Sunday, June 27, 2010

Makeup Updates

This is a little post to tell all my beautiful readers in India and abroad that Makeup Designory Cosmetics have come to India.

Are you looking for a change from your Kryolans?
Are you tired to find shades of discontinued MAC Full cover foundations?
  • Then Makeup Designory is your answer. Makeup Designory aka M.U.D cosmetics was launched along with their eponymous makeup instructing schools to get the technique right and better. The lacuna of their teaching was filled by their amazing MUD cosmetics which I'm sure is going to be my first choice (of course if it is available easily) when it comes to professional makeup.
Since I'm singing praises of the brand, let me tell you little bit more about MUD cosmetics from their website. This excerpt is directly taken from their website with the hope they don't mind it…….

"Make-Up Designory (MUD) was founded over a decade ago by accomplished professional make-up artisans.
Today we immerse students in the fundamentals of make-up artistry for the entertainment, fashion, and retail cosmetics industries at bi-coastal campuses in Los Angeles and New York. Our state-licensed instructors have years of professional expertise in their respective fields of film, television and fashion. They can train you in a variety of subjects and help you discover your own unique style.
MUD programs and courses are designed to teach a wide range of practical and specialized skills. We review and update our curricula on a regular basis, to make sure you're learning the latest techniques. MUD students also have access to ongoing career advising, networking opportunities, and continuous career placement assistance. We've created an environment where you can gain the skills, the vision and the discipline to work alongside the very best in your industry of choice. What's your dream? Our programs are designed to help you achieve it."
The best part of them coming to India is to teach makeup in an organized fashion and take care of the nuances in makeup that are more important to get an impeccably finished result. MUD cosmetics are high quality, high definition and professionally designed products that cater to almost all needs of a professional makeup artist. They have vivid shades in eye, lips and cheek makeup and the products are very well pigmented to give just the right required finish without looking cakey or cheap. One can browse MUC cosmetics on their personal shopping site at
Btw I am going to suggest some products that are on my wish list………….
  1. Cream foundation and their cream foundation pro palettes are for all skin colors and go amazingly on almost all skin types and undertones. The full coverage maybe the result but the foundation is flexible to go from sheer to buildable coverage. Looks natural and stays longer.
  2. Their professional corrector palette for concealing, correcting and revealing your true beauty. It is an ultimate coverup for scars, birthmarks, under eye dark circles and almost everything worth covering.
  3. The eyeshadows are pigmented enough but its their cake eye liner that won my heart.
  4. Blushes are good enough for warm and cool undertones but nothing special and so are the lipsticks and lip glosses.
  5. Their "Pro" collection is all worth buying and so are their super soft ultra durable brushes.
  6. They do have "character makeup" that I need to go and have a look it. Never know whether you get to paint a clown or make a joker of yourself.

MUD school affiliates with the Queen of Aroma, Blossom Kocchar and they have one in Delhi and are soon coming to Mumbai. So keep fingers crossed. More details of their school in India could be found here.

Till then,

Ciao ciao

Disclaimer: - Neither MUD nor their affiliated partners have directly or indirectly approached me to publish this article. This article is about getting inspired by such an amazing brand and it's the inspiration that speaks volumes. If anyone is offended in this entire process please ignore the article and read the next one. Thanks

Friday, June 18, 2010

Product Review…….Estee Lauder Cyberwhite Ex Sunscreen

I decided to write the name of this wonder in the post as, as a title it would be too long. Its "Estee Lauder Cyberwhite EX Extra Intensive UV Protector SPF 50". As I talked about pigmentation as a major concern in Asia, I have always explored the world of beauty to find out the best products that suit my little on the sensitive side skin and something that gives me protection and yet helps in brightening. I don't have the concern of pigmentation any more but for protective and preventive measures I always love to incorporate a whitening or skin lightening product in my regimen. It could be serum, day cream or night cream but I make sure I have one product in the category of SLA.

