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Christian Dior’s Diorskin Nude…..

Christian Dior has learnt to make life simple and easy and has introduced "Nude" in our daily life. It's a fabulous range of base products that is a must have if you are ready to splurge. Let us see what they have in this range…..its simply luxurious…

Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup

With 100 % natural mineral pigments along with activated mineralized water, this foundation delivers a flawless, radiant and glowing complexion that improves over time, taking your complexion to a new level. It also has a sunscreen of SPF 10. Price Rs.2870

Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup

It's a natural mineral powder foundation that gives this wonderfully radiant and smooth complexion. Can be used alone or dusted over the liquid foundation. Price Rs.2870 approx.

Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Sculpting Powder Makeup SPF 10

A new addition to this amazing range, the sculpting powder highlights and contours the face imparting an amazing flawless radiance. The three coordinated colors add luminosity to the skin while refining the skin texture. I am going to really fall for this and get the one that would go on me. You'd feel like Michael Angelo sculpting your face. Price Rs.3080

Dior Diorskin Nude Perfecting Hydrating Concealer

Ultimate coverage providing concealer that hides imperfections and flaws and imparts a perfect canvas. Smoothens and minimizes lines, minimizes dark circles and puffiness and hydrates the under eye area. The colors are a little grey though for me. Price Rs.1900

You can check out the products at Christian Dior Counters all over the world and tell me what you feel about them.

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Pictures courtesy: Sephora

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Makeup Planner…….Shiseido

Japan has been in the cosmetic industry since it started as Japanese women always found out newer ways to enhance their looks. With the advancement of the electronics industry in Japan, beauty didn't lack behind. Shiseido, a dream of Mr.Furukawa was started in the 19th century to cater the ever growing beauty greed of women in Japan and till today we can see the fruits of that dream. A skin care company per se, Shiseido also makes high quality luxurious makeup products that are user friendly and come in the utmost beautiful colors and packaging. Their artistic director, Dick Page has never failed to impress us by creating some of the most sought after magical products at Shiseido that has left the world mesmerized.

It's a little difficult to talk about just 5 products that I immensely love from Shiseido, so after mentioning the best five I am going to write a small list of their other makeup products that I truly love.

The Advanced Hydro liquid compact

I have always preferred Shiseido foundations to create that perfect base bcause the colors just hug our Asian and Indian skins. They have also incorporated nano technology in making these foundations that give the most coveted "natural" finish to the face and are truly fail safe. I am their forever customer for Dual Balancing Foundation 1750 INR but what blew me away is their Advanced Hydroliquid Compact foundation. Its called "Advanced" because they had a just Hydroliquid Compact and this is an advanced version of that. When we talk about finishes or the result of the foundation on the face after it sets we talk about matte, dewy etc. But here the finish is "lustrous". I have never seen such a dreamy texture that glides so smoothly on the skin and the 3D powders that they have incorporated work to give a wonderfully lustrous complexion. I don't recommend this foundation for very oily skins but it's a good one for dry to normal to combination-oily skins, the latter needing a dust of their Translucent loose powder INR 1900. Well to sum up, it's a creamy moisturizing foundation that provides medium to full coverage with exclusive prismatic technology that creates a lustrous dewy finish that lasts all day long. Shiseido sells their Advanced Hydroliquid compact foundation in India for 1400 INR and the foundation case for 600 INR
Hydro powder eyeshadow

Intense and lustrous, this dewy cream eyeshadow transforms into powder that creates a glaze of brilliant shimmery color and a very dreamy effect on the eyes. It is crease resistant and long wearing and comes in an array of rainbow colors from pristine purples to pure pinks and all. You can also use these eyeshadows to highlight the contours of the face and their light reflecting pigments give a glazed sugary finish on the face. The best color I have ever liked from Hydro powder eyeshadow are Languid Lagoon, Clover Dew and Lemon sugar. They are available at 1550 INR.
Accentuating stick: - I have been talking about this stick blusher for ages even before I started writing my blog. The unique texture of this product enables it to give the rosiest complexion ever seen. It's a very unique product Shiseido makes and is comparable only to NARS The Multiple and I found out that NARS is a Shiseido company……….they have patented it, it seems. I am a proud owner of all the 6 colors (one specially sold on request aka pleading by their training manager) from Bronze, Peach, Glistening, Rouge, Rose to Champagne. This multipurpose stick highlights and accentuates eyes, cheeks and lips and spreads smoothly adhering well to the skin and maintains a lustrous crease free finish. Contains 3D powder that gives natural depth and highlights to facial contours. Accentuating stick sells for 1900 INR but worth long time.
NEW Luminizing Satin Face Color

