Monday, September 27, 2010

Another MASCARA on the block........ just get me ranting and raving all the time and they happen to be my truest love as I know what impact can be created in a look with mascara. Another mascara on the block from the affordable side is Bourjois's NEW Elastic lengthens and strengthens and creates glossy, defined lashes.

What is it?

Its a lash lengthening mascara with fibres to stretch lashes and comes with a comb as a wand.

Bourjois says.......

130% more visible length!

Bourjois new Elastic Mascara brings a true formula innovation for a spectacular result:

All lashes, even the short and fine ones are lengthened to the max and smoothly coated from root to tip thanks to an INNOVATIVE ultra-stretchable formula* that forms extensions beyond the tip of lashes.

Enriched with hevea from the rubber tree, the formula stretches up to 130% beyond their natural length.

What's more, this high tolerance formula, enriched with natural waxes is suitable for sensitive eyes and easy to remove with polymers specially selected for their water affinity.

Tips on how to apply this mascara: Apply with large and slow gestures, that follow the lash from root to tip. This makes it possible to stretch the formula beyond the tip of lashes and to spread it evenly, with no clumps or sticky effect.

I feel......Its a great mascara for ladies with short lashes but since it does not volumize I find this mascara good for day wear more than night wear.If you have the patience to apply a coat of volumizing mascara and then a lengthening mascara then this is not a bad purchase. I must agree that Elastic Mascara does give a glossy and defined finish and lashes look perfectly groomed plus your lashes feel and look delicate and not weighed down even after putting 10 coats of mascara.

The formulation is rubbery thanks to stretchable fibres but it dissolves faster when cleaned with soap and water.The mascara is quite long lasting and I love the comb that comes in.

It sells for Rs.550 INR and is quite good for your pocket.I feel this is not "the" mascara and they have more mascaras to try out too. I still prefer the Volume Glamour Ultra care mascara.

Do try it and let me know.



Brighten Up Part 2 BRIGHT APRICOTS

                               (Image courtest

I just hate dullness. It makes one look so “dull”. This dullness actually happens to cellular debris on the skin surface which does not enable light to reflect from the skin surface. This makes one feel dull and a wonderful glow comes when this cellular debris is wiped off from the skin. Anyways that is not the scope of this article. I am going to talk about getting a radiant glowing skin and mimicking a fake glow when required.

Lets see what we need: -


• Makeup Forever HD Microperfecting Primer Rs.1774 especially in colors like Mauve, Pink and Blue

• Givenchy Photoperfexion foundation Rs.2200

• Clinique Air Brush Concealer Rs.1300

• MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Rs.1680

• Clinique Uplighting Illuminator in Peach Rs.1550

• MAC powder blush in Peaches and Sunbasque Rs.1100

Scrub your face with a scrub having Jojoba Microbeads which are gentle but strong enough to remove the cellular debris on the face. Massage an oil free hydrating cream like Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief after keeping it for 5 minutes on the face like a mask. Apply a good sunscreen in case you go out like Estee Lauder’s Cyberwhite UV protector SPF 50. Apply a pea sized amount of color correcting makeup primer to get rid of any sallowness and dullness and unveil radiant complexion. With a foundation sponge or foundation brush dab and spread Photoperfexion Foundation over the concerned areas of the face. Gently dab Airbrush concealer to brighten up the eye area and get rid of under eye circles and puffiness. Dust Mineralize Skinfinish Mineral enriched compact powder over your face and eye area using a fluffy powder brush for an even finish without caking up. We start on with the least amount of product and build if needed. I love to swirl the powder in circles so that it look natural and somehow the powder particles get crushed on your skin when swirled with a powder brush in round motion. Contour under the cheek bones lightly with Sunbasque and apply blush on the cheek in light round strokes with a Peach blush. With your finger apply Uplighting Illuminator in dabbing motions on the heights of the cheeks. This creates a lovely Golden Apricot halo on the face and makes you feel fresh and lovely. Please remember to go light on the blush and not make it patchy.