Well let me talk about myself later and get back to the point. EL's Cyberwhite EX UV protector SPF 50 is one of the best lightening sunscreens I found recently. This is not newly launched but since Estee is not at your reach that easily I took really lot of time to find this product in Mumbai. But before reviewing let us talk about why the need of a lightening sunscreen???

Skin lightening sunscreens in whatever glamorous names they are called, do some very important things like: -

  • Slowing down excess melanin production
  • Increasing cellular turnover with incorporation of Acetyl Glucosamine
  • Brightening the skin thanks to Vit.C
  • Powerful anti oxidants that prevent skin irritations and free radical damage
  • Prevention of tanning and age spots and of course future damage.
  • Powerful broad spectrum photo stable sunscreens that protect from the harmful effects of UV damage
  • Excellent makeup base for better makeup hold

When you have so much to get from a skin lightening sunscreen why spend on just a normal sunscreen? Estee Lauder has something to say on the packaging of the SPF 50 too;

"Fact. Not all dark spots are created equal. Now Estee Lauder research advances our most comprehensive brightening system ever with three highly targeted breakthrough technologies. Correcting and helping prevent three different kinds of dark spots responsible for clouding your complexion. Stubborn age spots. Small surface spots. And those barely visible spots just below skin's surface.
Our highest UVA/UVB protection ever to help prevent every kind of dark spot…small surface spots, stubborn age spots and future spots.
Super sheer, extra gentle and fast absorbing, this high level UVA/UVB shield ensures a brighter, flawless looking future for your skin. Formulated with highly concentrated anti oxidants. Instantly illuminates skin tone, while creating smooth matte base for makeup to glide on. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. Non acnegenic.
Specifically created for and tested in Asian skin in Asia."

I love this sunscreen for the fact it is super sheer and super gentle and a small bit goes a long way without making you feel like a butter paper. To comment on the contents of the products, it does not have physical sunscreens (no wonder its super sheer without the opacity of Titanium dioxide).

Active Ingredients: - Homosalate 5 %, Octisalate 5%, Avobenzone 3% and Oxybenzone 3%. It may cause a bit of irritation in ladies prone to allergies due to chemical sunscreens and may cause a little bit of sweating initially on application but later on you are fine. I blamed the climate too btw. They also have Kukui Seed oil, Scuttleria Baicalensis, Turmeric Root Extract, Whey protein, Grape extract, mulberry root extract and Laminaria (water plant) as botanicals that are potent antioxidants and all with Acetyl Glucosamine to improve the cellular renewal. What else do we need.

USAGE: - Apply a sheer layer on the entire face. Works best with Estee Lauder's other Cyberwhite EX product and I especially recommend the Advanced Performance Brightening Essence and the under eye cream with SPF 15 with it. You can couple it with a good foundation especially anyone that has lightening properties like Clinique's Even Better Makeup SPF 15. Avoid the eye area though as this sunscreen is not made for application in the eye area though it is ophthalmologist tested.

Do let me know if you have used it……..

Till then,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Makeup's Answer to Pigmentation Questions!!

Today I’m going to review another amazing foundation that has given newer and better hopes to combat pigmentation. It gets even better with Clinique’s EVEN BETTER MAKEUP SPF 15. This foundation opens new doors in the fields of skin care and makeup and adds a revolutionary step in getting your skin right.

“An even toned skin always looks younger”, says Clinique’s Guiding Dermatologist and that’s true for Asian skins. We never worried about wrinkles, did we? We always worry about pigmentation, uneven skin tone, patchy skin, under eye circles, oiliness, open pores and all. Clinique says that all this is due to skin irritations. Potential environmental allergens create chaos with skin’s delicate system and the defense mechanisms against these insults make our skin from bad to worse. Oil is produced to combat dehydration due to epidermal water loss, melanin deposited in the inflamed areas of skin and pores open due to damaged support structure comprising of collagen and elastin……did problems appear severe?

Barriers could be created using moisturizers and spots could be zapped using serums, but what about recurrence of pigmentation? I believe the reason is having inadequate protection….and Clinique heard our prayers…..


