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Makeup Planner……..Christian Dior

Christian Dior is a luxury house with a cornucopia of clothes, jewelry, watches, handbags, perfumes, shoes and makeup. They succeed in doing the best in anything that they plan and make glamorous, anyone they touch. Shane Paish, their artistic director for makeup works on the same principles and has managed to keep us all mesmerized with the lovely collections of makeup every season. Not only the colors are amazing but also are the advanced technologies used by Dior laboratories to manufacture them which set them apart in skin care and makeup. CD today caters to women of all ages with their versatile playful colors and state of the art collections.

Again in this post I may write many other favorites as I can't just choose the best five. Since Dior has increased their prices this year I may not be able to tell the right price. So anyone interested to buy could go on their counters all over India and confirm…I wouldn't be talking about the "limited editions" that are launched as there is no point in talking about them since they disappear and never come back again ..thanks….

Dior Diorskin Nude natural glow hydrating makeup
…you'll find the description of this post in its eponymous post. But just to sum up, these are a range of flawless gliding foundations with 100% minerals and mineral water technology that makes the skin glowing and skin improves with time. The products melt into the skin and give a luminous glow. They have an entire collection of liquid foundations, concealers, sculpting powders and loose powders in this line.

5 colors Designer all in one Artistry palette
Rs.3300 approx.
Is a set of 4 eyeshadows in shimmery and glittery textures with a pan for cream eye liner. I used this eyeliner as a base for the eyeshadow to sit on too. What I immensely loved in this collection is the glittery highlighter. They do have chunks of glitter but the glitter doesn't look tacky and shabby and feels as it is "charged" electrically coz not a bit falls out. Funny but true! The contouring colors are good too. This is a must in every girl's kit, forgetting the cost factor. I picked up Smoky Design and Navy Design. Shall show them soon.

Serum de rouge lipstick
Is the first of its kind lipstick with benefits of lip care in a serum form. The colors are ultra-lovable and go on smoothly to give a high voltage shine and yet they are long lasting. Its an epitome of scientific innovations and is a staple amongst makeup junkies. It's a glamorous lip Rx that provides unparalleled care and luminous color to lips in a soft, buttery, easy glide formula. Serum de rouge also contains Mango butter for nutrition and other botanicals to boost microcirculation and collagen levels, protecting the lips with SPF 20. I am in love with all their colors but partial to the bright pink one.

Dior Shimmer Star Powder
Rs.2570 approx.
How can someone miss a product like this? It's a wonderful gradation of shimmery colors in palettes of gold, pink, peach-pink and copper enriched with jeweled microdust to set sparks of brilliance on your face. This super chic formula blends on the skin virtually fusing the skin with radiant luminosity. This sparkle does not look cheap and chunky and the shimmer looks like a veil of frost or snow on the face. I love Rose Diamond and Amber Diamond and own both of them.

Diorshow Blackout mascara
To describe this mascara in one word is "drama". This wonderful mascara transforms lashes into beauty tubes. This mascara never fails and has ultra black kohl pigments that give lashes a show stopping length.

Dior does make some more products like ……

  1. Dior addict lipsticks in superb shimmers and lovely textures, Rs.1750
  2. Dior addict ultra gloss Rs.1650
  3. Dior mono eyeshadow Rs.1850 approx.
  4. Dior 5 color eyeshadow (the normal palettes) Rs.3300

note: Dior has launched some amazing products in their new spring range which I am going to try and may be buy but definitely review what I like from them.Its all about luxury and luxury at times is not affordable.

Dior is an extravagance for your wallet but its worth when taken considering the durability and long lasting results.

Till then,


Disclaimer: - I do not endorse Christian Dior and neither have they paid me write this article. These are purely my personal opinions about this fantastic brand and no one has influenced me to write about it. The prices mentioned above are not exact and may subject to change without prior notifications so please don't blame me if you hear different ones while you purchase. This article is purely to give you an insight of the all the best products Dior has to offer and I hope everyone appreciates the same. Please do not blame me for writing and raving so much about these costly makeup products. It is purely for reading and you don't have to buy everything I write about. It is a reader's discretion.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Product Review…..Bourjois Anti-cernes Pinceau

Sometimes when your wallet doesn't allow you to splurge, you hunt out for substitutes. In the makeup world, you do it again and again as its obvious to create dents in your planned monthly budget. Anyways that's not the reason for me to purchase this product; it's the fine quality of this brand that makes me buy their products all the time. Its none other than Bourjois, a mass market brand known for its fine quality and out of the world cosmetics. Bourjois has always been famous for their eye liner pencils in the budget buy, but this time their face products made me go gaga.

To tell the truth, I have never purchased Bourjois face products thinking that they might not be that great, as they weren't before. I used to find their foundations very white and pasty and concealers never matched Indian skin tones. They might have forgotten that lot many black women live in Paris too who look for cheaper alternatives in makeup. Anyways after purchasing this concealer such doubts of mine evaporated. Here I talk about Bourjois' Anti-cernes Pinceau concealer.

First of all, this brush concealer I must say is a cheap substitute to cult illuminating concealers like YSL Touché Éclat, Dior Diorflash pen, Lancôme Flash Retouches' and so many more. The quality of the Bourjois concealer is same as the ones mentioned above.

What it does?

Bourjois concealer blurs dark circles and illuminates the under eye area. I could see the signs of tiredness getting wiped out of the face. Not only that, this illuminating concealer can be used to highlight the bridge of the nose, can be used as an eye makeup base for eyeshadows and eye products to stay put longer and crease free, highlight the heights of the cheeks, create a fuller pout when used on lips and a lot more where you need to be creative. Illuminating concealers when used over foundation highlight the prominent areas of the face without looking overdone. This is subtle play of light and the concealer does complete justice to it.

It comes as a black shiny plastic pen with a brush on one end and a clicking knob on the other end to push the product outwards. Looks like a pen that could conceal all the bad things. The packaging is just a plastic coated around the product that can be easily removed and discarded. There is no box per se. On each click a little product comes out that is enough to apply as it spreads over a large surface area. The formula is smooth gliding, gives medium coverage and is excellent for dark circles that are gone bad but not worse.

Unfortunately it comes in 2 shades, a pink one for pink undertones and a beige-y golden for golden undertones on the lighter side. As I said, this is the only drawback. So the concealer cannot be used by medium to darker skin colors, as it is too light for them. But the good part is it went fantastic on me. The concealer also hydrates the under eye area and does not settle in the creases.