Tip: - Never apply blush on wet foundation as the blush sticks to the liquid and looks horribly patchy.


• MAC Paint pot in Soft Ochre Rs.1100

• MAC single eyeshadows in Goldmine, Expensive Pink, Embark, Ricepaper Rs.900 each

• Clinique Quickliner For Eyes in Black/Brown Rs.990

• Clinique High Lengths mascara in Black Rs.1075

Use Soft Ochre as an eyeshadow base for eye makeup to stay put for a longer time with a concealer brush. With a flat fluffy large eyeshadow brush dust Ricepaper over the brow bone. Line the eyes with Black-Brown eye pencil tracing it across the lash line and in the inner rims of your eyes. Smudge eye pencil with a pencil brush like MAC 219 to push the pigment into lash line to give the appearance of fuller lashes. Dust Goldmine in the inner corners. Contour the lid lightly with Embark and smoke it on the lower lash line. Dab and dust Expensive Pink very lightly over the entire lid. Apply two coats of lash lengthening mascara to open the eyes wide open.

TIP: Let the thickness of the line taper according to the shape of the eyes and how much eye area you have. For e.g. Small eyes should go with a thin liner.


• Clinique Buttershine Lipstick in Cinnamon Stick Rs.1075

• Clinique Quickliner for lips in Soft Rose Rs.950

• Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipgloss in Clear Rs.1200

Line and fill the liners with lip liner in Soft Rose. Dab on Cinnamon Stick with fingers for a lovely halo on the lips and dab some clear gloss on the centre of lower lip to create a wonderful pout.

This is a beautiful look with warmer tones. It looks a little monochromatic but that’s the essence of the look and brightening up. I’d also post looks in monochromes of pinks, purples and browns etc. Do try the look and let me know.

Disclaimer : - Please feel free to look for alternatives if the products mentioned above go heavy on your budget. I’ll help wherever I can.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Explore the BRIGHTER Side......

Its not unusual to feel "dull" at least once in ones life.This can be dull skin, feverish atmosphere, bad-hair-day and all things imaginable and unimaginable. On such days we avoid going out of the house but sometimes it gets inevitable and going out of the house is just a must.During such times and many more we need to take help of something really strong and magical.

This "thing" could be a gorgeous dress, colorful bandana and skin care. So let me tell you in this post how to brighten up your day.

Disclaimer: - In case you suffer from a skin concern like acne or something that has an active inflammation please consider your senses and may be your doctor before using some of the products mentioned below. Please dont blame me if anything goes wierd. Please note abbreviation NSP means "not sure of the price"


This is for a bad-skin-day or dull skin day.
  • Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial Rs.2525 with combination of multiple levels of exfoliation, this scrub-n-mask does wonders to your skin by giving you the benefits of micro-dermabrasion at home.
  • Clarins Hydra-Quench Cream Mask NSP to give the maximum boost of hydration to plump up your skin.
  • Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Rs.2300, to give a moisture boost and replenish any lost moisture.
  • Makeup Forever HD Microperfecting Primer Rs.1774 in  Blue and Mauve colors to combat dullness and sallowness before applying makeup.
  • Clarins Beauty Flash Balm Rs.1650, to combat dullness and get a beauty boost.Somehow face appears well rested and happy in a jiffy.Its tried and tested by me many times.
  • Elizabeth Arden Intervene 3-in-1 cleanser Rs.1100 which cleanses, tones and primes for better moisture absorption.Love the micro-beads.
  • Elizabeth Arden Intervene Time Fighting Radiance Serum Rs.1680, to illuminate dull skin and make one look younger and glowing.
  • MAC Careblends Essential Oils NSP, before your skin care ritual to look happy and radiant.It comes in combination of Lavender + Sweet Orange and Chamomile + Grapefruit. It really goes well on all skin types and smells wonderfully heavenly.
  • MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Limited Edition with Volcanic Ash and Sugar crystals for some magical change in your skin.Skin felt soft, radiant and sparkly clean.....maybe a little brighter.
  • Estee Lauder Idealist Dual Action Refinishing Treatment NSP, for on-the-go-glow and an alternative to Microdermabrasion and Glycolic Peel.Its safer and more fun in your own hands and at your own agenda.
  • Clinique All About Eyes Serum Rs.1600 combats puffiness and tiredness, giving your eyes a refreshing touch with soothing botanicals and massaging roller-ball.


