and regulating melanin transfer, it also helps cell renewal and fights free radical damage. With this multi pronged approach, visible results can be seen within 4 weeks.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Complex - Its a serum rich in anti ageing agents, hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants that help skin boost collagen  production and give a plumping effect. The skin looks smooth, radiant and resilient.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle and UV damage corrector - Compared with treatments done by Fraxel Laser for getting that anti-ageing benefit, Laser Focus is a serum that promotes collagen production while repairing skin's support structure and thoroughly nourishes the skin from within.

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer - its a cocktail of exfoliants and anti oxidants that help skin regenerate faster where as add a glow to the skin.
Estee Lauder Hydrationist Moisture Barrier Fortifier - is a highly hydrating serum that helps reatin skin's moisture barrier giving a plumping effect and long lasting moisture retention in the skin without feeling oily.

Shiseido Bio-performance Super Corrective Serum - Known for their patented botanicals and active ingredients, skin appears lifted, nourished, hydrated and even toned.
Givenchy Power Youth Serum - a skin fortifier with amazingly fast action and long lasting results. I loved it for its fresh, dewy lightweight feel.

Dior One Essential Serum - has got everything you need and its a miracle in a bottle. Apply the serum before makeup and see how your make melts into your skin creating a perfect canvas. It has a pleasant feel and disappears into the skin within seconds giving skin instant firmness and glow.

Lancome Genifique Youth Activator serum - claiming to activate the genes that bring stop ageing , its one of the most hyped serums. I am going to reserve my comments about this.

Givenchy Power Youth Serum - one of the most powerful and fast acting serums, this is really a good purchase if you want a radiant skin in an instance. Their entire skin care line has always fascinated me and actually I liked the way they smell.

Estee Lauder Hydrationist Moisture Barrier Fortifier - a basic hydrating serum, this does wonders to your skin while retaining optimal moisture levels. Good if you are dehydrated all the time though.

YSL and Clarins make lovely serums too but are very luxurious and heavy in texture and frankly I have not tested them. Do go to the counters and get your skin tested before choosing your favorite serum.

Hybrids in serums are serum infused makeup like Serum foundations (eg. Dior Capture Totale) and Lipsticks (eg. Dior Serum De Rouge) are available in the market and do make consumers go gaga over it. What I am looking forward is Lash Growth Boosting Serums which have still not found their way towards me.

I will review certain serums that I love individually to keep this post small and reachable.

Till then,


    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Jewel Eyes!!

    Jewel colors look so amazing on eyes and its one of the easiest makeup looks to do. Many brand make lovely jewel colors like deep forest greens, amethysts, tourmalines etc. but I am going to sport my favorite Lapis Lazouli.

    Lapis tone really brightens brown eyes and looks so amazing. I have used a bit of black as a low light to create depth instead of just putting one color altogether. Lets see how to do the look.

    Start with a face primer like Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light and then apply an illuminating tinted moisturizer like Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer. Apply a bit of Clinique All About Eyes concealer in the under eye area and on things you want to hide. Use MAC Prep and Prime Finishing powder for a matte finish so as to not overpower the eye makeup.

    For blush I would suggest Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over color in Peony for subtle color.


    Use a shiny pink tinted gloss like Shiseido Chianti Rose. For people with different colored lips blend in a matter orchid colored lipstick like a stain and then put on the gloss.


    You can see the diagramatic placement of the eyeshadows so let me talk about the other stuff. Use a clear eyeshadow primer, nothing with color so the Lapis color looks true to the lid. With a flat eyeshadow brush apply the basic Lapis color all over the lid first and then contour with matte black and highlight in the inner corners to add dimension.

    Trace the water line by tight lining with black eye pencil like Bourjois Clubbing pencil in Black and use a gel liner on the top lid just concentrating at the lash line. Finish off with several coats of Bourjois Volumizer mascara. Groom the brows by brushing them in place.