The quantity is 1.5 ml for the price of Rs.520 INR. Since the concealer comes in a clicking pen, there is very less wastage and it saves a lot of product too. The concealer should last for a month, if used everyday just like other illuminating concealers. I'd strongly recommend this concealer for fair to medium complexions and if anyone has already tried let me know.

The next buy from Bourjois in May is their Purple smoky pencil and the healthy mix foundation provided Makeup Forever doesn't launch next month.

Till then,


Brands you’d like to know……

I think I have been writing about some high end brands all the time and never gave a thought of writing about some fabulous brands out there that are not available in India (though some are) and are so good that I would crave to have them in my vanity case.

The 5 times Emmy award winner Eve Pearl combines cosmetics and nutrients to create a blend of the most irresistible high definition HD foundations, blushes and eye palettes, with a twist. Her cosmetic line is the most versatile line I have ever seen and she also caters to pros and amateurs equally. The HD dual foundations that she makes are good to try since she reviews them on Youtube and shows you the looks you can do with her products. Cosmetics never got this easy. And you must see her line of badger hair makeup brushes, its to die for. Find her high end brand on

M.U.D cosmetics
Makeup Designory is a makeup school that has taught one and many students the art of makeup and has placed them in diverse fields of makeup like films, television, fashion and all under the umbrella. They have a high end line of makeup products that are very good for professional usage and are also available in DIY palettes which makes it amazing. Their foundation palettes are very good for starters and one would be lucky to find their blossoming makeup line at Blossom Kocchar's institute in Delhi. Their products could be browsed at

Thanks to Divija Reddy for being so kind and taking out her valuable time to actually go and have a look at this drugstore brand at Boots in London. These cosmetics divided and coordinated according to skin colors for foundation et al by worlds most renowned and most sought after makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. Charlotte brings her runway expertise to cater to the global tastes of women and get rid of the confusion of which lipstick would suit them and all. Its quite an affordable line of makeup and her bling tones eyeshadows are award winners. Find her on and Charlotte would also launch them in America soon.

Inspired from the design of a gun this line of cosmetics developed by another influential European makeup artist Ellis Faas could make any woman feel like a bong girl. But this all comes with a price. It is still an interesting line of makeup to try as the colors and foundations and everything comes in a tube form. View this fantastic line on

Koren, the you tube king of makeup launches his own eponymous line of cosmetics and the best and most affordable duo fiber brushes you can ever see. I loved to gaze at the bold colors he makes.

Christine from Temptalia has profoundly talked about this art nouveau line of makeup. Their bright eye colors are really fearless and crazy. See them on

Sigma has expanded her wonderful line of makeup brushes equivalent to quality of MAC but one-third its cost into a line of daily wearable eyeshadow and blush colors that can be only ordered online at

Beau Nelson, makeup artist par excellence has his line of makeup brushes and cosmetics that one could die for though it drills a huge hole in the pocket. See them on

The name sounds so funny and so creative is the line of makeup with cheek and lip stains and colors that create a gorgeous complexion. No wonder it's a favorite brand of Kate Moss. Very girly and lovely line of makeup @

Australian line of makeup that is as professional as NYX cosmetics from America. A must have brand for concealers and eyeshadows. is the best place one could see this line.

SACHA Cosmetics
A professional line of makeup with a wonderful array of cosmetics products for all complexions. They look as appealing in person as on site. Their cream to powder foundation palette is a must have. See them on


Makeup artist to Beyonce Knowles, Mally Roncal, the Phillipino behind this amazing brand is a genius in a box.Her eponymous line is the result of her hard work and research she does on common women while resourcing her inspirations from her fashion shows where she is the makeup artist.Her line has got a lot of ergonomical and user friendly cosmetics that can change the way you look at makeup. Do find her on
I would be finding more of these unknown and unheard brands and shall write about them individually too…….

Till then,


Posts coming ahead…

More than an announcement this is a reminder to me of the next posts that I need to write….


  1. Newer ways to blush in summers.
  2. Fresh summer looks for the summer season.
  3. Learn to wear water like your clothes……..
  4. Concerting ramp makeup looks for regular wear..


Hope to write them soon…

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Monday, April 19, 2010

The KISS of DEATH...Lead in Lipsticks

Dear Readers,

This is a cut,copy and paste article that had come in Business Standard newspaper....The link of which is as follows: -

"Toxic lead found in branded lipsticks, claims CERS study

BS Reporter / Mumbai/ Ahmedabad April 14, 2010, 0:35 IST

Toxic Lead founded in branded CERS study.

BS Reported Mumbai/Ahmedabad

BS Reporter / Mumbai/ Ahmedabad April 14, 2010, 0:35 IS

With the Indian market flooded with lipstick brands, taller the claims, higher the chances of toxic chemicals in them it seems. And Lakme D414 (red) and Ivovi 10 (brown) brand of lipsticks have lead content of 23 parts per million (ppm) and 25ppm respectively, which is higher than the permissible limit, according to the latest issue of Insight, the consumer magazine by Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS), Ahmedabad. The limit set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is 20ppm maximum, according to a CERS press statement.

CERS tested 43 varieties of lipsticks covering 19 brands and three varieties of lip gloss from three brands, which had detectable levels of lead content. The lead content in Maybelline 09 Water shine Liquid Diamond lipgloss recorded the highest lead level among lipglosses with 12ppm.

The least amount of lead, 2ppm, was found in two local brands Personi 140 Matte (magenta) and Lips & Tips 110 (orange). "We found that high prices did not guarantee safety against lead in lipsticks. Lipsticks priced at Rs 10 had lead content ranging from 2ppm to 17ppm but those priced above Rs 100 had lead ranging from 11ppm to 23ppm," the release stated.

While 30 other varieties had a lead level higher than 10ppm, 16 varieties of brown lipsticks had lead content between 7ppm and 25ppm and 20 varieties of lipsticks had lead levels ranging from 4ppm to 23ppm. According to CERS, there is no way to really know whether there is lead in the lipstick except laboratory testing and that no level of lead in the body is harmless.

Lead does not break down in the body but is built up over a period of time and it is proven that it can cause learning, language and behavioural problems. The average quantity of lipstick ingested by a woman in her lifetime is 2 kgs and it is also linked to infertility and miscarriage. The study further states that pregnant women and children are vulnerable to lead as it easily crosses the placenta and enters the fetal brain where it can interfere with normal development, CERS claims.