Makeup fixers are instant, better and removable in case you dont want to take the risk of using skin care and break into rashes. Its a safer bet if done well.

  • Foundations with some sparkle add radiance, glow and mimic a flawless skin. I love Givenchy PhotoPerfexion Foundation (Rs.2200 for 25ml.) and Guerlain Parure White FOundation (Rs.3490 approx.) for their light reflecting technologies. Also Chanel's Teint Innocence Liquid, Lancome Photogenic Lumescence Rs.2700 and from the mass market Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Rs.920 do wonderful tricks of mimicry and magic. Max Factor Age Renew foundation with lens particles for a lit up glow sets the foundation apart (apart from the colors for Indian skin tones which is difficult). MAC made HyperReal foundation and is discontinued but I like their new Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 which gives a soft glow on the skin.
  • Concealers with highlighting properties are in vogue.I love CLinique Airbrush Concealer Rs.1300, YSL Touche Eclat Rs.2150, Diorflash Concealer Rs.2100 from Dior, MAC Select Coverup Rs.1000 and Shiseido's New Natural finish concealer NSP as they hide the dullness wherever they can.Concealers are as loyal as dogs but you need the right one. Hate cake-y concealers
  • Tinted Moisturizers are good but why waste money in buying one when you can make one at home by mixing an oil free moisturizer, sunscreen and your favorite color matched foundation.This is better as it adjusts the coverage you need.Still I love Clinique's Moisture Sheer Tint SPF 15 Rs.1480
  • Blushes in soft and shimmery fluffy textures immediately add glow and brighten up skin making it look awake and fresh. Colors like Clinique Blushing Blush Rs.1550 in Precious Posy, Pink Love, Innocent Peach and Smoldering Plum are the best to give your skin that whisper of color and immediately brighten. Shiseido's Luminizing Satin Face Color Rs.2550 in Petal and Carnation are award winners. Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Cream Blush creates a glowing flush at Rs.1400 and so does Clarins Multi-blush Cream Compact Rs.950 in Golden Apricot and Raspberry. MAC has a plethora of blushes at Rs.1100 approx. but some of my favs are Mocha, Honor, Dollymix, Pinkswoon, Pinch Me up, Peaches, Sunbasque, Ambering Rose and Peachykeen.
  • Bright lipglosses add brightness to your smile and make the teeth appear whiter. Plumping and minted ones uplift lip lines and moods.
  • Mascaras are eye-openers and dont hesitate to use something that volumizing, curling and lenghthening.
  • Primers like Diorflash are great tools to combat fatigue and can be used liberally.

Do feel free to use your own products coz at the end of the day you have to looking amazing and gloqing though your dying within with tiredness. This is not faking in front of others but alleviating dullness and elevating senses. I hate splashing water on the face as its dehydrating for being water and rubbing ice and drinking caffeine based drinks and all and would never encourage it. Instead sip some ice tea or green tea or eat a fruit like Apple to boost up energy.

DO share your tips.

Till then,


Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Best of September

This may be a monthly post depending on what I get to see and love for that month.These are the best products I loved this month.

Disclaimer: - These products may not be new launches or something.Some of them may be limited editions and may not be found in the market, so please do not panic.Some brands may not be available in India.


Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Makeup Rs.1950


Benefit boing Concealer (Not in India)


Clinique Blended Loose Powder Rs.1600


Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Makeup Rs.1600


Makeup Forever HD Microperfecting Primer Rs.1774


Benefit Lemon-Aid Correcting Eye Lid Primer (Not in India)


MAC Pigments Rs.1300 revised packaging and prices


MUFE Aqua Creams Rs.1250 approx.


MAC Opulash Mascara Rs.850


Clinique Brush on Cream Liner in True Black Rs.1100


Bourjois Effet- Smoky Eye pencils Rs.270


MUFE False Lashes


MAC Powder Blushes especially Plumfoolery, Sunbasque and Peach Melba (this month)

BEST BLUSH - Liquid/gel/cream

Shiseido Accentuating Stick in Rosy Flush (not available in India)


Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks Rs.2150


Clarins Color Quench Lip Balm Rs.950

I am just loving these products this month.Shall write the best ones for NEXT month soon.................when the next month comes.

Till then,


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Line it all..........

Gucci Fall 2010 makeup is as simple yet inspiring as the fashion trend Gucci manages to set every year. I am smitten by the Dark Kohl liner look without being too punky or edgy. This questions me and all my beautiful readers, how did they manage to get those dark smoldering picture perfect lines. Its tricky and not easy to master as it is seen on the model.

I’m going to put this as an inspired look so do wait for the turn of the Eye makeup to come.


• Makeup Forever aka MUFE Microperfecting primer Rs.1775

• Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral makeup Liquid Foundation Rs.1950

• Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-mineral Powder Foundation Rs.1950

• YSL Touché Éclat Rs.2150

• Clinique Almost Bronzer Rs.1800

On a well moisturized or hydrated face, dab on a pinky sized primer for better stay of the foundation. I love the Estee Lauder Nutritious Range of foundations for their super natural finish which is the key to this look plus they have nutrients and are mineral enriched. Dot Liquid foundation over the areas of concern and spread evenly with foundation brush (Christian Dior Foundation Brush) or fingers. Dot and Dab Touché Éclat highlighting concealer and bid adieu to dark circles and tiredness. With a fluffy powder brush (Lancôme Large Dome Powder brush) apply loose powder to set the foundation and makeup. This gives the perfect base that your makeup needs. With an angled brush (Scott Barnes angled brush) contour the cheek hollows with a sheer shimmer bronzer in negligible amounts with wee bit of highlighter for a sculpted look that is not very sun kissed. I would also recommend a dark colored compact powder for more professional results.

Tip: - Start with less foundation and build as per needed. Apply concealer in the upper inner corners of your lids as generally that’s the area that remains.


• MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre Rs.1100

• MAC eyeshadows in Tete-a-tint and Nylon Rs.900 each

• Clinique Color Surge Soft shimmer eyeshadow in Foxy Rs.1050

• Clinique Brush on Cream liner in True Black Rs.1100

• MAC Technakohl liner in Graphblack Rs.1000

• MAC Penultimate liner in Rapid Black Rs.1100

• Some special brushes for the look…MAC 217, MAC 224, Inglot 30 T bent liner brush

• Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara in Black Rs.1200

Prime the eyes with Soft Ochre Paint pot for the eyeshadows to stay put and last longer. Highlight with Nylon in the sheerest color possible on the brow bones and in the inner corners of eye lids. Blend Foxy in the crease taking it outwards and upwards, with Tete-a-tint on the entire lid as a mid-tone eyeshadow (you can go lighter and darker as desired, I also like Retrospeck from MAC ) on the entire lid. Also apply tete-a-tint on lower lids and smoke it to make it look almost invisible. With Graphblack line the lash lines of the upper lids and the water lines of the lower lids. Get as dark as possible but do not go over the boundaries onto the lids. This is more solid than smoked look. With 30 T Inglot cosmetics brush (I use bent liner brush from Smashbox cosmetics) trace True Black gel liner over the pencil. The pencil underneath creates a perfect base for the gel liner to glide on. You can also use the gel liner in the inner rims of lower lids. Finally make the line stronger and bolder with Rapidblack eyeliner pen giving the outer edge a wing that goes upwards and outwards. Groom the lashes with mascara concentrating more on the roots.