Their newest launch of blushers and face highlighters that Dick Page has proudly given to the world. I cant resist these colors as they have the most skin flattering shades I have ever seen in any brand including MAC. This is an all day lasting color for cheeks that gives a silky smooth finish. A multidimensional product that I will love forever. Japanese make these ultra fine powders which are their unique style and this is just another result of that. I am raving over Tearose and Carnation and waiting for their launch. Since the product is not launched yet I cannot mention the price.

Shiseido makes the softest and most beautiful brushes one can see in the market. Each brush of theirs looks like an art piece and feels like blowing air softly on skin. Their blush brush made up of blue squirrel hair is so soft that it feels like a breeze on the cheeks on blush application. It sells for 1850 INR. I also recommend their small eyeshadow brush, a very versatile brush for eyeshadow application 950 INR and concealer brush that applies concealer flawlessly, 1100 INR.

Other products that I covet from Shiseido are: -
  1. Perfect Rouge lipstick 1250 INR
  2. Luminizing Satin color for eyes 1550 INR
  3. Luminizing Powder Trio 1200 INR for refills
  4. Perfect Mascara 1450 INR
  5. Eyelash curler 1000 INR
  6. Luminizing Satin lip color and lip gloss (not launched)
  7. Translucent loose powder 1900 INR
  8. Multishade Enhancer 2100 INR (refill+case) which I love like anything but its an old product

Try them before you buy them….
Till then,

Disclaimer: - I do not endorse Shiseido and neither has Shiseido paid me write this article. These are purely my personal opinions about this fantastic brand and no one has influenced me to write about it. The prices mentioned above are not exact and may subject to change without prior notifications so please don't blame me if you hear different ones while you purchase. This article is purely to give you an insight of the all the best products Shiseido has to offer and I hope everyone appreciates the same. Please do not blame me for writing and raving so much about these costly makeup products. It is purely for reading and you don't have to buy everything I write about. It is a reader's discretion.

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Finding genuinely good Indian bloggers is as rare as finding Leprechauns....these are two of the most amazing blogs I have come across....

Kudos to Divija at and Tanveer at

I am working on my Makeup Planner series and then i am going to write about some exclusive Oscar makeup breakups.....all coming its way...


A magic trick for everyone….CONCEALING

(JLo please dont feel bad and sue me....its a request....we love you even without makeup because we believe in inner beauty and you dont have to wear a mask of makeup to reveal it....please...i'm still a die-hard fan)

Magic tricks are done by magicians…….this was something we were taught in our childhoods. But in day to day lives our moms create magic in the kitchen, bosses do those blink n miss magic tricks in the offices and we end up doing magic on our faces with makeup. So much of magic seen everywhere!! Btw why am I talking about magic? Let me talk about a magic trick I am going to share with all today.

This magic trick is called CONCEALING. Someone famously said, "Beauty is about concealing the nooks and flaws in the skin and revealing the best features." We are going to see the first part of the clause which is "Beauty is concealing the nooks and flaws." This is not another article on concealers but a tender loving way of applying them.

Concealers have been a boon to the industry just like Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar. Without concealers I wonder how Madhuri Dixit would have looked on screen and how would Rani Mukherjee sport those glamorous looks? Concealers have faithfully served the industry since the time industry started and have still continued to do the same.

In this article I talk about concealers as the best devices one could have to sport a flawless skin and concealers that with technological advancement can take beautiful skin to another level thanks to some epoch making ones that are emerging in the market. Well to the ones who thought concealers were just other cosmetics that were heavier than a foundation, let me tell them that concealers are as effective as weapons in the trying times called flawless beauty. Concealers have done wonders in the most horrible skins and have saved many people from such fashion calamities, those ladies and some men swear by them 24x7. Today we talk about concealers that do wonders to the skin and I am going to show the way to get a beautiful skin without too much product overloading. This is about applying and sometimes layering the concealers to get the desired effect.