The test also found that mandatory labelling requirement was flouted. The batch batch number was missing in 23 lipsticks and one lipgloss and licence number in 10 lipsticks and 2 lipglosses. Besides, 90 per cent did not carry the date of manufacture or expiry and 35 varieties had no maximum retail price on them. Maybelline, L'Oreal and Chambor, all imported mentioned the list of key ingredients on the packs, the test states.

CERS recommends that the BIS prohibits colours used in cosmetics to contain lead, lower the limit of permissible lead content in colours from 20ppm to 0ppm in cosmetics, make it mandatory for manufacturers to display the list of ingredients, the maximum retail price, date of manufacture and expiry on products below the pack size of 10 gm/10 ml.

Eyetex, Revlon, Elle 18, L'Oreal, Chambor, Streetwear, Lakme, Max Factor, Maybelline, Oriflame, Color Bar, Tian Nuo, ADS, Fendi, Personi, Roop Vella, Lip Care, Ivovi, Lips & Tips, Silora were the brands tested."

Dear Readers,

Please beware when you buy lipsticks in deep colors especially red from any of the brands mentioned above.Lets promote a healthy way to apply makeup.



Disclaimer: - This article is just for awareness and education purposes.The author does not wish to demerit any cosmetic brand by writing this article.Any person from the media or related companies gets offended by this letter, they should immediately contact me at and this article would be withdrawn from the blog only when specified.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Regression therapy..

No one knows what happens in past life but everyone knows what has happened in their actual past.This is what I mean while talking to all about some of the best posts of mine in 2008 and all.

Do bother to read some........

  1. About PAT McGRATH...the most influential makeup artist the world has known after late Kevyn Aucoin...Read here...
  2. Here's a list of certified organic products that you can have in your cosmetics.
  3. The makeup pioneer Mr.Maximillian Facktorowicz aka Max Factor as we did not know him.....
  4. Hygiene in makeup.
  5. All facts about getting the right blush for the right flush..
  6. Decode the secrets of bronzers and blushes...
  7. Essential MAC eyeshadows one must have in their kits.BTW I'd be updating this post soon.
  8. Do you contour,color and highlight??Read here...
Guys,these are some posts of 2008 that I really liked.Do bother to read these and let me know.

Till then,


Thank you so much.....

Dear Readers,

This thank you post doesn't mean I'm stopping blogging so don't get scared.This is just to tell you all how thankful I am with the love I've got from you and the inspiring comments that you hav written.

I don't boast that whatever I write is 100% but I think I have fair knowledge and capability to write the best review I can give.Till today I have tried not to give negative reviews of so many products because I have no rights to spoil the business that these cosmetic companies have set up and I don't even own a bureau for customer complaints that I write bad about them.But sometimes it may happen spontaneously so I request all to please take it lightly and use your discretions before you buy the products.

I was also told that I dont write much about MAC....My answer is there are so many like almost all bloggers who just rant about MAC as if MAC is going to secure a job for them.So why should i be like the rest.Maybe I'd be read less but at least my readers dont have to read the same stupid things about product launches and all stuff MAC does. This blog is not intended to write all product launches.Its just the information.And btw I do write discretely about some MAC stuff as it is the most used professional makeup brand and even by me but I? want to tell all that you dont have to be crazy and buy all the things that MAC sells. MAC does launch their limited editions in India but it happens after 2 months of their launches abroad and my foreign readers would call me a jerk if I write about them.

I also dont do many hauls as I feel one should not display everything that they have and make others feel jealous.

I thank Divija Reddy to be so wonderful as a person and invest time in getting an interview of mine.I thank her from the bottom of my heart as nobody has been so overwhelmingly nice to me on the internet. Please do read her fantastic interview on her blog. i also want to thank Tanveer and Rati for being such fantastic bloggers and their constant encouragements and positivity keeps me writing more.

Soon I shall start makeup giveaways on my blog for Indian readers and shall notify as soon as I organize my overflowing makeup box.Please do keep on writing comments as I want to be sure I am catering to the right kin d of ladies and gentlemen with the knowledge I have.

I digged in my blog archives to see some really good posts of myself that I couldnt imagine re-writing.I know one could be lazy to actually go and see them so I am going to give links of some of the nicest posts I wrote in the starting of my blogging.

Again,thank you so much to all for being so nice and reading my blog.You are the inspiration for this.



PS: - I made a big mistake by inviting some useless makeup artists especially from MAC and Lancome (names are hidden and they know whom I am talking about) to write articles from my blog but now I would be thinking twice before really inviting someone worthy for this.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nice @ less price….

Yesterday I just went crazy after visiting Beauty centre in Mumbai to look for some real good products at a cheaper price. Bourjois, the French brand that I have always liked for their fantastic products at affordable costs did not fail to impress me again. Browsing through their ultra-wearable collection of makeup for the daily woman, I came across a few products that I'm going to mention today. I would not be reviewing them in this article but shall soon be writing some posts on Bourjois products.

I find Bourjois, a mass brand actually a class brand with the quality of products they make at such affordable costs. Bourjois products are value for money as they provide just the right thing everyone wants and their colors suit warmer Indian complexions really well. They suck at concealers but who would buy them when MAC and Clinique are around, though I'm going to talk about their Anti cernes Pinceau concealer in my next post which really impressed me and my skin tone.

Some new products from Bourjois which are must buy would be: -
(I dunno most of the prices as I forgot when she was rapidly telling me but I'll mention the approximate ones. Btw some international launches are yet not launched in India so doesn't make sense writing about them even though I own a few stuff.)


This mascara gives volume and length to lashes while rebuilding and re-boosting the integrity of lash hairs. The mascara protects lashes from environmental insults and other harsh factors that could weaken and cause breakage. Its good for sensitive eyes which makes it even better and also contact lens wearers. Within 3 weeks according to R&D of Bourjois, the mascara enriched with cotton and sweet almond oils makes lashes look glamorous and nourished from within. This is must buy mascara in the best mascaras of 2010.


This eye pencil is so good!!! I bought the teal one in this as that was a unique color I was looking for, for writing a post on latest makeup trends. They say it is "deep green" but it's a perfect teal and blends like anything. Comes with a brush on the other end but I did not like it at all. I suggest using MAC 219 to blend the color on lashes to create smoky effect. All the liners are good especially for ethnic makeup and they last really long thanks to their high tolerance formula after the play time is over. Other colors are grey, jet black, brown and purple and each one is worth buying.