Tip: - go near to the lash line as possible as you don’t want to end up looking like an old Bollywood Heroine. This is the modern version. Also in case of mistakes with the liners, erase the mistake areas with a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover and correct with the required makeup.


• MAC lipstick in Touch Rs.980

• Clinique Superbalm Lip treatment Rs.810

Smudge Touch till it merges with the natural color of your lips and dab on some Lip balm for more moisturized results.

Disclaimer: - Readers please feel free to use other brands like Lakme, Revlon, L’Oreal, Clarins, Chamboretc whatever you like by keeping in mind the shades used. I promise to write dupes wherever I can. BTW NyX cosmetics is also a wonderful brand to try.

Till then,


Makeup Look: - Sun and Rain

August and September is all about hide and seek between the sun and the rains. This look is inspired by their playful behavior.

  • Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect Touch Rs.1650 approx.
  • Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Rs.1550
  • Clinique All About Eyes Concealer Rs.1300
  • Clinique Blended Loose Powder Rs.1600
  • Clinique Blushing Blush in Precious Posy (bright peach orange with pink nuances……..more on the coral side) and Bashful Blush (reddish bronze with subtle pearl) each Rs.1550

Begin with freshly moisturized skin and sunscreen if you are going out. Apply Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch on the T-zone and cheeks for a matte base for the foundation to spread on. With stippling brush apply Clinique Superbalanced Makeup foundation all over the face in one layer to create a sheer base that makes skin look flawless. The coverage is buildable and you can go a little more in the problem areas of your face. Gently dab Clinique All About Eyes concealer in the under eye area to diminish the look of under eye circles, thanks to the yellow tone in the concealer. I prefer using a concealer brush as it spread the concealer evenly and goes into even the tiniest areas where fingers maybe difficult to reach. Plus it is proven that concealer brush applies 700 times less pressure in the under eye area compared to fingers according to a study. This would keep the under eye wrinkles to minimum. Set the base makeup with a pinch of loose powder that is mineral enriched and does not clog pores but does diminish the appearance of pores. Dust Bashful Blush in the contours of face i.e. hollows of cheek very subtly with a fluffy blush brush and then dust Precious Posy on the cheek bones and apples for a radiant summery coral glow.

  • Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Really Black Rs.990
  • Benefit Lemon-aid Lid Correcting Primer Rs.870 approx.
  • Clarins mono coleur eyeshadow in Midnight Blue Rs.820
  • MAC eyeshadow in Expensive Pink (Golden Peachy-pink shimmer), Embark (Matte Red-brown with intense pigmentation), Nylon (Beige-bone shimmer), Gorgeous Gold (duo chrome yellow-green shimmer), Contrast (deep blue with purple nuances), Rs.820 each
  • MAC Pigment in Golden Lemon Rs.1250 approx.
  • MAC Opulash Mascara in Black, Rs.850

Apply Lemon-aid Lid Correcting Primer with taklon eyeshadow brush all over the eye lid to keep the eyeshadow sticking better. Trace the upper lid and the inner rims with Really black for a smoldering beginning and a dark base for the lashes to look enhanced. With dome shaped eyeshadow brush apply Midnight Blue in the outer corners of the upper lid and lower lid with MAC 219. Blend this blue in the outer part of the upper lid crease. Over this lightly blend Embark in the crease blending towards the brow bone with MAC 224. Highlight brow bone with Nylon using Christian Dior Large Shader Brush as the brush is soft, fluffy and blends the color better. On the outer third of the eyelid apply Contrast blending towards the crease. On the lid apply Expensive Pink with MAC 217. In the inner corners of the upper lid and lower lid upto the inner third apply Gorgeous Gold with Shiseido Eyeshadow brush (Small). In the inner corners dab some Golden Lemon pigment with MAC 219 brush. Apply several coats of Opulash Mascara to get those smoldering lashes.


  • Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in Cinnamon Stick
  • Clinique Superbalm moisturizing lipgloss in Mango

Apply Cinnamon Stick lipstick which is coral gold with glossy finish and end up with some Mango lipgloss in the centre of the lip.

This look might sound complicated but its fun doing it….so do try it and let me know.

Till then,


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting NAKED!!

( picture courtesy: Napoleon Perdis cosmetics)

Naked to the skin is new in style but its always been a trend. Being "Naked" is having a see through healthy skin even through a foundation. Blessed are thee if you have a dry skin as this is the best way to get that healthy glow and blessed are thee if you have oily skin as you dont need much effort to mimic that glow.

Glowing tips: -

  • use supernatural looking makeup like Estee Lauder's Nutritious makeup liquid foundation and powder foundation. Just a dash sets you out rolling. Mineral enriched foundation and powder creates an invisible yet luminescent veil of color on the face without looking chalky or tacky.
  • I apply Clinique's Superbalanced Makeup Foundation on the face and rub some Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel over it to get get a dewy finish that long staying.
  • "Highlighters" are your best buddies but not your sisters. With a smidgen of it you are a fairy and the more you go, you'd become a disco-ball. I lust the MAC Grand Duo in Light Over Dark for subtle contour and highlights.
  • Stila Contour palette has got just the right colors to contour and highlight and play with light and so does MUFE highlight/Contour duo too.
  • Eyes are lit with incandescent shades of beige-gold like MAC's Ricepaper or sport a cast of dewy sunlight with Clinique's Desert Sun and Lucky Penny eyeshadows. The perfect taupe crease comes with CLinique's Foxy and Twiglet eyeshadows and the iridescent drama ends with Stila's Single color in "wheat" or "kitten" in the inner rims.
  • Lips are fun with Shiseido Luminizing Gloss in appropriate beige and browns and there's nothing to lust for better than Clinique's Superbalm in Ginger with a perfect candied red-pink shade.

Luminosity is within us and is masked by dullness and flakiness which are bid adieu with Clinique's Clarifying Lotion and Trunaround Concentrate while Estee Lauder's Hydrationist Serum keeps the moisture boosted and the oil busted.

Glow from within is in!! So light the bulb with you.

Till then,


Its all about getting inspired!!

I feel so sad and bad that I cannot blog and write articles since I'm short of time between work and playing Farmville these days. Sometime I have friend bloggers like Dr.Anju and my fav Rashmi inspiring me and sometimes I have so much to wrtie but I'm lost of words.

It doesnt take me a new collection to get inspired......Even things that have been there for sometime on the shelves inspire me..

My haul for October is definitely coming as follows: -

1. MAC 217 brush that costs mere Rs.1100 but makes a major addition in your brush set.

2. MAC Fabulous Felines collection to browse and see for the "steal"

3. Clinique's New High Lengths Mascara Rs.1075 is on its way in stock and surely going out of stock.

4. Gotto pick that MUFE Camouflage 5 color palette before I get pangs of guilt for Rs.1650

5. Inglot opens its doors to Mumbai and to some the makeup junkies like me.

Tomorrow with less work to do, I shall organize my makeup collection to try to make some decent looks myself and from the run ways with a little bit of market research...

Till then,


Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Launches.......:))

Dear Readers,

Dreams of makeup addicts have come true..MAKEUP FOREVER is on Indian shores thanks to TARZ lifestyle.

MUFE, brainchild of artiste Dany Sanz is a professional makeup artist's own home and their products are one of the best ones in the market.

Shall soon write a post on the best of MUFE........

MUFE opens its first flagship store at Inorbit Mall, Malad, Mumbai in India and has made me go gaga.


Monday, September 6, 2010


This article is nothing to do with fixing anything and the name happens to deviate from the real scope of the post.Just wrote the name 'coz I felt so.