    For an extra dimension you can apply a lighter shimmery blue over the Lapis blue just on the centre of the lid very subtly so that it reflects light and gives a 3 D effect.

    Hope you like the look. Please let me know.

    Till then,


    My Favorite Blushes

    Blushes are one of the least used makeup products according to a poll due to the lack of confidence women have in using them. Did you know, just a blush application can give you a mini face lift without a surgery, they are that powerful.

    Unfortunately the reason we dont buy a blush because we feel that blush would look overdone and you might end up looking like a clown. To kill this myth, I am going to list some of my favorite blushes in the retail market so that you could plan to at least own one of them. Here are 10 of my most most favorite blushes and the reason why I love them.

    1. Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over color in Peony

    This is a blush trio with a lovely embossed flower that is deep within the container. Its a universally flattering blush shade preferably for fair, light and medium skins. The best benefit is it can also be used on eyes. I like this blush because I adds subtle highlights and a lovely dimension to the skin without looking over done. The packaging is flattering and so is the color. The shimmer is quite light weight and not glittery and I advice subtle application of the 2 colors and then highlighting using a fan brush.

    2. MAC Powder blush in Hipness

    Though a limited edition  Hipness does crawl into certain collections of MAC so if you dont have one then go and get one. Its a flattering peach with a cool toned frosting. Makes an amazing blush for everyday usage and really adds dimension to the complexion. It could be similar to Peaches or Peachykeen.

    3. Shiseido Accentuating Stick in Rose Flush

    What a beautiful color. It feels like you are amongst fresh bloomed pink roses or enjoying the warmth and glow of the spring season any time of the year. This stick blush gives the most flattering finish and the most beautiful rosy glow you can dream of.

    4. Clinique Blushing Blush in Precious Posy

    The most flattering coral blush I have seen. More radiant and neon than Benefit Coralista and of course adds three dimensions to your face on application. This color is also one of the fastest movers from the brand. Its very versatile and can be used over a bronzer, as a brightener for the face, over eyes, over lips and then topped with a similar shade of lip gloss.

    5. Chanel Le Tissage Tweed Blush in Tweed Fucshia

    A limited edition this blush is an eclectic mix of the right amount of pink, fuschia, gold and silver pigments intertwined within each other like the Tweed Lame Jacket, Chanel is famous for. On application it goes sheer berry pink and looks so stunning. I got this on a strong recommendation of ace makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.

    6. Benefit Hoola

    I know its a bronzer but for me its multi-functional. For some one's bronzer this matte powder could be some one else's blush or a contour powder. I like this cocoa colored boxed powder as it gives a very sophisticated finish to the skin and bring everything into place.

    7. MAC Bite of an Apple

    This limited edition blush from Venomous Villians collection of  MAC blew my mind. Its got a hint of peach, red and coral and is so so different from any of the blushes I own. Since it is matte it can be layered under some really gorgeous shimmer or else used just on its own to pull up natural looks for spring. I feel that MAC should have this blush in their permanent line as its just so different.

    8. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose

    Though I thought it was so similar to the Dior Shimmer Star powder in Rose or the Body shop highlighting powder, I was blown away by the texture of this 5 colored illuminator cum blush. Use it subtly for a sultry glow or vamp it up in the evenings, this palette is fail proof. Btw so are other shimmer bricks from Bobbi Brown like Nectar, Pink, Pink quartz, Bronze, Oyester etc.

    9. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush in Plum

    Its the easiest thing to use and you'll love the dewy rosy glow it creates though its plum. Its more of a dusty rose for most of the olive or yellow undertones. Looks very understated, is fast on application and the results are long lasting for a creamy blush like this. Moreover the cream blush has anti-ageing properties.

    10. Estee Lauder Signature Blush in Deep Spice

    Its a must have if you have medium to dark undertones. This cinnamon colored blush just looks perfect for any occassion. The blush is so pigmented that just a touch of the brush gives you a high impact color. One tip while applying this dark blush. Of course you can use it as contouring powder but apply Deep Spice over a powder face if you dont want the blush to look patchy which is a common thing to happen with darker blushes.