Nice coordinated eye shadow with buildable pigments for subtle to dramatic smoky eyes. I love the way these colors shine on eyes and can be paired well with the effet smoky eye pencils. I bought Bleu Rock 07 as I love blues and these were really unique.


This foundation has fruits in it. Apple as an anti oxidant, ginger for energy, apricot for radiance and melon for hydration. You cannot taste these fruits but the foundation smells divine (thanks to perfume they put). It's a lovely foundation, gives medium coverage without looking too pasty and opaque, blends really well without drying into harsh lines, looks au natural, hydrates and allows the skin to breathe. What else do you want at this cost??? Though the colors are not available in a wide spectrum, this foundation should go really well on many skin tones and colors except very dark ones.

I did find healthy mix concealer but the colors just did not go on Indian complexion so I think its pointless writing about it.

Bourjois does have the Mineral Matte mousse foundation which is quite good but since mousse foundations do not appeal to my taste I left it. Their glosses and lipsticks are pretty good though the colors are sheer and boring and they have nothing that could catch my eye. But Bourjois eye products are amazing and I urge every girl out there who reads this post to have something from Bourjois…..

Let me know what you saw there….

Till then,


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Like and Dislike ……Clinique

It was so difficult to mention the best 5 products from Clinique, one of the best skin care and makeup brands in the world (partly because I work but wholly because I love) in the Makeup Planner series so I decided to write it in this post. Clinique, the first brand developed by dermatologists and known for its allergy tested and 100% fragrance free products does not need an introduction. Everyone right from our grandparents and all know about Clinique and swear by their amazing skin care, makeup and fragrances since generations. What I also love about Clinique is their innovative ideas, sleek and futuristic yet very simple and elegant packaging and their commitment towards giving the best in the cosmetic industry.

Please read and follow the disclaimer from my previous MAC post here.

Btw Clinique is one of the giant pillars of Estee Lauder and owes its success to the best dermatologists in the world.


I love almost all the products and don't feel that I am biasing. Here are the best few.

  1. Blushing blush and Fresh bloom all over color as one of the most amazing blushes in the market. I like them because they deliver just the right amount of color that you need to look flushed and beautiful. Clinique does understand what blush means and puts it into reality with these amazing blushes. The Blushing blush blushers come in universally flattering shades and flatter every complexion doing justice to the skin tone and color. I love Smoldering Plum, Bashful Blush, Precious Posy and Pink Love.
  2. Clinique makes wonderful state of the art mascaras which cater to various needs and various lash concerns. The High Impact and High Impact curling mascaras give dimensions and drama to lashes, while the edgy High Definition Lashes mascara makes mascara application a glamorous experience. The Lash Power mascara adds length and Lash Doubling mascara defines while volumizing. The brushes of each of these mascaras are like epitomes of research and I swear by the formula. The High Impact mascara contains "melanin" in it as one of the ingredients and thanks to it; the lashes are colored dark, dramatic and dreadfully appealing. Its lash furniture after all. When Clinique mascara is a washable one, it washes off easily with soap and water without leaving traces.
  3. Brush on cream liners are the best of eye makeup Clinique could ever offer. The smudge proof formula is just right for Indian women and Indian weathers and it only budges when you want it to go. I love the strong black pigment that gives the formula an intense jet black color to define and shape eyes. If used cautiously the brush on cream liner could also be used as eyeshadow base but you need to master the technique.
  4. Quickliner for eyes is the smudge proof twist up eye pencil that comes in a wide array of colors. They have 'play time' in which the pencil sets into non budging formula and can be blended to give the look of smoky eyes in a minute. The pencil also has a smudger at the other end that helps blending. I love the color called Black-brown and Grape. Something different here. Also I love the Kohl shaper for eyes, especially Blackened Amethyst and Blackened Pewter.
  5. Color surge soft shimmer mono, duo and quad eyeshadows are amazing. In single eyeshadows I love Peacock, Black Orchid, Kittycat, Rum Spice, Sparkling sage and Twiglet. In duo eyeshadows I love Beach Plum and Like Mink. In quad eyeshadows I love Plum Seduction, Spicy, Pink Chocolate and Choco-latte. The colors are soft and blendable and stay all day long. Plus some of them have a vibrant edge. Clinique soon shall launch their Stay matte eyeshadows in India and I'm waiting to get my hands on some.
  6. Clinique makes some of the most beautiful formulations in lipsticks one can see and also certain colors that women have been buying for ages. Luckily they revamp the formula and get it in their next collection which is a good part. In Long Last Lipsticks I recommend strongly, Paprika, Blushing nude, Soft Bloom, Party Red, Bamboo Pink and Soft Bronze. I high impact lipstick SPF 15 I love Toasted Rose and Rosette. In Butter shine lipsticks I love Pink Toffee, Crushed Grape and Cinnamon Stick. The colors are sensuous and the long last lipsticks are true to what color you see in the packaging.
  7. In foundations I love Superbalanced, Perfectly Real and Perfectly Real Compact Makeup, Even Better foundation SPF 15 and Supermoisture makeup. They are skin complimenting shades with a wide spectrum of colors that go on most of the complexions and most of skin tones. The compacts are oil free and combat shine and I cant stay without the mineral enriched Blended Loose Powder.
  8. Some of the products I haven't mentioned are not available in India and that's the reason they are not listed.
  9. You'll also love the lip glosses at Clinique. They are a little sticky but that's why they stay longer and longer. You'll love the Superbalm Moisturizing lipgloss as its a tinted lip balm and the colors are gorgeous. So are the Vitamin C Lip smoothies that are fantastic shine with high wattage shimmers and long lasting color as an added benefit.
  10. Clinique also makes excellent makeup removers and are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.


  1. Superfit foundation is the only foundation I don't like because I find it too white for my taste. It's a good foundation but can go grey as it is very drying and mattifying.
  2. I also don't like superfine liner for brows which are pencils that are too thin to draw lines and barely visible at times.
  3. I don't prefer some eyeshadows like Sugar sugar and Blackberry frost as they are too frosted for Indian taste and go grey.

Clinique is a fantastic brand to browse and it's a learning experience if you ask the skin care consultants there. They do offer half face makeup consultations and teach you how to do makeup DIY. Do try these services….