Today's topic of discussion is many ways to use MAC's Studio Fix Fluid Foundation aka SFF. SFF has been blamed and praised by MAC artists and the rest of the world and is a group of amazing skin friendly colors that have always been under scrutiny for many reasons.


  • Wonderful medium to buildable coverage
  • Flatters the real color of the complexion (looking horrible if the color does not match)
  • Leaves a veil of color on face and can be built to give full coverage


  • Expensive (Rs.1600 approx.) for everyday use
  • May get cakey and look fake if gone absolutely wrong
  • Has a bit alcohol kind of smell that seems to be saddening
  • Clogs pores though they say its 'non-comedogeni' and thats the reason all MAC staff (with few exceptions) have acne and bad skin that could go to worst......Sorry MAC
  • No variety of colors of 'neutral' toned complexions that could look too pale with the NC series and too ashen and pinky with the NW series.
  • The foundation changes it color and looks dark on the skin as day passes.

I ask myself, to why am I writing this article as SFF was never the HG foundation I'd always buy and use and recommend. The reason is that I used SFF for some days after taking samples from MAC store and I absolutely fell in love with the product as soon as I figured the correct way to apply the product. It becomes by social responsibility to tell it to my readers.

What MAC has to say about SFF??

A modern foundation that combines matte finish and medium buildable coverage with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection with SPF 15.Comfortable and Long wearing, lasts up to 8 hours.Applies smoothly, builds coverage quickly and easily. Contains specifically treated micronized pigments and soft focus powder for a super smooth look that minimizes the appearance of imperfections. Absorbs and diperses oil.Contains special skin conditioning agents.Oil free.

I must say MAC did their job right. Let me share some tips on how to make your SFF the best deal for you..............

  1. Use SFF, not by itself but over a makeup primer like Estee Lauder or Clarins. Test it not only the jaw line but also on the cheeks to find the right shade.
  2. We can go one shade lighter as the TiO2 content in the sunscreen of that foundation tends to get oxidized and make you look eventually dark.
  3. WIth SFF the main concern of clients is pore clogging. This can be taken care with special scrubs made for concerns of pores, exfoliants in all possible forms and lot of blessings ;))  I'd advice using Clinique's Clarifying Lotion, Shiseido Pore Purifying Warming Scrub and Estee Lauder's Idealist Pore Refiner along with Clinique's Instant Perfector to minimize the look of pores and YSL Matt Touch along with their famed Top Secret Skin Radiance Skin Care to correct the look of pores.
  4. The biggest mistake everyone makes is applying a lot of product. Begin with very less, dot it and use a foundation brush for best results especially MAC 187. Then dab some in the under eye area to minimize concealer usage, on the sides of the nose to cut the ruddiness and sides of the temples to combat pigmentation. I used Lancome's and Christian Dior's FOundation brush and the results kept going better and better.
  5. Never use the coordination Studio Fix Powder foundation otherwise one may look crazy.
  6. A foundation sponge applies the product well but I see them going in the pores and hate the smell.
  7. You can also use MAC's Prep and Prime SPF 50 primer and set it with translucent Prep and Prime translucent powder.
  8. Never apply more as the foundation looks cakey then and can give an artificial look.
  9. Some other brushes I'd recommend are MAC 109, Estee Lauder Powder foundation brush and NYX blending brush.
With this, I conclude before I fall off asleep.........

Till then,


Thursday, September 2, 2010

The BLACK Tide

Black being the darkest and gloomiest color in makeup, somehow happens to be the most coveted color by pros and amateurs alike. This is because "black" adds a touch of sophistication and elegance if used gently and can be built to create the most dramatic looks when used in abundance. Every makeup brand has "black" in all the possible forms of pencils, eyeshadows, liners and even lipsticks. In eyeshadows too, Black comes in various formulations right from flat-matte black to ultra smoky and shimmery sooty black.
In this post btw, I'm going to write some of the best black eyeshadows in powder and cream form available in the market and why I do like them. This is my own version of the "perfect" black eyeshadow and what it did to make me love it.

