Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to B.E.I.G.E

Beige is the color of ultimate sophistication whether it's the clothes or makeup or shoes or furniture. It's a neutral color that looks good on all and balances a lot of colors. I just realized that even our skin has "beige" undertones according to certain cosmetic companies like Shiseido and YSL. Chanel, the brand known for its neutral colors have used beige as a signature color in making their two toned shoes and bags and have been talking about it for decades. Wikipedia defines beige as a yellowish cream color that originates from a cotton cloth left in its natural color. In textures of shimmer beige eyeshadows are universally flattering and beautiful.

Why I like "Beige" is because it is very flattering and this color can never go wrong. Of course you cannot clad yourself completely in beige and make a fool of yourself but beige thrown in with bright colors like pinks and blues makes a wonderful match. Anyways I don't want to end up blabbering too much about beige color and am going to show a look using a lot of beige in it. This look is playing in sophistication and is for everyone who is fashion forward. This look looks as if its come out directly from the vogue magazine. The best references could go with promotional ads from Louis Vuitton or Prada.

What we need: -

  • Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect Touch makeup primer
  • Clinique Superbalanced Makeup foundation
  • YSL Touché Éclat
  • MAC Mineralize Skin finish
  • YSL Blush in Warm Beige (not the right name but I'm sure you can go and find out at their exquisite counters).
  • Shiseido Accentuating Blush in Blazing Brown
  • MAC single eyeshadow in Electric eel, Rice paper and Gleam or Motif
  • Clinique Superfine liner for eyes in True Black
  • Clinique Superfine liner for brows in Deep Brown
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudging Lengthening Mascara
  • MAC lipstick in Taupe
  • Euro-Paris no.51 or no.52 false eye lashes and MAC Duo eyelash glue
  • MAC Dazzle glass in Phiff!

The brushes that I used are

  • The Body Shop foundation brush
  • Estee Lauder concealer brush
  • Shiseido powder brush
  • Shiseido blush brush
  • MAC 188 small duo fiber brush
  • Shiseido small eyeshadow brush
  • MAC 222 contour brush
  • MAC 219 pencil brush to smudge colors
You could find the duplicates of most of the brushes in cheaper brands like NYX cosmetics with their exclusive collection of super soft affordable brushes or the entire clones of MAC cosmetics brush set from SIGMA at


Since this is an avant-garde look, the foundation has to look like second skin but a bit enhanced and glamorous. So with a foundation brush stipple the foundation only in the areas where foundation is needed, on a well primed skin. Dot concealer in the under eye area and over blemishes and blend to perfection. Touché éclat has shimmer in it so use it judiciously. Dust mineralize skin finish all over the face with a fluffy powder brush. Mineral powders are fantastic because they give just a sheer veil of color and look fantastic on skin. Skin gets a glistening finish.


Apply Shiseido's Accentuating Blush in Blazing Brown in the hollows of the cheeks with a blush brush. Dust the remnant of the blush over the perimeter of the face to get a balanced look. Apply matte blush from the YSL's blush duo over the cheekbone and then apply a shimmery beige part over the heights of the cheek apples, forehead and the bridge of the nose. This gives a very shimmery contoured look. A glistening touch and much enhanced skin.


MAC Electric eel is a vibrant turquoise matte eyeshadow that has a neon finish. It's good to apply it subtly as it can be very overpowering at times. Apply with a contour brush, Electric eel in the outer corners of the upper lid and blend it in the crease. Since it's a vibrant color I love to diffuse it in the crease socket upwards. Use Electric eel only on the outer third of the upper lid. With a pencil brush apply the same eyeshadow on the outer corners of the lower lid.

Use Ricepaper eyeshadow over the entire lid using a flat eyeshadow brush. Then dust Gleam or Motif which is a duo chrome eyeshadow on the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes. Apply rice paper over the entire lower lid blending it with the outer corners. Trace a pencil liner over the upper lid and blend it in the lash line. Choose a superfine liner as it draws a very thin line instead of a fat chubby one.

Stick false lashes and with an eyelash curler blend it with the actual lashes and apply lengthening mascara to add drama. Leave the inner rims of the lower lids bare and apply mascara on the lower lashes.