These are some of the tried and tested and maybe called newer ways of applying concealer. In this article I feature some of the state of the art concealers like;
  • Benefit Boing Industrial Strength concealer
  • Clinique all about eyes concealer
  • Clinique Air Brush concealer
  • YSL Touché Éclat
  • Estee Lauder Resilience concealer
  • Clarins Instant Light Perfect Touch concealer
  • MAC Select Cover up concealer
  • Christian Dior Long wearing hydrating concealer
  • Elizabeth Arden Ceramide concealer

The concealers that I have mentioned are some of the best players in the beauty market and I have seen women purchasing them again and again and this shows how loyal they are to the brand. Some more on the way would be the famous ones from Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Cle De Peau etc but since I haven't used them it is wrong on my part to talk about them.

Let us start by knowing the sites on the face where concealers are needed to apply. We begin with the commonest culprit, the under eye area. The under eye blueness is multi factorial from being hereditary, inadequate sleep, bad eating habits to stress which is the commonest factor seen amongst every 2nd woman in the country. Since the under eye area is very thin and fragile, the blue veins from underneath are visible and that's how it looks a little darker than the rest of the face. Wrinkles develop soon and the real age starts showing itself from the under eye area. Other areas are generally pigmentation patches, acne marks, and random scars on the face that can be anywhere. Another common place that needs a little bit of concealing is the side of the nose or nostril per se. The sides of the nostrils are always flaky with open pores and red all the time. It is also the area where dead cells tend to gather and that's the reason for flakiness. The redness in this area is contributed by the extensive blood circulation and arterial crowding in that area. On camera, if not concealed the base looks uneven and bad and that's the reason one must use a concealer here to hide the blotchiness and pores. Concealers are good enough to conceal pores without clogging them on any area of the face. Concealers can also be used on the sides of the mouth to banish any unevenness and sometimes to modify the lip shape. Concealers can also
be used as bases for eyeshadows thanks to the silicones present in them and this enables the eyeshadows to last longer and become crease proof. Just a synopsis to add into all this what I have talked is that concealers are needed in the following areas: -
  • Under eye area and sometimes the eye lids
  • Sides of the nostrils
  • Around the lips
  • On any scar, zit, acne mark or pigmentation

Btw the scope of the article is just to learn to conceal the basic flaws of the face and reveal a wonderfully healthy complexion. And let's see how this can be done…….

To start with a smooth canvas, it is better to prep the skin with the most wonderful skin products one can. This includes cleansing, clarifying or toning and moisturizing the skin just as a basic regimen. An occasional exfoliation three times a week helps skin become lustrous and smooth so the products that we apply glide smoother and better. Using an under eye cream makes a wonderful base for the concealer to glide better, stay put longer and hardly crease or look chalky. This is what we are going to do to prep skin before applying the products.

Applying a thick layer of concealer is a passé these days. Instead layer the concealer as per needed even though the formula that is being used is really thick and pasty. Thicker is the concealer formula that should be used to hide deeper and darker under eye circles. Well, we prep the under eye area massaging an under eye cream in dabbing motions gently. This intensely moisturizes the under eye area so that the concealer sits better. I like to use liquid concealers which are opaque enough to give coverage but liquid enough to blend in the skin. I love to begin my work with Clinique all about eyes concealer. When working in the under eye area I apply 3 dots first beginning from the inner corner towards the outer corner. Then I love to use Estee Lauder's concealer brush to pat and work the concealer into skin. You can also use fingers but I prefer brush to smoothen the concealer first. I also apply concealer on the lower lid, inner corners of the eyes and outer corners of the nose to see that no area is left un-concealed. Then with the warmth of my fingers I push in the concealer so that it goes in better and looks flawless. You can choose a yellow undertones concealer so that it hides the bluishness in the under eye area better but always set it with a pink toned powder to create that perfect salmon color which actually contrasts with the blue. With the first layer of concealer on, I use a good coat of foundation all over the face and this gives me a chance to deliberate the actual amount of concealer I need so that nothing is overdone. I specially take care to apply a lighter shade of concealer in the inner corners of the eyelids to highlight them naturally where I use Touche Eclat