  1. MAC cosmetics….makes one of the best and largest variety of "black" eyeshadows in the prestige professional makeup cosmetics market. The cult status of some of their eyeshadows is not that we are unaware of. There are Carbon, Typographic, Black Tied, Knight Divine and so many more that come as limited editions and go (especially their Hot Contrast and Blue My mind mineralize eyeshadows which sported one of the most satiny blacks I have ever used). My search for "Black" actually started with MAC as I was looking for jet black and not forgery-black which is seen in mass brands except L'Oreal due to their low quality pigments, excessive fillers like talc that give flatness and make the black eyeshadow ashen-grey and I hated the fact that these eyeshadows looked horrible in pictures. MAC made the best ones out there and that's why I shifted. And then it became an addiction to buy branded stuff from India and and I spent some of my earnings on stuff. I particularly liked MAC's LE Cloudburst which has flecks of turquoise blue shimmer though the e/s per se gives a satiny finish. MAC also makes their amazing Paint Pot called Blackground and their Grease paint sticks are good too. So lets see what MAC has to give us in "blacks" eyeshadows………….Carbon (deep matte black), Typographic (Asphalt Black), Knight Divine (Black with silver pearl) and Black Tied (black with silver sparkle). They sell them for Rs.900 each.
  2. Lancôme did their Strass Black eyeshadow from the Color Focus Sensational effects eyeshadow which is dark jet black with silver glitter that surprisingly stays on the lid instead of falling off. They sell for Rs.1050
  3. Clinique makes Stay matte eyeshadow in "midnight" which is their only matte black and is very dark and intense. The matte texture is not very powder but can be hard to blend if an under-base was not used. The color is buildable and stays put for the whole day. They retail their eyeshadows for Rs.1050
  4. Shiseido launched their amazing Luminizing Satin Eye color Trio and Snow Shadow is no exception to one of the rarest purple toned intense blacks in the market. I love the velvety quality of the eyeshadows and their ability to blend and hold onto the lids better. Their price should approx. be Rs.3000 but it isn't declared yet. Shiseido also makes Luminizing Satin eye color in Tar for Rs.1500 which is a matte black with buttery smoothness and is finely milled with micronized titanium di-oxide to remove the ashy-ness of the talc fillers.
  5. Clarins is not behind. In the race of an amazing black Clarins has Mono color eyeshadow in "Totally Black" for Rs.820 with an unbelievable texture and very good amount of eyeshadow available at the price we pay. I think it is the cheapest eyeshadow in department store brands with pay off much better than many of the above mentioned brands.
  6. Christian Dior came with its quint of Smokey black eyeshadows with silver and grey for Rs.3300 but what blew me away was their 1-color ultra impact eyeshadow Rs.1950 in Flash Black. This is shimmery black with silver flecks with smoothness and payoff that could make Cleopatra take another birth to use it. Dior thanks its JAPANESE SLURRY TECHNOLOGY for the smooth yet buttery texture of their eyeshadows which are soft to glide but very strong on staying put.
  7. EsteeLauder Pure Color Eyeshadow do sport a shimmery black but are  to be launched in India.
  8. L'Oreal does get their celebrity eyeshadows and PRO collection palettes for Rs.650 and Rs.500 respectively. NYX cosmetics and ColorBar do make decent black eyeshadows and so do Lakme but I was not very satisfied. The Body Shop had one of the most horrendous blacks I ever saw and so does YSL.
  9. I await myself on getting a review of Inglot and Makeup Forever as I haven't had a hand on their Blacks. International brands like Smashbox, Stila, Urban Decay, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Laura Mercier etc. do make blacks but since they are not available in India and with me my comments remain withheld until I use them.

So this was my take on some of the fabulous black eyeshadows in the market. I hope it'd serve as guide to get the best black. Soon I'd be writing about the best blues, purples, golds, silvers and all possible colors.

Till then,



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