Apply with fingers, a taupe lipstick which is a beige-y brown to get some glistening lips and then add a dash of MAC Dazzleglass in Phiff!

Again a sophisticated look which is very good for evening dinners. Do try it out…

Till then,


PS: - not posted any image because didn't know what to post and no one has done this look anywhere.I hope I'd be able to put some pictures of my own work soon.

The makeup commandments…

I have decided as long as I blog because of the time constraints I am expecting in the future I am going to tell all the 5 best tips in makeup that one has to know. This is for all who would love to know the subtle nuances that could enhance their makeup and use these tips in their day to day lives. We learn something all the time and the series of articles in this topic will be the ones responsible to spread it.

Makeup is a system and every system has some systematic ways to run it and get into the system. This is what we would talk about. These five tips would be for everything pertaining to makeup and skin care.
  • If you want to skip foundation completely, just apply concealer in the areas where you have problems, redness, blemishes and pigmentation. Then dust some lose powder and you would not feel the need of liquid foundation that day.
  • If you are into using lash primers under the mascara, so that the mascara goes better and you get voluminous lashes, always wiggle the mascara within 30 seconds of applying the lash primer. This is till the lash primer dries off. If the lash primer dries off before you apply the mascara, you will never be able to apply the mascara.
  • If you have very black and harsh looking eye brows, use a grey pencil to define them. The grey pencil without making you look old will just soften the harsh brow.
  • Never rub ice on the face as it dries the skin and due to blood pooling your skin would end up blotchy and red. If you want to soothe the skin or prep the skin before makeup use a chilled makeup fixing face spray on the face and then begin working. I like Clinique Moisture Surge spray, MAC Fix+ Spray, Clarins Makeup mist and Valmist from Christine Valmy with algae and anti oxidants in it.
  • To hide hideous open pores on the face, use a pore minimizing primer like Clinique Instant Perfector. Dab into the pore area and gentle massage in round motions. Then apply a foundation with the foundation brush in a zigzag pattern to camouflage the pores and with fingers press loose powder over it. Remember not to over fill the pores and always use non pore clogging formulas.

I hope you loved the tips and would invite some if you have yours as well…

Till then,


A whisper of Color Part 2

In the last article we talked about sporting the iridescence. This is just a continuation of the last article as I didn't wanted the previous article to go very lengthy.

Lets see what we need to get the iridescent glow: -

Please note that any color that goes translucent on the face i.e. you can see a wee bit of your skin through it is applicable in this look. This look is not only for magazines or photoshoots but also for daily use if done carefully and properly. You'll get the feeling of being a scientist when you'll see yourself mixing a lot of stuff to get that effect.

  1. An oil free moisturizer like Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel or Moisture Surge Extended thirst relief, Shiseido the skin care light moisturizer with SPF 15, MAC Lightful or Strobe Cream Light, Elizabeth Arden Intervene Radiance Serum etc. The moisturizers have to be light weight and dewy to prevent any hideous oily shine on the face.
  2. Makeup Primers like MAC Prep n Prime, Clarins Instant Light Perfect Touch, Shiseido Makeup Enhancing Veil, YSL Matt Touch primer and for the eyes l like Elizabeth Arden or Be Yu eye primers.
  3. A light weight but good coverage foundation. I like Clinique Superbalanced Foundation, Shiseido Advanced Hydroliquid Compact foundation, Clarins True Radiance Foundation, YSL Teint Parfait Foundation, MAC Mineralize skin finish fluid foundation or Studio Select tint, Max Factor Second skin foundation, Chambor Stick foundation.
  4. For concealers I like Dior Hydrating concealer, YSL Touché Éclat, Clinique Air Brush concealer, Shiseido Liquid concealer etc.
  5. I advice an under eye gel like Clinique's Moisture Surge eye refreshing gel to mix with the concealer to thin the concealer out.
  6. In the translucent powders I advice only two, MAC prep n prime finishing powder and Shiseido Translucent powder.
  7. For eyeshadows I recommend Shiseido Hydro powder eye shadow and Luminizing Satin color eyeshadows, Mac Luster eyeshadows, Clarins mono eyeshadows, Clinique Color Surge super shimmer eyeshadows etc. In suggesting the colors for this look I would like to opt for Shiseido Hydro Powder eyeshadow in Languid Lagoon, Lemon Sugar and Clover Dew with Clarins Mono eyeshadow in Vibrant Violet.
  8. Since there are no liners in this look I like MAC shade stick in Royal hue.
  9. For the mascaras I suggest Clinique High Impact mascara, High Definition mascara, MAC Zoom lash mascara, YSL Singulier mascara, Shiseido Perfect Mascara, Max Factor False Lash effect mascara etc.
  10. In blushes I am using MAC mineralize blushes, MAC powder blush in Dollymix for the sheertone effect and I recommend Shiseido Accentuating Stick and Dior All over shimmer powders. I also love the new Shiseido Luminizing Satin color blushes that are going to launch in some days.
  11. For lipglosses I love MAC Dazzleglass, Shiseido Lipglosses, Clarins Lipgloss, MAC Lip gelee and Clinique Super balm moisturizing lip gloss.