    Now after having a vanity full of blushes and limited edition MAC products these were the commonest blushes I use on my clients and friends. Its not like I dont like other but these are my ultimate favorites. They are fail proof, mistake proof and wear throughout the day. Though I must make a special mention of some more blushes that are not listed here.

    • Clinique Blushing Blush in Smoldering Plum and Bashful Blush
    • MAC Dollymix, Sunbasque, Mocha and Prism
    • Chanel Tweed  Corail and Tweed Amber
    • Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face color in Petal, Carnation and Tea Rose
    • Certain Lancome Blush Subtil blushes
    • MAC mineralize grad duo blushes..............all of them

    Hope you find this article useful.

    Till then,


    Monday, July 25, 2011


    Dont think its a spelling mistake, nakeup means nude makeup (a term coined by me to avoid any sort of nudity LOL). Well this is my own creation and I hope you like the pic.

    You can read of what is being used. The Stila One Step foundation from is all in one with primer, concealer, foundation and powder so a very very thin layer is all you need to apply. The Inglot eyeshadow I mentioned cannot be named as I stuck it to a palette and forgot the number and I dont want to ruin it. Its an orange-y gold.

    For the mascara, apply one single coat from the roots to tips and then keep on building the mascara in layers at the lash roots till you get those spidery lashes, a trick told by Pat McGrath in her latest Dolce & Gabbana show.

    This is a uncomplicated look and can be don anywhere and yet you'll get accolades.
    More to come so please tell me whether you guys liked it or not.

    Till then,


    PS: - Its one of my random self descript picture post, a concept that I hate as I cannot type much.

    Sunday, July 24, 2011

    Announcement Announcement !!

    Dear Readers and my amazing Friends in India and Worldwide,

    Since the blog is often read and liked by the best of the people I know I'd like to expand my horizons creating another blog at a different provider. Some of the best posts I ever wrote and will write and of course new postings will be done on  my new blog as well.

    The new blog will be as fun as the old one and I would be posting some of the eye makeup looks there too.
    So please support and give me your feedbacks as they are the most valuable assets I have.


    Till then,


    Saturday, July 23, 2011

    Modern Touches!!!

    Do you love your skin?
    How often do you touch your skin (face)?
    How often do you end up doing your makeup touch up?

    India has certain climates that are so anti-makeup. Looking afresh in such environments needs a lot of dedication and lots of products that are water resistant. This post is about makeup modernism!! How modern and minimal your makeup can be. And how you need to plan your purchases so that your makeup budget doesnt go haywire.


    Modern makeup is about makeup and touch ups!! You do need products to do that but you also need to choose correctly. First of all invest in a custom-fitted skin care regimen. It can be anything but see that it suits your skin and also goes with the climate you stay in. I prefer choosing oil free, hydrating products and also a bit of skin lightening and brightening agents. Start anti-ageing care in 30s and 40s and do not skip sunscreen.

    If you are a boudoir-kind of person then its tremendously recommended to have an entire wardrobe of makeup products that make you feel special (even though they are items of luxury) but if you are on-the-go person with very less time for makeup then choose carefully and wisely.

    I have friends who have tonnes of unused makeup that is just disposed of because it was not used. For eg. a bright turquoise eyeshadow bought at MAC store since it was a limited edition and now she doesn't even know where she kept it. I dont mean to say dont buy it but think twice whether you'd use it or not.

    Invest in a good quality tinted moisturizer if you have a flawless skin. Its all time and all season favorite and hydrates and protects. For foundations the hunt is never over, so choose a foundation that matches your lifestyle and skin type. A concealer is a must, so see whether you need one to hide spots or one to brighten under eye circles. Invest in a loose translucent powder and a compact powder for touch ups. Now these products are for boudoir type women.
    For women on the go, invest in a foundation stick that does everything from concealer to powder to foundation all in one. And then invest in a compact for touch-ups and you are done for the rest of the day.


