Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Product Review….Clinique High Lengths Mascara

I have always looked for most innovative mascaras in the market and couldn't resist stopping by this wonderful masterpiece mascara by Clinique called High Lengths Mascara.

At Rs. 1075 it's a steal and an honor to own mascara of this sort.
Clinique High Lengths Mascara gives your lashes wings and your makeup experience flight.

With 40% longer lashes its easy breezy to bat your lashes and eye makeup gets even more stunning and complete.

High Lengths a.k.a HL gives extreme length and feathering effect for lashes thanks to the special molded combing "willow" brush applicator. This specially designed comb grabs every lash, small or long and coats it from the root to tip. The zigzag comb bristles deliver the product and make mascara application fun.
As HL, polymer and spherical particles stretch the lashes to high lengths while maintaining the natural curve or at times enhances the curve too. Clinique also packs conditioning ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, pathenol and pantethine and soft waxes and acacia Senegal gum to make lashes supple and long instead of brittle and lost.

How to apply?

I need to write this as the mascara can be tricky to apply. Though it comes with practice. Pump up the mascara wand to load pigment onto the comb. Place the curve side on the roots of lashes and gently wiggle and coat forwards for upper lashes. For top coat, just come half way from root to tip as lashes tend to bend if gone further. Reapply another coat of mascara. Place curve on lower lashes and apply half way again as you don't want lashes to bend in the wrong directions.

Its washable and comes out easily with Clinique's Take the Day off makeup remover for lids, lashes and lips.

It's a mascara worth a try……………

Till then,


Fresh Rainy Makeup…the Thunder Cloud

I love to do these seasonal looks using colors that adorn the season. And rainy season is not far from all this. Rainy season is all about aquas with shimmering colors and lots of greys and blacks that epitomize thunder clouds……..these cumulonimbus clouds are my inspiration for this makeup look today.

  • Estee Lauder Color Correcting Primer in Lavender Rs. 1280
  • YSL Touché Éclat Rs.2150
  • Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation Rs.2760
  • Shiseido Translucent Setting powder Rs.1950

Prep face with glob of moisturizer 5 minutes before makeup application for the makeup to glide and blend better. I like Estee Lauder's Color Correcting Primer as it brightens up sallow complexions and brightens it. Plus it's a fantastic base for makeup to sit on. Take a dime sized amount and smoothen primer all over the face in gentle dabbing motions and then blending in downward and outward directions. Use the tiniest amount of foundation just to even out skin tone. Pro Lumiere foundation adds luminosity to face without making it oily and greasy. Start from the T zone and blend it outwards and downwards, some on the cheeks towards jaw line and hair line. Luminizing concealer like Touché Éclat hides and reveals much more luminosity of the face. This product knows to highlight the areas of face in the sun and moon and in the rains too. Just some clicks and your near to a very glamorous look coming ahead. I use touché éclat in the under eye area, sides of the nose, on the top of cheek bones, sides of lips etc. Do remember to choose the color that flatters your skin tone. Set with white translucent powder that goes colorless on face.

  • Estee Lauder Signature blush in Rose Nuance Rs. 1950

With a fluffy blush brush dust the darker shade of the blush in cheek hollow blending it into the temples in round motions. With a fluffy fan brush dust the highlighter on the height of cheeks for a well structured and subtly contoured look

  • MAC Paint pot in Painterly
  • Clarins Mono eyeshadow in Thunder Grey Rs. 775
  • MAC Single eyeshadows Rs.900 each in Phloof, Electra, Stars N Rockets, Moth Brown (LE), Thunder (LE)
  • Clinique Quickliner for eyes in Really Black and Grape Rs.990 each
  • Clinique High Lengths Mascara in Black Rs.1075
  • Clinique Instant Lift for Brows in Deep Brown Rs.1095

With a concealer brush apply Painterly all over the lid upto brow bone. This is beige toned non-creasing cream to powder eyeshadow which also works as wonderful eyeshadow base and is good in waterproofing the eye makeup. With flat fluffy large eyeshadow brush dust Phloof on brow bone. Trace Really Black on the upper lash line and blend with small dome shaped smudger brush to push the color into lash line. Apply Grape on the outer half of lower lid and again blend outwards till it meets the black on the upper lid. With crease brush gently blend Thunder Grey into the crease. Make sure you take less as this eyeshadow is really pigmented and more the pigment more pronounced would be the smoldering effects. With flat medium eyeshadow brush apply Thunder in the outer corners, Stars N Rockets in the inner corner and with fluffy brush just dab in Moth Brown blending the gap in between the inner and outer corners. To create the look of rain cloud blend Moth Brown up and above in the mid- crease till the brow bone. This also creates ultimate French Glamour with a twist. For the effect of lightning apply Electra in the inner corners.
Sweep two layers of new Clinique High Lengths mascara and groom the brow in Deep Brown to compliment the look.

  • Shiseido Perfect Rouge Sheer in Pout Rs.1450
  • Shiseido Luminizing Lipgloss in Cool Rs.1450

Keep the lips understated by dabbing Pout on lips and add a dash of clear lilac gloss in Cool to enhance the pout.

This makeup is exclusively for Rainy season parties. Do try it and let know.

Till then,


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia….

Blues and Lilacs are back and Tom Pecheux, Estee Lauder's New Creative Makeup Director once again makes us fall in love. Tom Pecheux aka King Midas of fashion world strikes his magic again transforming everything to gold. Though here are the golden moments.