Till then,


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5 ways to use….PEACH

Peach is one of the colors that look good on everyone. This is why I love to call peach a neutral color because it looks good on warm as well as cool undertones. I feel that peach is an eclectic mixture of pink (cool) and orange (warm) as adding one of them makes peach cooler and warmer respectively. The ratio of both colors must be the same to create this universally flattering shade of makeup. So there is peaches n cream complexion out there and also peaches n chocolate, peaches n olive and peaches n caramel.

Every collection nowadays has peach color in form of eyeshadow, blush or lipstick since it goes well on everyone. Lets see 5 different ways of sporting the color "PEACH".

  1. Peachy lips were always in. I like peach lip colors in shimmery and satin formulas than matte ones as matte peach lipstick can makes complexion look washed out. A shimmery peach gloss enlivens the face and adds a sophisticated touch of glamour to any look whether natural or party. Its my mother's staple and she always has peach colored gloss and lipstick in her purse. My tip for using peach lip color is to use it as a lip stain. It looks natural and lovely.
  2. Peach on the cheeks balances any heavy makeup on lips or eyes. Peach blush looks stunning as it mimics a natural flush of color on any warm or cool complexions. Peach blush is for all and sometimes you can just wipe 5-10 yrs of your age just by using peach crème blush.
  3. Peach on eyes looks good too. I like to do a peach from inner corners that darken up into a bronze on the outer corners. One place where I advice not to use peach is on the brow bone. It can look harsh and dated. Maybe this look would be reserved for old world hippie women from 1970s.
  4. Peach highlighters are making waves in the field of makeup due to their ability to make you look younger. A shimmery peach highlight on the face looks so amazing. Whether it's a shimmery peach eyeshadow, blush or lipstick, some shimmer and you look like a goddess. You can also apply a bronzer on the cheek bones and contours of the cheeks and top it with a peach blush and it gives this warm radiance that would take out any signs of tiredness on the face. Try a peach highlighting blush over a matter bronzer or a matte peach blush over shimmery bronzer instead of using both shimmery formulas as they tend to look overdone.
  5. Adding a peach highlighter or a peach liquid blush in your foundation, gives your face a new dimension. Peach on the skin can add warmth, brighten pale complexions, neutralize purple undertones and make you look radiant. I also like peach to salmon colored concealers like MAC NW range of concealers for the under eye area as the orange in the peach contrasts with the dark blue or purple in the under eye area. I always felt yellow based concealers in the under eye may make it look sallow and pale and peach is just the right color of concealer that works. Some makeup artists use a yellow concealer and fix it with pink powder which ultimately makes it look peachy.

The only things I haven't seen in makeup is a Peach mascara and a peach eye liner. It'd be a revolution to get them in but no one knows the one who'd dare.

Till then,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Likes and Dislike…..MAC

This is a new post series again where I am going to talk about the products that I like and dislike in certain brands.

Disclaimer: - these are purely my choices and have not been influenced by anyone. If there is difference of opinion, I request the person to resolve in his/her mind and not shout about it. I am not mentioning the prices here and I request readers to refer to my other posts for the same.

The first brand that I am going to write about is MAC. MAC or Makeup Art Cosmetics is one of the three giant pillars of Estee Lauder and they have always wooed us with their products and limited edition collections. What sets Mac apart from other brands is the wide array of colors they bring in for individual and professional use and how they make makeup artist's work easier with their cult edge products. MAC also ties up with fashion designers and makeup artists to create unique collections and people talk about them online and everywhere forever. Their limited edition collections make people go crazy and its after 3 yrs that I have learnt to control my cravings.

MAC has an amazing team of makeup artists in India and abroad who are trained to perfection and seldom go wrong in what they do. I have so many makeup artist friends here at MAC who share beauty tips and give their insights on so many products MAC makes. Like doctors, they have mastered their art of remembering names of MAC shades in various categories and you can't help testing them at times. Anyways let me tell you the products that I really like and the ones I would rethink before buying. There may be other products that I don't mention and I leave it upon you to wonder whether I like them or not.


  1. POWDER BLUSHES………they are the best ones MAC makes and come in millions of colors and color combinations. I especially like Sheertone and Satin formulations as they put a veil of color on your face and look ethereal. The Beauty Powder blushes are perfect for oily skins and some of the colors that MAC has make history. The best ones for Indian skin tones are Ginger, Peaches, Plumfoolery, Honor, TraceGold, and Dollymix. MAC also makes Mineralize blushes and I tend to buy all of them.
  2. STUDIO FIX POWDER FOUNDATION………….its the best powder foundation you'd ever see. It blends on your skin perfectly if used correctly and hides all the flaws in just one layer. What an amazing product!! Studio fix is purchased by customers on and on and I am one of them.
  3. I love MAC lipsticks in textures of lustre, amplified, and satin. They have every color on this earth and sometimes they capture other planets.
  4. DAZZLEGLASSES…………are something to die for. The intensity of the pigments and shimmers dazzleglasses pack are umimaginable. The formula is long lasting and goes for hours and hours on application. Though I don't like the brush that comes with it, but sometimes you don't get the best of everything.
  5. PAINT POTS…………….eyeshadows or under eyeshadow bases, paint pots are the it thing one must look for in MAC. They never crease, stay on for a long time and thankfully have become a permanent line due to their demand. This creamy formula dries on your lids and creates the perfect base for eyeshadows to adhere and stay put longer. I prefer BareStudy, Painterly , Rubenesque and Black Ground over the wide array of colors they have.
  6. FLUID LINES……..these gel pot liners are a cult favorite and the colors available are very beautiful. These gel liners are smudgeproof and are so versatile that they could be used for drawing art of the face as well. BLACKTRACK is an all time favorite and so are more.
  7. SINGLE EYESHADOWS…..these powder eyeshadows come in the most amazing formulas like Satin, Matte, Matte2, Lustre, Frost, Veluxe and Veluxe pearl and glide dreamily on eyes to get the desired effect. They also had limited Starflash collection whose texture I really loved. Their mineralize eyeshadows are fantastic formulations too but they are limited editions.
  8. MINERALIZE SKIN FINISH…………….the face powders and highlighters are just wonderful. They come in the most satiny textures and give a halo of color on the cheeks when applied.
  9. DAZZLELASH MASCARA…………one of their mascaras that I loved like anything. It defines, curls, lengthens and volumizes and comes with a unique brush design that catches the smallest lash on your lids. It is very affordable compared to other high end brands.
  10. STUDIO MOISTURE TINT……a very useful tinted moisturizer that is very good for summers when you want to skip those full coverage foundations. Just the tinted moisturizers and Studio fix powder is enough to keep you happy for summers.
  11. SELECT COVER UP CONCEALERS…..are really good. I like to work with them as they can be layered nicely, do not cake and look natural. They also come in various shades and go good on everyone.
  12. TECHNAKOHL LINERS………..these twistable pencil liners are just the best.
  13. FALSE LASHES…….in the most versatile sizes and shapes…
  14. PIGMENTS……..they create mystery and MAC is known for these versatile loose pigments. The go from sheer wash of color to opaque and are so buildable that I urge everyone to at least own one from them. The most selling and flattering pigment that they have is MELON.