    There are millions of colors out there and if you are a boudoir type go ahead and buy all that you like. For WOTG (Woman on the GO) buy an eye brow gel, lengthening or volumising water resistant mascara, a neutral eye shadow palette and one good quality eye pencil in black. Thats all, trust me your kit will be set. For a playful party time throw in a glittery or dramatic liquid eye liner.


    For boudoir woman, more is less so invest in amazing pinks, peaches etc. For WOTG go for easy shortcuts and blush-bronzer palettes. They also can be used as eyeshadows so go ahead and own one. Plum and peach blush never fails or goes wrong so you should have one of these shades as your favorite blusher.


    Have 4 lipsticks and 2 glosses for a WOTG. The lipstick colors should be a classy red, soft brown, plum and mid tone orangey brown. Thats all, they are good for any occassion and any party time if you want to change quickly. For lipglosses own a pink shimmery one and peachy-orange shimmery one to change the mood of any listick that you are wearing. WOTGs please go and buy lipstick palettes and gift sets as they contain amazing travel friendly stuff. If you like just one lipstick then dont buy it again otherwise you would just have a mundane routine.

    You can change whatever you like but always plan and buy your makeup as its really bad for your makeup to lie at the bottom of your drawer. Cravings to happen but then have a heart and gift your friends too.

    Till then,


    Melange of COLORS

    I went crazy that day trying some eyeshadow combinations and ended up doing an eye makeup look that could be really festive or "carnival" based. Lets see how to do it;


    Prime your face with an illuminating primer like Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector INR 1450. Blend Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 INR 1600 foundation for a translucent finish. Conceal if needed with Clinique All About Eyes concealer INR 1300 and set all these with Shiseido Translucent Powder INR 2650. Contour the cheeks with Clinique Almost Bronzer INR 1800 and Highlight with Clinique Blushing Blush in Aglow INR 1550.


    Here is the diagramatic representation of the eyeshadow colors used with a proper description. For curled lashes use Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara INR 1350 and trace in the water line with a pencil like Clinique Quick liner for eyes in Really Black INR 990.


    Drench the lips in a sheer lipgloss like Clarins Superbalm in Melon INR 950 approx.

    Try this look and let me know how it went. Next look coming is "ROSY EYES" and a suprisingly amazing look that any one can carry off.

    Till then,


    Friday, July 22, 2011

    Your best BLUSH.........for Rosacea and all

    We blush naturally, dont we? At an event when someone praises us too much, or we are embarassed or when we play or at the gym anywhere? That natural blush is because of a flush of capillaries just under the skin to give a rosy appearance.

    This flush for sometime looks amazing especially on babies but what if it persists and stays throughout the day.........No then that flush is something to worry about. That flush is Rosacea.

    Rosacea is unknown to anyone though people aka scientists and doctors try to define it in all the possible ways. Sometimes acne appear over a rosy red skin and are called Acne Rosacea. Rosacea aka Persistent Redness is not much understood though we can predict the factors that aggravate the skin's redness.

    Rosacea is a chronic skin condition involving inflammation of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, or eyelids. It may appear as redness, prominent spider-like blood vessels, swelling, or skin eruptions similar to acne.

    Sun exposure especially during peak hours followed by a rash and eruptions
    • Irritation to fragrance and fragrance in a cosmetic product
    • Eating spicy food especially chillies, cinnamon and pepper.
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Heavy Exercise
    • Embarassing incidences, fever and so many more.
    Unfortunately it happens to fairer skins with lesser melanin and get that "flushed rosy" appearance but Indian skins too suffer from it. Now using soothing products and good quality fragrance free cosmetics and sunscreens do take care of rosacea but what about occassions?