My concealer choices are a little deviated from others. I prefer a dark concealer over a very dark under eye and I have a scientific explanation for this. When deep under eye circles (BLACK) is concealed with a light under eye concealer (WHITE), it turns chalky (GREY). Instead if we build the under eye area by cutting the dark with a little less darker shade and then gradually getting it lighter and lighter, it looks more natural instead of looking grey. That's why after applying an appropriate shade of All About eyes concealer I highlight the eye area with YSL Touché éclat so that the job is done better.

Well this is a trick for girls who are running late and have just a minute to apply a concealer. Take a heavy duty concealer like Benefit's Boing concealer available on for Indians who cannot purchase Benefit makeup, dip your ring finger into an eye cream and just take some of this industrial strength concealer and dab it quickly and gently in the under eye area. Moisture + Heavy duty concealer will show wonders within seconds. Btw I learnt this trick while doing a photoshoot where the model's under eye area was on the verge of looking like a raccoon. Quickly seal this effect with a foundation powder like Clinique's Perfectly Real compact makeup and your concealer would never move.

Another step is to apply the same concealer or maybe the same finger just across the sides of the nose and get your skin looking better without blotchiness.

Just to add on a little bit.Dont discard the wands of your old lipglosses, recycle them by using them as tools to apply concealer.Something I newly learnt from my fabulous regional training manager from Clinique.

These are some latest additions and tricks that I have mastered since a few months and felt like sharing it with my beautiful readers. Hope you like it and please don't forget to try and test it.

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Sigma Brushes Haul

I had an opportunity to grab my own set of Sigma makeup brushes and I am so excited to share it with you all. Sigma makes brushes that are equivalent to MAC brushes in quality but a way lot cheaper than MAC. I wont say that they have duplicated MAC brushes because even though each brush of theirs has a corresponding name that of Mac brushes they are different when it comes to size and shape.
I got their Professional Makeup brushes complete set of 12 brushes without the brush roll and never had I seen such beautiful brushes in my life. Let me not rant so much about them and post a picture of the brushes that I have got. For any further enquiries contact and please remember Sigma doesn't pay me to advertise for them. This is a brush set I have bought by my own money and it is my own discretion to talk about them. Shall feature a makeup look with Sigma brushes to but till then try drooling over them if you can.

Btw dont forget to check their Premium brush set which is a better deal but unfortunately out of stock.

Till then,


The Makeup Planner…….Lancôme

Lancôme is synonymous with luxurious way of using cosmetics and with Aaron De Mey as their artistic director makes things even better. I've always adored Lancôme for some of their cutting edge products and here are my 5 cult favorites from Lancôme.

1.Foundation: -

I love their Teint Idole and Color Ideal foundations as they impart a flawless and long lasting finish that's everyone's dream.

The Color Ideal foundation adjusts and gives the most natural skin anyone could get. Sunscreens in the foundation render extra sun protection making the foundation a necessity in tropical climates like India. it's a true skin perfecting foundation. They have oils that do different functions like play time oil à makes the foundation glide on effortlessly and add extreme fluidity, Buildable oil à adjusts coverage and Soft touch oil à evaporates leaving color along with classic opaque pigments that gives a translucent coverage. The optical pearly particles make the foundation look dreamy. Color Ideal comes in skin loving colors and goes immaculately on skin making it one of the best foundations in the market.

The Teint Idole foundation is for ladies who want a long lasting, natural looking coverage that does not need touch ups. It stays fresh for 14 hrs at a stretch. Teint Idole has a soft texture that leaves the skin smooth and silky without "Mask" effect and the highly stable ColorKeeper TM pigments and soft liquid powders gives a beautiful coverage. These foundations are not only good for their coverage and longevity but also good for professional makeup artists who want a natural looking result on their models.
2. Eyeshadows: -

I may not be a big fan of Lancôme Mascaras that are ridiculously clumpy, difficult to remove, under eye area staining, overtly priced and self proclaimed best selling mascaras but I love their eyeshadows admitting this from the bottom of my heart. Their Ombre Absolue palette holds 4 divine shades that promise a smoothing long lasting hold giving one a variety of eye make ups to don on.