  15. MAC also makes lovely brow products. But I think I have already talked a lot about lot many products.


  1. STUDIO FIX CONCEALER…….it goes really heavy and creases and cracks. Actresses love it but I hate it. They do blend well but they have a very unstable staying power.
  2. STUDIO SCULPT FOUNDATION and CONCEALER…sorry to say but these formulas just don't work. MAC makes better ones and I wouldn't be surprised if these formulations would phase out. Very unhappy that their really good quality stick foundations are discontinuing. I quickly got some of the colors and they just blend so nicely and give such an amazing professional result. Sad LLL
  3. STUDIO FIX FLUID foundation…this full coverage foundation is good but not for daily use. I have seen pores clogging and people getting breakouts on using these foundations and MAC has made no attempts to find out why….but its ok if you use them once or twice a month. The other best thing you can do is use a BHA based exfoliator every day and night to keep the pores unclogged and then it would work better.
  4. LIQUIDLAST LINERS…..these never-budging-formulas literally stains your lids and just doesn't come off. The colors are good but I just hate these liners and would never buy them.
  5. Some limited edition eyeshadow palettes…..they are of such poor quality, the pigments don't show as good as they show in their regular line single eyeshadows and something is just not right about some of the pre-made palettes. I hated certain limited edition collections and though I loved the colors I didn't buy this after testing them on the back of my hand. Instead I looked for their dupes in their regular line and then bought those just to hide the embarrassment.
  6. MASCARAS……….other than PlushLash and ZoomLash, all their mascaras tend to clump and cannot be easily removed. They also stain the under eye are which is a bane.
  7. MATTE LIPSTICKS…..the lipsticks look so dry and flaky that you have to use a gloss to keep them soft and then it does not solve the purpose. I love Russian Red though and sometimes I use it on clients over a lipbalm so that it looks creamy and smooth.
  8. CRÈME BLUSHES……I just hate the formula…it goes streaky in these humid weather, greasy and sometime clogs pores. I prefer their CREAM COLOR BASES as they are more subtle and are a better formula.


  • Lipstick : - Russian Red, Touch, Twig
  • Eyeshadows: - Embark, AmberLights, Carbon
  • Powder blush: - Dollymix, Peachykeen, Plumfoolery

  • Mineralize eyeshadows: - Fresh Green Mix, Love connection, Sea and sky
Do share anything you have to say about MAC cosmetics.......good or bad....

Till then,


Lashes again!!!

Mascaras are one of "the" products that add a glamorous edge to the overall makeup experience. It's the mascara that makes our eyes pop and look dramatic and makeup looks incomplete without mascara. Btw summers and mascaras don't gel well and mascara can run faster on your face than a marathon. So in this post I'm going to talk about some amazing mascaras for the summer, cult favorites and mascara application (maybe a revision for some).

Best mascaras for this summer

  • Estee Lauder Double wear zero smudge lengthening mascara Rs.1380, lashes are lengthened, defined and last longer.
  • MAC Dazzle lash mascara Rs.750, for curl, definition and length. One of the best mascaras I saw in MAC after Zoomlash.
  • Clinique High Impact Curling mascara Rs.1075, lashes were never curled so well without a curler.
  • Clinique Lash Power mascara Rs.1075, the perfect lengthening mascara that along with the above one is cold water proof.
  • Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Rs.1550, dramatic lashes in a jiffy.
  • Shiseido Perfect mascara Rs.1450, again an all in one formulation with thermal technology.
  • Dior Blackout mascara Rs.1860 in its waterproof version for a strong impact.

I also thought of putting some budget buy mascaras for the women of value for money.

  • Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara Rs.260
  • Oriflame waterproof topcoat Rs.198
  • Oriflame Giordani Lash Fascination mascara Rs.590
  • Max Factor False Lash effect mascara Rs.610
  • L'Oreal Collagene waterproof mascara Rs.550
  • Oriflame Revelation mascara Rs.379
  • Bourjois Pump up volume mascara Rs.490

Also good are some lash primers that amplify the effects of the mascara like

  • L'Oreal Beauty tubes mascara with primer Rs.770
  • MAC Prep n Prime lash primer Rs.750 approx.
  • Clarins Lash Fix Mascara Rs.950 approx.

Mascaras that made ripples abroad…….for my foreign readers

  • Benefit cosmetics BadGal mascara
  • Covergirl Lash blast fusion mascara
  • Smashbox Bionic mascara
  • Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara
Mascara application

This summer its all about being playful with eye makeup yet elegant. Its not about strong eyeshadows or Arabic eyes, this time. Its about strong and bold eyeliners in the most electrifying colors like bright lilac, teal, blue, sparkling emeralds etc. with defined and lengthened lashes. Its also about different ways to stop mascara from running and collecting around the eye sockets.

I like mascaras with stretchable Nylon 12 fibers that are quite water resistant and when removed come out in bits without staining the under eye area. You'd see them in most of the mascaras above.

Wiggle the mascara brush or comb at the roots of lashes. The formula collects there and adds body to the lash hair, faking defined eyeliner and amplifying the lashes. This is where you add volume to lashes at the roots and not on the tips or anywhere between. Before wiggling the mascara, see to it that you wipe the dried flakes over a tissue paper as mascaras with dried formulas can get clumpy and irritate eyes. Also while wiggling the mascara hold the little finger against the mascara wand over the lashes so that you don't stain the eye area and also get a natural lash curler. You could also use the backside of a spoon to do that and save Rs.1000 on your Shiseido Lash curler. For getting the perfect length and definition comb through the lashes or brush through the lashes from root to tips and let the Nylon 12 fibers do their work of extending the lash length. Do not over do or else the lash tips bend downwards and look flimsy.