    You cannot take a red face and face people right? Here's when makeup comes to rescue. Makeup techniques are very advanced now a days to help rosacea and I'm going to suggest the ones easily available in India and can be used by anyone who is reading this.

    1. Moisturize with a natural, paraben free, fragrance free and oil free moisturizer after using a soothing cleanser. Clinique's Redness solutions is an amazing line to try and soon shall help those rosacea truck ladies and guys.
    2. Use a "green" underbase in minty green color. Green counteracts the redness and corrects rosacea virtually but remember to use very less and only where the concern is. Green or mint green color correctors are know to make the skin look washed out and pale so use wisely. Clinique redness solution sunscreen SPF 15, MUFE HD Primer in Green, Shiseido Control Color Stick SPF 15 and Chanel concealers have green in them and Inglot makes a good one too. Well, to apply a green concealer or corrector just spread it only in the areas of rosacea patches and point conceal on red marks if you dont have many. This is done for deeper rosacea. For lighter rosacea a yellow based foundation works too.
    3. Sometimes rosacea I have seen does look a bit magenta-ish with strong lilac undertones and in such cases a yellow based corrector or concealer suffices.
    4. For foundations, choose light weight oil free foundations with a bit of yellow tone. I like Clinique Prefectly Real Foundation in Shades 65 and 66 which has this amazing yellow pigment and are good enough to impart a flawless matte complexion with medium to buildable coverage. The Shiseido O Ochre Series are good for their strong yellow undertones while MAC Studio Select foundation is a staple if needed. MAC discontinued its Face and Body foundation but Makeup Forever makes one that can be used over their HD primer too.
    5. Remember less is more. So dont dab layers and layers of foundations to look cakey and chalky. Just apply color correctors and bit of foundation or concealer wherever needed and dust some powder with an ultra soft brush to set it.
    6. Now come color choices. Choose warm colors over cooler colors as the latter may enhance the redness. Avoid pinks and purples and blues wherever you can and a red is a complete no no if it has blue undertones. Go for bright corals, peaches, oranges, golds, bronzes etc. Apply lots of mascaras to the top lashes to draw attention and opt for gold based lipglosses over lipsticks. Do the eye makeup really well and you are ready to face the world

    Certain makeup products I like;

    • Chanel Le Tissage in Tweed Corail
    • MAC Powder blushes in Melba, Peachykeen and Style
    • CLinique Blushing BLush in Precious Posy, Innocent Peach and Fresh Bloom color in ALmond Blossom
    • Shiseido Hydro powder eyeshadows
    • MAC single eyeshadow in Woodwinked, Expensive Pink, Tempting, Bronze, Embark etc.
    • Lipglosses from Clarins are really flattering and have a balm like effect.
    • For budget buyers opt for lovely warm colors from Bourjois and Max Factor
    • Revlon makes some amazing lip formulations so try them out and so does Loreal and The Body Shop.

    To sum up, Rosacea is not a disease, its a condition that needs correction. I know this article is not sufficient but I shall be writing more about rosacea time to time in my makeup looks and skin care reviews.

    Try to take a chance and change the life of your frustrated with rosacea friend, you'd do the best thing that could alter their lives.

    Till then,


    PS: Have a look at these amazing videos from EVE PEARL to hide rosacea.

    Hi ALL

    Hi Friends,

    I havent been posting for a while or replying to comments coz today I got discharged from the hospital. I had a kidney stone surgery and of the tract as well under general anaesthesia and everything went smooth and fine.

    Shall soon start posting again.


    Till then


    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    Rising from the DARK.....

                                         Image Courtesy:  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

    This is a part of my beloved "Newly Found Freshness" series and it highlights dark circles. Though the title of the article is very "Voldemort" like from Harry Potter, he did have dark circles due to being more evil, less sleep and diurnal body changes and also etting stressed and cribbing about Harry Potter.

    Jokes apart, dark circles is a concern and the reason our face looks tired and lost. Its not an easy affair to conceal them and there are many trial and error methods available in the market to conceal dark circles.


