Friday, January 28, 2011

Essential Brushes.......

With thousands of brands bringing millions of brushes, there is a brush for every occasion and every purpose. But does that mean we need to have all the brushes in the entire world? Ask me as I have been doing this and now I have more than a hundred brushes (of course for professional usage also) which are good companions to get me my job done. Its good to have so many brushes on your table but not wise for all to invest in them. Here are some brushes (prototypes as you can buy yours) which are good enough, multi functional and something that would weigh less for your pockets.

Btw you dont have to buy the same ones.....just get inspired and get what you like. Here are a few images used for representational purposes only...

  1.  Small flat powder brush.......I love this brush against the fluffy brushes for loose powder or compact powder application on the T zone and the sides of the nose. The brush applies powder precisely in the areas where you want the powder  to be and not in the areas where you don't need powder.
  2. Fan essential for dusting shimmer products as highlighters and also applying blushes softly, a fan brush does an amazing job.
  3. Small blush brush...........soft and good enough to apply blush precisely and just where the blush should be.
  4. Angled blush brush..for contouring cheeks to create 3 Dimension
  5. Duo Fibre brush..........a famed brush for giving your makeup an air brushed effect. I dont think this brush should be a must-have.
  6. Synthetic Foundation Brush.................very important as you need foundation to seep into skin. I like to apply foundation with this brush and then blend with fingers for a flawless finish
  7. Stippling Flat top brush ........ to make any product on the face invisible (if you want it to be so). This brush is famous to blend liquids and powders into nothing.
  8. Large paddle powder brush............good for dusting powders on large areas. Good for powder makeup application on the body.

What are the brushes? I am sure there are a group of readers who'd ask me what brand these brushes were, so enlisting them...

  1. NYX Powder Brush
  2. Benefit Cosmetics Fan Brush
  3. Shiseido Blush Brush
  4. Scott Barnes Angled Blush Brush
  5. Sigma Beauty Duo-fiber brush
  6. Christian Dior Foundation Brush
  7. Sigma Beauty Flat top brush
  8. Makeup Forever Powder Brush.

I'd write about the eye brushes in the next post. Do share your brush stash too.....btw these are ideally the brushes that one needs to have as a makeup junkie or a professional makeup artist. For the rest its like a "collector's edition.."

I may shift my blog to my own new site. Working on it so wish me luck.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Best Place to BE.......

We all love our own places and our own worlds.......So is happening with me at Lower Parel Phoenix Mills where I work...Some reasons: -

1. Pantaloons has started its bi-annual sale on everything (except cosmetics and makeup and perfumes).

2. L'Oreal opened its state of the art makeup boutique and boasts to keep makeup that can only be shopped internationally.

3. Disgusting at times, the Lancome Boutique is soon going to launch something interesting....getting the vibes..

4. Our beautiful Estee, Clinique and MAC stores have lots of things coming ahead.

5. There's something about the lovely pastries and stuff at Wich N Latte in the Food Court that keeps me alluring.

6. Saving money to buy some Chanel stuff from their makeup boutique in Palladium...

7. Passing by The Body Shop gets the travelling spirit in me restless....

And many more..................................................................

Let me know your experiences...

Till then,


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Essential Brushes.........Preview

Gals and Pals, these are some of the brushes I have and use in my professional life. But thats not all that you need to have.........Soon after some editing comes a lovely post with the most essential and required brushes that would complete your makeup ward robe........

Here's a preview...

Mickey is BACK

This Mickey is the world renowned Bollywood Makeup Artist who has adorned so many actresses and models that even we have lost a count of. I generally do not write about product launches especially MAC now a days but this collection made me breathless.

Mickey Contractor, Director of Makeup Artistry for MAC India and ME has come out with his own capsule collection of products he love and he developed with MAC team. The impact was so forceful that they decided to launch this collection internationally. For India its such an amazing launch.