So are their Color Design Single eyeshadows that come in the most fabulous metallics, rainbow colors and the most sensational hues one can ever imagine. One could never miss out on Sentimental Blue and Black Strass which are the best colors Lancôme could make and so are many more worth checking out.
3.Lipsticks: -

Lancôme has the repertoire to make one of the best lipsticks in the luxury market only comparable to Chanel. Their L'Absolu Rouge, a reincarnation or AVATAR of their famous L'Rouge Absolu is the lipstick every woman should own. From the sleek packaging and magnetic closure, this award winning lipstick absolutely voluptuous, young looking moisturized lips. The credit goes to Pro-xylane an anti ageing product put first time in a lipstick is known for its ability to assist collagen production. Another collagen booster for the lips. L'Absolu Rouge locks in moisture on lips for 8 hrs and gives a supple and soft feel on application, thus replumping, reshaping and redefining the lips. The ceramides in the lipstick help in reinforcing the lip barrier function and due to the "high fidelity" pigments in the lipstick, the color on the lips is highly faithful to the chosen lipstick color.
4. Juicy tubes lipglosses: -

coming in a variety of editions, the Juicy tubes lipglosses from Lancôme are to die for. They are extremely shiny, give fantastic coverage and stay put for hours and hours. Also has Lancôme put in organic fruits and plant extracts to enhance the usage of these glosses and they can be seen and sported by most of the eminent makeup artists in the industry. Lancôme has managed to make a lipgloss that is drool worthy enough for one and all.
5.Brushes: -

Lancôme has always produced some of the piece de resistance brushes that are very affordable and user friendly. They catch the product better and are super soft and come in a very luxurious packaging. I have spent on all of their limited edition bronzer brushes and this has made me a proud owner.

So these are what I feel the best 5 products one can buy at Lancôme without second thoughts. They have a lot of other products to but these are the ones that make Lancôme a recognizable brand.

Coming soon are the best 5 products from Shiseido so keep reading,

Till then,


Pics source: - and Sephora

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The Makeup Planner

Source: - Trish McEvoy Makeup Planning system...

This and a few more upcoming posts would be on what to buy and what not to buy from some Department store and drug store brands. Every brand has everything under the sun to offer but it does not mean that we have to buy everything from a particular brand. This is a makeup planner that tells you what to buy and what the brand specializes in.

Btw these are my personal opinions and are not said under anyone's influence. It might differ from what you think but kindly pardon me for this. I would talk only about the most amazing things brands have to offer so let's see how this stint goes.

Some brands that we are going to discuss in this makeup planner section are: -
  1. Lancôme
  2. Clinique
  3. MAC
  4. Shiseido
  5. Clarins
  6. YSL
  7. Christian Dior
  8. Givenchy
  9. Guerlain
  10. Elizabeth Arden
  11. Estee Lauder
  12. Max Factor
Etc. and also some international brands like Stila, Smashbox and Bobbi Brown.
Also I shall tell the 5 best products each brand stated above has to offer and something that is a must to try….
So do keep reading….


Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Makeup Errands for March

This March is going to be a wonderful month for me as a makeup shopper…….though I am going to shop for very very limited products this time due to excessive expenditure because of my daddy's critical illness and lots of ICU visits. This is the reason I wasn't able to blog or write what I felt the best and the entire February went on brooding and running over my daddy's health.

Since, by the grace of God, he's fine I can continue blogging this March. I had my eyes on the new blush ombres MAC cosmetics is going to launch in their newly launched collection called Spring Forecast which comes in four special editions of Pink, Coral, Violet and Neutral. I wasn't enthralled by anything except this and this is going to be right in my vanity case.

Meanwhile I am also going to invest in an Estee Lauder concealer which I heard is one of the best in the markets. I was as it is taken aback with their foundations especially Nutritious and the stint they have with Tom Pecheux as their newly instated International Artistic Director makes me want to buy more of their things too.