It’s a lightweight oil free soft foundation that gives sheer to medium build able coverage. Lasts longer and performs better as the foundation knows how to lighten pigmentation and prevent it with added sun protection. It is an addition to the already wonderful performing range of Even Better products like EVEN BETTER SKIN TONE CORRECTOR, EVEN BETTER SKIN TONE CORRECTING MOISTURIZER SPF 20 and EVEN BETTER CLINICAL DARK SPOT CORRECTOR (serum). All these highly performing products contain Clinique’s patented Blackout Yeast Extract and other mushroom extracts that are melanin cluster busters, exfoliants to remove the dust from the skin’s surface by loosening dead cells and a cocktail of anti-oxidants to fight environmental insults. These act as a lethal combination for spots and also regulate and modulate melanin production. The foundation may not exfoliate but it lightens, brightens and protects. It also has Vitamins like C,B and P that help skin repair....wonder all this in a foundation?

How to use it?

Clinique products may be recommended to be used with each other but they do work in the mix-n-match way. I recommend using the 3 steps of Cleansing, Clarifying and moisturizing, then using the Even Better Skin tone corrector followed by the correcting moisturizer SPF 20. You can use your favorite moisturizer and then layer the foundation over it.

Even Better makeup SPF 15 gives sheer to medium coverage that not only hides pigmentation but also treats it. Sorry it doesn’t treat freckles though. What I like is the slip of the foundation. It makes the skin flawless and radiant and gives a beautiful matte finish. I don’t advice using foundation primer underneath as it might hamper the effects. Not launched in India but Dermawhite Bright C powder would be the best to set the foundation.

Pigmentation or discoloration of skin needs attention as the skin’s defenses are already weakening, so start as soon as you can, because hyperpigmentation is deep within skin. So here is another option for you to try.

Till then,


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ramp to Regular…….Miu Miu

Miu Miu, the prêt-a-porter brand of leading designer Prada, is not only known for their eccentric and glamorous clothes but also for their out of the world makeup looks. This all thanks to makeup magician Pat McGrath who has conjured up another genius trend for Miu Miu fall 2010 rtw collection.
I am going to do a makeup look that can be sported on a normal day and something that does not look too dramatic.


  • Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect Touch Primer Rs.1450
  • Shiseido Stick Foundation Rs.1900 according to skin color
  • Shiseido Accentuating Stick in Glistening flush Rs.1800 approx.
  • MAC Prep n Prime finishing powder Rs.1250
  • Bourjois Anti-cernes Pinceau concealer Rs.520

Start with a beautiful canvas by using skin smoothing primer especially on the oily areas of the face. Apply stick foundation by making strokes across the face and blend with foundation sponge or with fingers. Use a brightening concealer to highlight under eye area and bridge of the nose. Apply illuminating stick on the heights of cheek, above the Cupid's bow and where ever skin needs illumination. I like a beige shimmer like the accentuating stick to give a watery effect on the cheeks. Dust the colorless finishing powder to set the makeup and not add any more color on the face. The canvas is bare with just glistening shine as the highlights are the eyes.


  • Givenchy Magic Kajal liner Rs.950
  • MAC eyeshadows in Orange, Tete-a-tint and Samoa Silk Rs.820 each
  • Clarins mono eyeshadow in Vibrant Violet Rs.775
  • Clinique Lash Power mascara in Black Rs.1075
  • MAC Brow set Rs.920
  • MAC Brow Gel Rs.750

Use the illuminating concealer as eyeshadow primer so that they eyes don't look heavily made up. Smudge and blend a chubby black kajal pencil on the upper lids just near the lash line. The waxes in the kohl allow the eyeshadow to look very vibrant. Let the pencil set on the eye lid as it would blacken the bright color if blended too early. Meanwhile fill in eye brows and tame them into the perfect natural shape. Over the eye lid upto the brow apply Tete-a-tint, flesh colored eyeshadow. Highlight the brow bones with Samoa Silk eyeshadow. On the eye liner blend Orange eyeshadow with a pencil brush or small dome shaped eyeshadow brush. On the lower lid apply Vibrant Violet which is an electric lilac color with intense shimmery effect. Apply lengthening mascara to get vertiginously long lashes.