Mickey Contractor for MAC collection launches on 20th Jan 2010 in all over MAC stores in India. Shall be posting some pictures from the net and soon shall write about my haul.

Till then......


Sunday, January 16, 2011

MAC Pro Long Wear Series Review

MAC keeps me and so many makeup aficionados on toes all the time with their limited edition collections and special launches every single month. It would be blasphemous if I dont say that the artists know well in advance what they are launching in the next six months and sometimes I end up getting a sneak peak and also thanks to Christine who keeps everyone happy and posted.Although launched months ago, Pro Longwear hit Indian shores just 2 days ago. The Pro Longwear series have a concealer and foundation and I bought one with an itch on my palms.

MAC Pro Long Wear Foundation

It is an ultra-modern medium coverage foundation that disappears into skin on touch revealing a flawless complexion. A long-wear foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition. Lightweight and creamy, applies smoothly to provide sheer to medium coverage. Even in hot and humid conditions, controls oil to keep skin fresh, natural and flawless. Provides everyday SPF protection with SPF 10 (we need much more in India but it suffices as it would not oxidize faster).

I liked the slip of the foundation. It feels creamy and light weight, actually very airy light whipped cream feel but not a mousse.Maybe it would be a liquid mousse. Pro Longwear foundation has got packaging like MAC Fix + and I like it as it locks on its own. At Rs.1750 it is comparable to brands like Shiseido but is far better in performance so its ok.

I tried and got NC 40 which actually is half a shade darker to my skin and makes me look a bit pale. Still I tried it on (maybe NC 40 with a hint of NC 35 would go....never figured it out) and that too without a powder to set it. It stayed put the whole day and looked a bit dewy without giving that regular oily sheen that my skin is prone too. It would be bad if I dont comment about wintry dry weather in Mumbai and that could be some of the reasons.

Nice foundation and good for everyday use.I would definitely recommend over Studio Fix Fluid as I hate the smell or the odor that comes from latter.

INR 1750

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

First pump-up concealer from MAC although I dont  like the concept as it causes product wastage. A lightweight fluid concealer that provides medium to full coverage with a comfortable, natural matte finish. Colour-true formula lasts up to 15 hours. Helps conceal and correct the look of under-eye circles, and discolorations. Comes in a clear glass vial with a matte black pump. 

I liked the fluid-y texture and the great coverage.Although I am doubtful whether the colors match according MAC regular concealer series for NC and NW.Normally I would use NW 30 but the one from Pro Longwear looked very white and chalky. I would try NC 40 concealer next time.

Do ask the artist about matching your shade as it would be a bit challenging if you dont do so..

INR 1000

DO try and let me know your experience with the foundation, concealer and makeup artists at MAC.

Till then,


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best of January

Jan 2011 has come and so many innovative ideas and launches that we saw last year get carried forward. I loved hues like Apple, Watermelon Pink, Guava Pink, Honeysuckle, Cinnamon, Whipped Strawberry Cream kinda stuff and beauty is getting more luscious and edible. Imagine putting your food on the face like I could do a spaghetti and meat balls in tangy tomato sauce on someone and maybe a Chicken Tikka Masala look on someone....Jokes apart, lemme tell you the best of JAN......


• Liquid Foundation : Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation

• Powder Foundation : Shiseido Luminizing Powder Trio

• Concealer : MAC Select Cover Up (from Mickey Contractor's Collection)


• Powder Blush : Clinique Blushing blush in Bashful Plum

• Cream Blush : Clarins Multi-use in Raspberry


• Liptick : Clarins Joli Rouge lipstick in Papaya

• Lipgloss : Chanel Levre Scintillante in Astral


• Mascara : Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

• Eyeshadow : Chanel Mono Lumieres in Vert Khaki

• Eye liner : Clinique Brush on Cream liner in 02 True Black

• Eye Primer : Benefit Lemon-aid Lid Correctin Primer

• Brows : Clinique Instant Lift For Brows

Thats all folks,

Till then,


Bygones are not bygones.......