For a curl without curler buy a mascara with curved brush like Clinique High Impact Curling mascara Rs.1075 or Max Factor 2000 calories curling mascara Rs.550. after brushing through the lashes hold the convex side of the brush against the lash tips for 5-10 seconds and let the formula dry. The curl sets perfectly. Btw curling mascaras have wheatgerm protein that shrinks in size on drying and pulls the lash backwards to make an upward turn. How scientific!!

Some mascara tips to end the article……..
  1. Waterproof mascaras have resins that make the whole thing waterproof. Sometime silica particles do the job too. If your mascara contains resins, it gives a plastic appearance to your lashes, does not come off easily and lashes break in the process. Instead I recommend using water washable or water resistant mascara and if you are not too sure then apply a waterproof top coat. These top coats have waxes that coat the lashes and protect the mascara from running, melting and settling in the under eye area.
  2. Use high quality waterproof eye makeup removers like Clinique Take the Day Off makeup remover for lids, lashes and lips Rs,1025, that removes all the traces of mascara when used with a cotton pad before you rinse your face with water.
  3. To prevent the mascara from clumping, wipe the wand over a tissue paper and re-insert in the tube. Do not rub against the opening of the mascara tube or else the flaking and drying would happen at the mouth of the tube and your brush may try to deliver that to your lashes. Try to throw your HG mascara in the dustbin if it is 3-4 months old. The drier the mascara formula, the higher the chances to clump. These clumps brush against your eyes and may cause abrasions to permanent blindness.
  4. Another tip to get your mascara from clumping is apply the second or third coat of mascara immediately before the lash primer or the first coat of mascara dies. When the mascara sets, it does not budge.
  5. Apply mascara on lower lashes first. This prevents the lid staining when you apply mascara on the lower lashes after applying mascara on the upper lashes. This trick was introduced by Pat McGrath for Max Factor.
  6. You could apply a smidgen of color mascaras on upper lash tips or lower lashes. If you don't want to invest in one and if you own gel liners in vivid colors then take a spoolie brush and apply the liner on lash tips. It really looks funky and we tried it out in MAC.
  7. While doing eye makeup, apply a thin layer of mascara before you start applying the rest of the products. Then reapply the mascara in the desired number of coats. If done rightly this thin layer of mascara applied before the eye makeup acts as a very good lash primer and saves a lot of time.

Mascaras can be overlooked but they are the best eye furniture you could ever get!! Let me know when you try it.

Till then,


Monday, April 5, 2010

The Makeup Planner……YSL

YSL aka Yves Saint Laurent was a couturier par excellence and the impact can be seen on his eponymous makeup, skin care and fragrance line. The designer is no more but his brand never fails to enthrall and has seen the best of creative directors from Linda Cantello to Val Garland. With L'Oreal as an owner, YSL gets better and more glamorous quality wise and color wise. From their uber beautiful golden packaging to their cutting edge colors, YSL is a truly must have makeup brand. Never liked their skin care though except Radiant Touch complexion perfector which is good only if you have a flawless skin. YSL has always believed in strong makeup colors and have their own way of making them looking glamorous, beautiful and skin flattering.
Lets see what this legendary makeup brands have to offer.

Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara – Luxurious Volumizing Mascara

 This famous mascara is a rage amongst one and all actresses I have heard using it. Its equally famous with makeup artists, makeup junkies and all and I have even seen ladies peeping into their car mirrors and applying this mascara (even in India of course MUMBAI btw). Faux Cils mascara truly epitomizes the luxury brand called YSL. Voluptuous lashes can be created in a jiffy with this mascara hence the name. Eye lashes are so volumized and maximized that they look artificial and have an extreme glamour quotient. YSL also releases some amazing mascara in some unheard mascara colors like Bottle Green, Deep plums, Turquoise etc and I have managed to grab a few in my makeup ventures. This mascara is for fearless femme fatales who love big bold lashes that stop traffic in a blink of an eye. The secret is Triple Film Complex, a coating film for intensity, conditioning film for curve and fixing film for long lasting effectiveness. Its one of the mascaras worth investing and comes with a heavy price of 1850 INR. Can it get more luxurious??

Touché Éclat

Another cult favorite amongst fashionistas, touché éclat happens to be sold somewhere in the world every 10 seconds or something. This award winning luminizing pen brings immediately light and radiance to skin, erasing the signs of fatigue and brightening the complexion. Its like 8 hrs of sleep trusted and gathered by actresses, models and makeup artists all over the world. Just a few strategically placed strokes of touché éclat ensure a rested, rejuvenated and radiant complexion. This highlighting concealer can be used under eyes, on the heights of cheeks, sides of the lips and even on lips and anywhere and everywhere where one wants the light to hit revealing radiance. YSL Touché éclat sells at a whopping price of 2100 INR but ladies please remember its all about couture.

Rouge Volupté

It will prove to be one of the luxurious products in your makeup bag thanks to its innovative packaging. When I looked at the lipstick at first which also comes with a heavier price tag, I felt this lipstick was made for the Queen of England. It's a silky sensual radiant lipstick with SPF 15 for a safe glamour. Rouge Volupté transforms from a solid stick to a fluid veil of radiant color on touching the lips and hydrates and locks in moisture. It's a long lasting formula with pigmented color in a unique color shine complex making the lips visibly plumped. It sells for Rs.1750

Blush Variation

A very sensuous way of sporting a flush of color on the cheeks, this is a blush duo that I have always liked and coveted. It sells for Rs.2870 and comes in amazingly vivid color combinations in 2 textures, matte and iridescent in a checkered pattern. They can be used individually or together to highlight cheekbones. Blush variation contains self adapting pigments that add dimension and luminosity to the face and transform into a vibrant source of color.

Ombres 5 lumieres

These quint palettes are an inspiration from Dior. Don't forget YSL did work for Dior for sometime in his formative years. They come in the most alluring and tantalizing finishes and I truly thank L'Oreal and Val Garland for this. The colors are smooth and lustrous and addiction to this palette is not unheard of. They have some amazing permanent colors and some seasonal ones that are priced much higher due to their rarity. They sell at Rs.3450 or something.