I have recommended so many products but let me tell you what all we need for the designed look.

  • Shiseido Advanced Hydro liquid compact
  • Clarins Instant Light Perfect Touch concealer
  • Shiseido Translucent powder
  • Shiseido Hydro powder eyeshadow in Languid Lagoon and Clover Dew
  • MAC Luster eyeshadow in Aquadisiac and Electra
  • Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black
  • Shiseido Accentuating Stick in Rosy Flush
  • MAC grand duo blush in Love rock
  • Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Lipgloss in Lilac and Raspberry

Note: - try not to use products that add definition to the face like bronzers, eye pencils, lip pencils and lipsticks. This look is about getting a glow and not looking too made up with just a whisper of color.


On a well moisturized and primed face apply concealer that is mixed with an under eye cream. The under eye cream not only nourishes the under eye area but also thins out the concealer and this is done to avoid the concealer looking to cakey. Mix and apply the concealer with a concealer brush in the under eye area, in the inner corners of the eyes and outer corners of the nose, sides of the nose and anywhere wherever needed to highlight that area.
Use the Hydro liquid compact foundation to apply gentle strokes of foundation all over the face and then blend it with fingers or a foundation brush. The hydro liquid compact makes the skin feel lustrous and imparts a healthy glow.
To avoid the hydro liquid foundation from going oily and setting it on the face, dust a veil of translucent powder all over the face including the eye lids. use this powder sparingly to avoid getting mattified and avoid getting a powdered face.


Apply Accentuating stick in Rosy flush on the cheek apples and blend it towards the temples upwards. You can also mix the blush with a moisturizer to make it as radiant as possible. The best trick to keep an iridescent blush to stay longer is to layer the blush from cream blush to powder blush in a proper sequence. With a fan brush dust a baby pink subtle shimmer over the cheek apples and heights of the cheeks. Use a neutral shimmer over the forehead and bridge of the nose.


Use an eye primer to keep the eyeshadow at place. With your fingers blend the MAC Shade stick in Royal hue which is a plumy purple over the lashline of the upper lid and outer third of the lower lid. Blend it. With fingers apply Languid Lagoon which is an iridescent turquoise sky blue from the Shiseido's Hydro powder eye shadow over the entire lid. The idea is to keep the color translucent so that the skin over the eye lid is seen through it. If the eye lids are stained dark use a concealer of the actual skin color of the face over the eye lids to even it out. Use Aquadisiac over the eye lid and blend it into the crease. Use Clover dew which is an iridescent light green over the brow bone and again keep it translucent. Dust some translucent loose powder over the entire makeup so that the eye makeup does not crease. Apply volumizing mascara and then comb the lashes to separate each lash.


Mix in Lilac and Raspberry Lip glosses and gently smear them on the lips with your fingers.

This is basically a day look that can be sported for Sunday brunches and luncheons. I'm sure you'll get compliment………..