We often buy makeup that we'd never use or may use once. This could happen due to some reasons and many more like: -

• impulsive purchases due to limited editions

• just because the SA said it looks so good on you

• just because the SA pushed

• just because the SA had to do sales

• just because you had extra money and you didn't plan to buy anything before you went on a shopping spree..........

and even more..........

There is no way you could do anything of the above to get rid of the product.You have it and you have to find ways to make the best use of it. Here are some examples.....

a. You have bright blue or neon green or a fiery magenta pink eyeshadow that you got from one of the limited edition collections of a certain brand.It looked amazing in the store but after you came home you could not replicate what the artist did.You looked garish when you tried it first and now you are in a fix as it lies there in your stash waiting to be used and you dont know how. Isnt that a bit traumatic, when you see your money being involoved? If the color is very bright there are ways to tone it down. For e.g. bright blue eyeshadow that could make you look like a character from Cirque D'Soleil. "Black" is at your rescue. Btw blue and greens should be ideally used only for eyes and not anywhere otherwise you may end up looking like an acid-spitting human figured repltile. Black is an achromatic color which darkens or shades brighter colors and takes it on a different level. There are some ways of sporting these bright colors with black. Apply the bright blue or neon eyeshadow all over the eye lid over an eye primer. Use a matte beige eyeshadow to highlight the brow bones so that it does not go OTT. Concentrate the bright color at the lash line and then diffuse it onto the entire lid upto the crease. With a damp brush apply a matter black eyeshadow on the outer corners of the lid and into the crease to create the perfect almond eye. Trace the upper lids with a black eye pencil smudging it into the upper lash line for an appearance of fuller lashes and then trace a liquid liner from the inner corner to the outer corner flicking it a little upwards for an eye lift.

b. The bright neon magenta pink eyeshadow or an orange eyeshadow looks amazing like a blush on the apples of the cheeks. With a small blush brush pick some color and gently work on the apples of the cheeks for a healthy flush. Mix with a bronzer for a sun-kissed wind-swept glow and mix with a darker blush for a sophisticated flush of color. You can do the same with a bright magenta lipstick...........but remember to blend it on bare skin or foundation wet skin which is not powdered for a healthy flush.

c. Bright liquid liners with immense amount of glitter.These fairy-like eyeliners look very flattering but OTT as ususal. Trace a black pencil and smudge it in the lash line and use the glitter liner over it as near to lash line as possible to look beautiful.

d. A bright blush which does not go on your skin, for e.g a bright red blush like MAC's Frankly Scarlet. Use just a bit and you'd make your completely makeup clad friend envious. Holds true for garishly dark blush colors in plums and burgundies. Though one must learn to stay away from such colors. These darker than life blushes work as fantastic eyeshadow contours, shape up the contours of the face and sometimes even work as lipsticks....yes yes lipsticks too. Dab on some clear lip balm for shine and softening and then work this dark powder blush on lips for bolder yet modern color. You could also scratch some powder out of the blush, mix in with a watery hydrating moisturizer and apply as a liquid blusher on the cheeks. The moisturizer seeps into skin and diffusely spreads the pigment all over for a healthy glow.

e. Eye liners and lip liners are generally not an impulsive buy but foundations are sometimes the biggest mistakes a woman made. If your foundation is 3 shades lighter to your skin tone you could use it as a matte face highlighter to bring your best face forward. Dab a light foundation strategically over cheek bones, under a contouring blush or bronzer to make the cheeks stand out (ref. Eve Pearl), middle of forehead and even on the cupid's bow of the lips.

f. Bright powder pink colors need to be chucked out in the dustbin as you cannot do anything with it..Maybe politely and humbly you could gift them to someone.

There are many many ideas but I thought of beginning the new 2011 with some really easy ones.

Do try and let me know how it went.....We are always here to share your tale too...

Till then,



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