YSL is a wonderful brand known for its ability to make vibrant colors wearable and their makeup says the same thing. Thanks to Stephano Pilati, the artistic director of YSL and all those brilliant minds who keep us happy for long………


Disclaimer: - I do not endorse YSL and neither has YSL paid me write this article. These are purely my personal opinions about this fantastic brand and no one has influenced me to write about it. The prices mentioned above are not exact and may subject to change without prior notifications so please don't blame me if you hear different ones while you purchase. This article is purely to give you an insight of the all the best products YSL has to offer and I hope everyone appreciates the same. Please do not blame me for writing and raving so much about these costly makeup products. It is purely for reading and you don't have to buy everything I write about. It is a reader's discretion.

What I’m loving this week………..

With the blog posts that I write I portrait a very serious and geeky personality which I am not. So I decided to write this breezy post that talks a bit about myself and what I do. I am planning to write one at the end of every week for some fun.
Please know that this is what I like for this week and it might change or be the same according to my moods and interests.

Favorite junk food @ McDonald's with French fries and coke and amazing Filet'o'fish burgers……

Favorite movie @ Fun Cinemas where I saw Clash With the TITANS….too good….dont forget to see it 3D

Favorite MakeupEyeshadow Gleam and Typographic from MAC

Lipstick Clinique Long lasting lipstick in Violet Berry

Mascara Dior Extase Mascara

Blush Peaches……MAC Sheertone blush

Eye liner Lancôme Teal

Lipgloss Dazzleglass from MAC in Shezam!

Brush the original MAC 187 with its many duplicates.

Please do feel free to write what you liked this week in the comments section…….

Till then,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oily Dilemmas Part 2

This is the second part of one of my posts OILY DILEMMAS and maybe its happening for the first time. In oily dilemmas I had discussed about ways to combat oil in oily skins and this is an extension of that article. Oily skin is characterized by shine and sometime grease due to excess oil by the skin. Its prominent in the bony areas of the face like the nose and forehead and less prominent on the fleshy areas of the face like cheeks. Though this is a very common presentation, oiliness can be anywhere on the face, even in the under eye area.

Summers are in and oil is out… oil would be erupting on your skin like lava and clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads, acne, acne scars etc. follow. So here we are to target two spots due to which our skin becomes very oily. The first is to control the overactive sebaceous glands and the second is to tighten the pores. Skin becomes oily due to various reasons right from genetics and inheritance to environmental aggression. When the skin's moisture is stripped off (due to using harsh astringents and mattifying products) our skin goes into a panic mode. This panic mode is activated when skin feels that its losing water drastically (especially on the face where gravity acts the most). So signals are sent to the sebaceous glands as well as sweat glands to produce sebum and sweat respectively so that the oil-water balance is maintained in the skin. And this is how we end up looking oilier if we just wash our face with a foaming cleanser. This is my idea though and I would like to know yours. In this entire process the sufferer is our beautiful skin and its important to maintain a "balance."

Just moisturizing the skin is not enough. There should be regular exfoliation done too. Our sebum or oil on the skin acts like a glue. Our shed dead cells, environmental aggressors, pollutants, dust and what not sticks to our face and there's where the problem aggravates. These form a plug over the pores, clog them and the vicious cycle of acne starts. Btw hormonal imbalances in the body do not cause acne directly. They just stimulate the sebaceous glands and alter the pH of the skin and then the acne war commences.

So the key to have an oil free skin is to target three areas:-
  1. Control oil production
  2. Control pore size
  3. Control shine

I have visited certain brands in the department stores that promise me to fulfill one or more of the criteria mentioned above. ( I would separately review these products and mention the prices. If I do all that here my post would go really lengthy.)

  • Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher, is a serum that strengthens the pore walls. With immediate use the pores look concealed and tamed and with prolonged use, the pores size looks smaller and better. This is the best way to bid adieu to orange peel skin. I use it after cleansing and exfoliating and then follow with a moisturizer and sunscreen.

  • Clinique Clarifying Lotions, are a boon to the society. Coming in various strengths, no.3 and 4 are for oilier skins clarifying lotions are the "it" thing to help your skin look radiant. Forget the alcohol content if you can tolerate it, coz I never found them that harsh even on my uber-sensitive skin. Clarifying lotion sweeps away surface dead cells, unclogs blocked pores, refines skin texture, improves skin's cellular turnover, smoothens the skin surface, kills acne bacteria (with their Anti-blemish Solutions Clarifying lotion) and controls oil production. With a sustained use of this amazing product your skin would look better and better as the days pass.

  • Clinique Moisture Sheer tint SPF 15 is a tinted moisturizer that is a blessing from god. It's a makeup and skin care products in one. This oil free formulation evens out the skin, keeps it shine free and hydrates so that our face looks glowing instead of being a butter paper.

  • YSL Matt Touch primer. Makeup primers are a sensation in the market currently and isn't it good to have a makeup primer that keeps your skin shine free yet radiant. This primer worn under foundation or alone over a moisturizer keeps the skin's oil at bay and the foundation if used lasts longer. You can also try Clinique's Pore Minimizer Refining Serum and Instant Perfector, Shiseido Men's range shine control (for men), Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect Touch makeup primer and Estee Lauder Under makeup base as some of the products in this category.

  • Clinique also makes oil free sunscreens that do not look greasy on the skin and are lightweight enough yet strong to protect our skin from UVB/A damages and let the skin behave normally. I swear by their Super City Block SPF 40 as it is safe for the eye area as well.
  • When it comes to scrubs I prefer the milder ones and something that does not hurt the skin. Clinique's Turnaround Instant Facial, Exfoliating Scrub, Shiseido Men Daily Exfoliator and Clarins white plus exfoliating scrub do wonders. I love all of them. Elizabeth Arden Intervene 3 in 1 cleanser, cleanses, exfoliates and primes your skin at the same time. What a beautiful to get your skin right by just one product.
  • Clinique also makes serums that exfoliate and though not mentioned in their use, yet they alter the pore size and also keep them unclogged. The best one is the Even Better skin tone corrector.
Btw while using these products its better to follow the entire skin care regimen as these products work in conjunction with them. These products do not work on their own but enhance the process of getting a wonderful skin. And try before you buy. Soon I would be updating on where can you find brands and the stores that sell them in India, especially Mumbai.

Online you can buy it on where they have amazing offers all the time, with a big collection of products and also they ship for free in any part of the world.

Oily skin is a boon and a bane at the same time. You have to choose what is for you………..

Till then,


PS: - please don't feel that this article has ended abruptly. I am going to review on most of the mentioned products separately. Ciao ciao…..


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