"The blue in the collection is an iconic color. I like to give women choices in the way that they look. From a neutral to a smoky to a fashionable, strong look, the blue can be used with them all."
Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estée Lauder

This collection was debuted way back at Derek Lam's Autumn/Winter 2010 where Estee Lauder entered the backstage makeup for the first time. There are 2 looks in the collection plus tones of products and tones of beauty oozing through. Hilary Rhoda looks magnificient in the collection promotion.......

The Limited Edition Collection includes:
For Look 1 Blue Dahlia:

  • Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette in Blue Dahlia

  • Pure Color Gloss Stick in Rose Dusk

  • Pure Color Gloss Stick in Night Bloom

  • Pure Color Gloss in Rock Candy

  • Pure Color Gloss in Twilight Petal

  • Pure Color EyeShadow Single in Twilight Rose

  • Pure Color EyeShadow Single in Sepia Sand

  • Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Blue Dahlia

For Look 2 Surreal Violet:
  • Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette in Surreal Violet
  • Pure Color Gloss Stick in Orchid Dream
  • Pure Color Gloss Stick in Mauve Mirage
  • Pure Color Gloss in Raspberry Pop
  • Pure Color Gloss in Star Pink
  • Pure Color EyeShadow Single in Enchanted Meadow
  • Pure Color EyeShadow Single in Emerald Star
  • Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Surreal Violet

  • Complementary Products for Lips:
  • Pure Color Gloss Stick in Midnight Bloom
  • Pure Color Gloss in Midnight Bloom
    What I loved was the way the collection is organized and there is something for everyone. No idea when this collection is launching in India but I am really waiting for this.

    Till then,


Pink me Up!!!

I have always loved pinks and lilacs and love to couple them up. It's fun to have such colors in your makeup kit as they brighten up your complexion. This look may not be for all so readers' discretion is needed. Lets see what we need…….

  • Clarins Instant smooth perfect touch primer Rs.1450
  • MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 Rs. 1800
  • Clinique All about eyes concealer Rs.1300
  • Clinique Blended Loose powder Rs.1600
  • MAC Powder Blush in Pink Swoon, Plumfoolery and Coygirl Rs.1080 each
  • Estee Lauder Foundation Brush Rs. 1750
  • Estee Lauder Signature Concealer Brush Rs.1325 approx.
  • Estee Lauder Powder Brush Rs.2600 approx
  • Estee Lauder Blush Brush Rs.1600
Prepare face with an oil free moisturizer followed by a sunscreen to create the perfect makeup base. Apply an under eye cream for the concealer to blend better. Apply pea sized amount of Clarins primer over, to conceal pores and make the foundation last longer. With foundation brush starting from the centre of the forehead start applying this amazing cream-to-powder foundation from MAC called Mineralize Foundation SPF 15. Start with fewer amounts as it goes a long way and provides dewy medium coverage without looking oily. Camouflage under eye circles and unevenness with yellow based concealer. Do not forget to apply the concealer on inner corners of upper lid. Dust and set concealer and foundation with smidgen of powder. Do not put too much powder as the foundation as it is dries to a powder finish and the powder may make it look heavy. I suggest not using powder on cheeks. To apply fewer amounts, load fluffy powder brush with very less loose powder and sweep it quickly all over the place. Then with fingers press some powder over the concealer to set it and you are done.
Apply cool matte pink Coygirl blush all over the cheek bones, contouring it with sheer toned Plumfoolery and highlight with pink with opal accents Pink Swoon. This creates gradation of color and looks very flattering. If you cannot achieve this result, then you could just dust Plumfoolery over cheek bones and let it stay.

  • Estee Lauder Double wear eyeshadow primer Rs.975
  • MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque Rs.1100
  • Clinique Color Surge soft shimmer in Rose Pebble and Buff Rs.1050 each
  • Limited edition MAC eyeshadows Dame's Desire (flirty lilac) and Lala (Bright frosted fuchsia pink)
  • Bourjois Effet Smoky pencil in Deep Purple Rs.320
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Lengthening Mascara in Black Rs.1390
  • Estee Lauder Large eye shader brush Rs.1600
  • Estee Lauder Blender brush Rs.1325
  • Estee Lauder Eye liner brush Rs.1200 approx.
  • Estee Lauder Angled eyeshadow brush Rs. 1450 approx.

With concealer brush apply eye primer for the eyeshadows to stay put and go creaseless. Then apply MAC paint pot in Rubenesque all over the lid upto the brow bone as an extra base for the eyeshadows to pop up and look stronger. Trace Deep Purple eye pencil on the lash lines of upper and lower lid and then blend into upper lash line with an angled eye liner brush. With the large eye shader brush dust "buff", shimmery bone color over the brow bone and then highlight the inner corners. Dust shimmery rose pink "rose pebble" eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. With an angled eye shadow brush apply bright fuchsia pink eyeshadow called "Lala" in the crease blending it in outer corners and then taking it upto inner third of the crease. Deepen the crease by layering the eyeshadow as needed. With blender brush smoke out Lala on the lower lids over the deep purple smoky eye pencil. In the outer corners of the upper lid and lower lid apply bright lilac "Dame's Desire" blending it in the upper crease on the outer side. Finish with three coats of lengthening mascara.

  • Clinique Long last lipstick in Spanish Rose FR Rs.1025
  • Clinique Vit.C lip smoothie in Pink Me Up in Rs.101o
  • Clinique Quick Liner for lips in Pink Truffle Rs.950
With fingers blend in Spanish Rose lipstick to get a stained effect. Line the perimeter of lips with pink lip liner to secure from bleeding. Dab on Vit.C lip smoothie on the centre of the lips to get 100000 watt glam effect.

This look can be sported by all but with caution of not overdoing it.

Let me know…

Till then,



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