  • MAC Lipstick in Taupe or Touch

Blend a flesh colored or taupe colored nude lipstick on the lips. Opt for a satin finish without a hint of shimmer to keep the lips muted and complimenting the bright eye makeup.

Sport this look for a brunch or at a disco night. It suits any occasion except something formal. Try it out….

Till then,


Pastel Mélange……………..

Pastels come to everyone's minds when summer comes. Pastel shades are very flattering and the colors just know how to keep cool in this scorching summer heat. Pastels in makeup give face a serene touch of breeze and waters in summer season. This is an art nouveau pastel makeup look that is as fresh as the face that would be doing it.
Lets see how we do it,

  • Oriflame Urban Shield Foundation SPF 15 Rs.398
  • Oriflame Giordani Gold Mineral Loose powder Rs.850
  • Bourjois Anti-cernes Pinceau concealer Rs.520
  • Shiseido Makeup Pre Makeup Cream Rs.1650 approx.
  • Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in Petal (Light Pinky peach) and Carnation (soft pink) Rs.2500 each

Prime the face after a skin care ritual to get a flawless canvas for the makeup to sit upon. Dot on Oriflame Urban Shield foundation on face and blend with fingers or foundation brush. Always start from the centre of the face going outwards and downwards in short criss-cross strokes. The foundation contains Rhodocrisite extract that does not allow pollution to enter into skin. Dab concealer as required to hide under eye imperfections and also on the sides of the nose to beat blotchiness and flakiness. Set the foundation and concealer with mineral loose powder and apply a little more on the t-zone to combat excess oiliness and shine using fluffy powder brush. Smile and brush on a soft pink blush starting from cheek apples to the temples. I like to apply blush in rounded strokes so that there are no harsh trails left behind using a fluffy blush brush made with natural hair. Dust on light pinky peach blush over the heights of the cheeks, on the bridge of the nose, on forhead and chin. Keep the highlighter minimal so that it does not give an oily sheen.

  • MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque Rs.1050
  • Clarins mono eyeshadow in Vibrant Violet Rs.775
  • Bourjois Effet Smoky pencil in Deep Purple Rs.320
  • Clinique Color Surge soft shimmer in Toasted Almond and Rose Pebble Rs.1050 each
  • Shiseido Hydro-powder eyeshadow in Languid Lagoon Rs.1550
  • Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care mascara Rs.520 approx.

Apply Paint pot as eyeshadow base for eyeshadows to rest longer on the eyes. Trace the upper lash line with a deep purple eye pencil and smudge with pencil brush. Apply vibrant lilac eyeshadow all over the lid upto crease using flat eyeshadow brush. To get maximum impact press the iridescent eyeshadow onto the lids instead of giving wash of color. Apply rose pink eyeshadow in the crease for a subtle contour and to balance the vibrant lilac eyeshadow and blend it upto the brow bone with dome shaped crease brush. On the brow bone dust neutral beige eyeshadow with subtle shimmer. Trace purple eye pencil on the water line (if required). On the lower lids blend butterfly blue cream to powder iridescent eyeshadow for maximum impact and dash of color. The cream eyeshadow gives entire makeup a watery effect and looks amazingly glamorous. Wiggle lash roots with volumizing mascara for drama and keep the lower lashes minimal.

  • Clinique Long lasting lipstick in Violet berry Rs.1025
  • Clinique Superbalm moisturizing lipgloss in Lilac Rs.950

Dot and dab pinkish violet lipstick as a stain on lips and dab on some lilac colored lipgloss.

This look is as wonderful to see as to read about it. So try it out and send in your pictures. You may win a surprise makeup product you have always craved to have and it may be one of the products mentioned above.

Till then,



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