Max Factor has added another gem to their collection of amazing mascaras, Lash Extension and I'm dying to have my hands on that too. Meanwhile Maybelline has launched some ultra beautiful eye pencils and I cant get my hands of them too. But controlling the inner urges and see what I can put in.

Till then


Lilac again

(Dear Readers,Sorry for not finding an appropriate picture for this post)

I always wanted to make lilac really glamorous and found a way to do so by coupling lilac with dark colors. This again gives a halo of color on the eyes and looks amazingly glamorous in the evenings. This is a very experimental look and every girl should do it in the way they feel the best. Here's my way……

What we need: -(new way of unfolding the look so that no one forgets what they are using.)

Suggested products and the look: -


  • Clarins Instant smooth perfect touch primer
  • Givenchy Photo'perfexion foundation
  • Clarins Instant light perfect touch concealer
  • MAC mineralize skin finish powder or Clinique Perfectly Real compact makeup
  • The Body shop foundation brush
  • Shiseido Large powder brush
  • Estee Lauder concealer brush

Over a well exfoliated and moisturized face, use a face primer for the foundation to go better and stay longer and shine free. Dot on foundation with fingers and blend it with a foundation brush over the needed areas only. Dab on the area so that the heat of the fingers melts the foundation in the skin. Dot on concealer in the under eye area and in the inner corners of the eyes where it's the most dark using a concealer brush to dab and blend. Then push the concealer using fingers. Dust mineralize skin finish or perfectly real compact makeup to set the foundation and concealer and to keep the skin looking matte yet lustrous. I like the former one for that. Dust a bit of extra powder in the eye area as a guard to catch eyeshadow fall outs.

Tip: - dot the concealer in the inner corners of the eyes to brighten up the face.


  • MAC Paint pot in Bare Study
  • MAC eyeshadow in Embark, Carbon, Parfait Amour, Nylon and Stars n Rockets
    You could certain pigments from MAC if you own them for better results
  • Clinique Quick liner for eyes in Really black
  • Shiseido Eye lash curler
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara
  • Clinique Super fine liner for brows in Deep Brown
  • MAC Brow gel
  • Duplicates using MAC pigments like Kitschmas and Softwash grey (a dirty grey lilac)
  • Shiseido small eyeshadow brush
  • MAC no.222 brush, 252 brush, 217 brush and 219 pencil brush
  • Brushes of your choice if you like.Nothing hard and fast to stick with MAC brushes.I also like Shiseido eyeshadow brushes M and S as they are very good at blending.

Use Bare study as a primer for the eyeshadow to stick on. Spread the eyeshadow base quickly before it dries for a smooth canvas. Trace a pencil liner over the upper lash line and the inner rims of the lower lid and using a small dome shaped brush to blend the color in the lash line. Now according to the eye shape blend Embark in the creases using a crease brush. Blend the shadow towards the brow bone drawing an inverted banana for a subtly defined crease. Apply Carbon, a matte black in the inner corners of the eyes blending it in the crease and then the outer corner. Please do these as per the eye shape as it can make small eyes very small and beady but basic or bigger eyes look more glamorous and use a pencil brush to apply color. This can also be done by applying matte black all over the eyes and then wiping out the center part of the lid using an eye makeup remover. But the latter process could shift the eyeshadow base. With a flat small eyeshadow brush tap and flick Parfait Amour eyeshadow over the bulge of the eyeball. Over this dab on a duo chrome eyeshadow Stars n rockets, also applying some in the inner corners. On the lower lid do the same, with matte black in the outer and inner corners and then Parfait amour over the middle third. Apply two coats of False Lash Effect mascara. Groom the brows by filling in the gaps with a superfine liner and set the brows with a transparent brow gel. Highlight the brow bone with Nylon using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.


  • Clinique Blushing blush in Smoldering Plum and Iced lotus
  • Shiseido Blush brush
  • Shiseido Accentuating stick in S3 Glistening flush

Dust Smoldering Plum on the cheek bones and Iced lotus over the heights of the cheeks using a soft blush brush. Apply the brush two fingers away from the sides of the nose and blend the blush upwards towards the temples but subtly. Using accentuating stick to highlight the areas of the face where light naturally hits.