    Dark circles are usually the veins that are seen through the translucent under eye skin and there are plethora of reasons for that too happen. Btw under eye circles go hand in hand with wrinkles, crepe-y appearance and puffiness. I'd list some of the most common reasons that I see;

    Less sun protection and under eye area thinning

    • Hereditary factors
    • Mechanical trauma to the under eye area due to rubbing, harsh eye makeup removal, excessive yawning, inadequate blinking of eyes etc.
    • Sleep and sleep related disorders. Excessive sleeping causes under eye puffiness while insomnia causes venous blood pooling and enhances dark circles.
    • Chronic systemic diseases especially heart and kidney diseases and even cancer chemotherapies.


    Its easy to get under eye concerns and happen in a jiffy but it makes you paranoid and enhances dark circles when you try methods that will reduce dark circles. Also to know, "AS YOU AGE YOUR UNDER EYE CONCERNS INCREASE AND ARE IRREVERSIBLE TILL YOU GO FOR A SURGICAL INTERVENTION." That doesn't mean you give up because we give up too soon.

    First of all avoid the factors that cause under eye circles and concentrate on the modifiable factors. Use a rich emollient eye cream in the night, hydrating enough but not so rich as well as it would weigh down the eye area. See the climate and choose the cream, lightest being for the summers and richer ones for winters. You can also use your daily moisturizer as a base in the under eye area and drag a bit of your sunscreen too.


    For concealers and concealer application , please read my earlier blog post HERE. Though its just a guide to concealer I'm sure you will find some valuable information there. Well concealers are not only the quickest options to tackle dark circles but also on a long run improvise the under eye area by forming an extra layer of protection.




     Dark circles could be of various varieties right from taupe brown under eye circles, to caramel colored ones, to deep bluish and purple ones. What do correctors do here? A corrector aka color corrector creates a barrier in between your skin and concealer showing the true side of the concealer while blocking the color of the undertone that shows through the concealer. It will be easy to understand in the further course of the article. Correctors are formulated to act as under eye brighteners than concealers. We are only covering dark circles here.




     Pink or light peach corrector with an appropriate colored concealer.



    Peachy to apricot colored correctors with appropriate colored concealer




    Apricot to golden orange correctors with appropriate colored concealer.

    Said this, let's see how we can correct the under eye area.

    I love brands that make them like Kryolan, DermaColor, Makeup Forever and also Inglot and MAC. The orange concealer of MAC is a staple. Also internationally try out Josie Maran Cosmetics, Benefit, Tarte and Stila as they have really good shades for our skins too.

                                         Image Courtesy: - Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


    Prep and prime your skin and under eye area. Apply foundation everywhere else excluding the eye area to judge how much concealing you need. Use a foundation brush for sheer coverage. Take a bit of corrector on the back of your hand and warm it up with a concealer brush. Apply it only and only in the areas that need to be corrected. Like for eg you have bluish discoloration in the inner corners then your corrector just goes there otherwise you'll end up looking weird if you apply in the area that does not need correction. Pat and smoothen out the color corrector working with very less product and building it in layers if required. Then use a concealer that exactly matches your skin and tone or a little lighter concealer for brightening up. Layer your veil of foundation over it.


    Its ok if you don't want to use these tricky color correctors. Just start with a slightly darker than your skin concealer to hide horrible dark circles and then layer with a lighter concealer. Stay away from too much of concealing as sometimes it looks even artificial.


    Ladies with dark circles stay away from dark matte colors if you don't want to conceal; especially purples and navy blues. Go for brighter shimmery liners on the upper lids and mascara only on the top lashes.

    Stick with lipstick colors that flatter your natural lip color and keep the makeup fresh and dewy without any masquerade.

    Please share your opinions and let me if there was anything that could be added in this article. Btw finding your favorite color corrector and concealer is your own discretion although I'd have apost dedicated to that too.

    Till then,



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