  • Clinique Quick liner for lips in Raspberry
  • Clinique long last lipstick in Violet Berry
  • Clinique Superbalm moisturizing lipgloss in Lilac

Line the lips with a lip liner and fill the lips with the same. Keep the lip liner within the natural line of the lip to keep the lip liner untraceable. Lip liner also acts like a lipstick base due to a blend of waxes and pigments in them. Dab on lipstick with fingers to push in the pigment in the lips. Apply Superbalm in Lilac in the centre of the lips to give it an additional pout.

Hope you do this look and like it. Let me know…

Till then,


The perfect foundation for a perfect picture

I have always looked for a foundation that looks natural and not heavy in real life as well as photographs. And my search ended at the Givenchy counter with their new innovation, Photo'perfexion foundation (PP). This is a foundation specifically designed to make one look natural and yet beautiful everywhere. Here's my review about the foundation.

Photo'perfexion is a sheer to medium coverage foundation that goes very smoothly on the face and makes the skin look lustrous. Its comes in sleek frosted glass bottle in 25 ml size (rather than the regular 30 ml) with a shiny black cap. Over the top of the black lid is imprinted the famous Givenchy logo in duo toned Black and orange. This bottle itself looks very fashion forward and modern and shall make the makeup table looking very classy. This comes in a black packaging too. The bottle is really heavy and does not break even if it falls. I know this coz mine fell off from my hand on the opening the packing itself.

The formula is liquid but does not run quickly over the hand. Its not air whipped or something in texture, but is soft maybe to the addition of cellulose in it. I liked the slip of the foundation because its something I haven't seen till I saw Max Factor second skin foundation. It blends on really well and I took the 06 color for my skin. The only con in the foundation is selection of the colors as they don't have many for Indian skins. But I also recommend 07 and 08 for darker Indian skins though not for the darkest.

I used the foundation on my face and one layer itself blurred many imperfections on my face. Plus even after having SPF 20 in it, the formula is very light weight and sheer and does not feel heavy on the skin. Its somewhere between matte and dewy texture so it is important to use a little bit of powder to combat shine. The PP foundation is long wearing and stayed fresh throughout the day even in a hot and humid day in the so called winter in Mumbai. My face looked fresh even at the end of the day.

I tried this foundation over my mother who is as fair as I am in the Indian way but suffers from a little unevenness in the skin with pigmentation due to sun damage. After using the Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector and Dermawhite range from Clinique her pigmentation is lightened but can look obvious. So I dotted some Photoperfexion on her face and blended with fingers and then foundation brush. Two layers were enough to make her looking fresh and natural and not a trace of foundation was visible on her face.

PP did not clog our pores or look heavy on our faces and it rarely happens with a foundation like this. One should remember to use a little bit of loose powder dusting on the face to set the foundation though. Btw I strongly recommend this foundation to all foundation fanatics who want a natural look. Do try it out and let me know.
Btw lets see what Givenchy has to say about the foundation: -
"Introducing the first Givenchy foundation inspired by digital imagery, a foundation that recreates the perfect skin quality obtained with digital touchups but without freezing the features!
Irregularities, imperfections and fine lines disappear, as if by magic. The complexion becomes beautifully even, full of vitality, vibrantly radiant. So what's the secret? Givenchy's touch-up complexes captured in new generation, wonderfully sheer texture.
Skin perfector complex combines soothing, moisturizing and plumping agents to smooth skin's texture and leave skin fresh and plump:
The Lighting complex combines botanical agents with optical brighteners – true light diffusers that reveal the complexion's original radiance.
The incredibly soft texture brings together non oily silicones and polymers for a whole variety of delicious sensations. Upon application the texture glides lightly over the face, leaving a sheer yet very long lasting finish that both comforts and protects. The GIVENCHY plus: - a subtle pleasurable scent of white flowers that is synonymous with elegance."

Love ya Givenchy……..and Love ya Nicholas DeGennes, the artistic director of Givenchy and the mastermind behind the foundation....

To remind you all that the foundation sells in India for Rs.2200 at a pricey tag but its worth investing when compared to the results it gives.
Till then,


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