Till then,


A whisper of COLOR

Iridescence is what I see that gives our makeup a fairy tale like appearance. It's a whisper of color where everything is subtle yet beautiful. There are formulas in the market in eye shadows, blushes and lip glosses that are very sheer and add transparency to the face. There are formulas that float on the skin surface and give you that see through skin that looks so divine.

This is not in photography, this is real life and it can truly happen. As I have always been saying, investing in the right product. You have to decide whether you are into opaque or you are into translucent? The reason is when you do opaque makeup you add years to your face and look twice the age you are not. But with translucent or "sheer" formulas, there is an instant glow on the face that wipes our years instead of adding it. But one needs to exercise a degree of control in adding shimmers or else they would settle in the wrinkles and amplify them.

When I say shimmers I don't mean chunky glitters (which are rock chic) or frosted formulas that look like icing sugar on your face. I'm talking about mica particles that add radiance to your skin and I'm taking about the shimmers that are multidimensional and look different in different angles off light. They look the ones over a soap bubble or a butterfly's wing where the colors play a different game. Using some of these shimmers one can add an amazing depth into their face and the look ethereal aka fairy. In this post, I would show different ways to pair up these multidimensional shimmers and some products that you can buy from the market to add a different sort of enhancement on the face. Please do not forget that these shimmers demand a flawless canvas and if you don't have it strive hard to get it using the appropriate skin care as concealers do not have a crucial role in this look.

Let us see some products that solve the purpose: -

  • YSL Touché Éclat, the first concealer with shimmers that camouflages and brightens for a different sort of finish. After applying this concealer the under eye area or the highlights of the face glow and brighten up. Just like touché éclat, every company in the luxury section or the trying hard mass markets have got in certain products though they cannot meet up with the charm of the first one in that series. There is Dior SkinFlash, Lancôme Flash Retouche, Clinique Airbrush concealer, Clarins Instant Light Perfecting concealer, Elizabeth Arden has got some stuff and so does mass market brands like Max Factor and ColorBar. Everyone is getting inspired. The reason is the transparency this concealer gives to face on application. Skin not only looks radiant, it looks translucent and reflects light in all directions, making it look flawless.
  • MAC Prep n prime finishing powder or Shiseido Translucent powder are the third generation powders that are white in color and go virtually transparent on any skin color. I thought they would leave back a trail of a hideous white powdery cast but my thinking proved wrong after I used them on some of my clients. The finish is flawless and it looks as if nothing is there on the face even underneath. A good way to sport a nothing-is-on kind of a skin even after putting layers and layers of foundation under.
  • Max Factor second skin foundation that mimics a real skin that is better than what is underneath. A breathtakingly beautiful formulation that looks like a tinted moisturizer but gives a sheer to medium coverage and all imperfections just blur out.
  • YSL Teint Parfait foundation that radiates the same light their Touché Éclat would. Though I find it a little heavier and can turn grey on the skin. The other foundation in that category is Clarins True Radiance foundation that is oil free yet has shiny mica particles for a beautiful finish.
  • Dior has a collection called "NUDE" in which they have a skin hugging liquid foundation and loose powder foundation with some kind of mineral water properties. It gives a flawless veil of perfection on the skin and my skin never looked better with it.
  • You have certain eyeshadows from MAC under the group of luster that are power packed with shimmers but go so beautifully on the skin that they flatter any eye makeup. I like Honeylust, Aquadisiac and Tempting and the list is endless. MAC also makes certain shades in their Mineralized Eyeshadows that look so ethereal on the skin and apt for the perfect fairy tale moment. I love their latest one called Blue Sorcery having a sheer turquoise in the crescent shape with a moon of silver sparkle. Lancôme had once launched a collection called L.U.C.I but since it never appeared on the counter I don't have to comment about it. You'd also like some of the single eyeshadows in Clarins like Vibrant Violet that fit in this criterion of ethereal shimmer. This is a radiant two toned or how many toned god knows shimmery violet which appears blue and green at times.
  • Shiseido Hydro powder eyeshadows have their own place in the makeup world for having translucent and radiant creamy eyeshadows that dry into powders and do not crease at all if proper precautions are taken. Shiseido's latest launch is their uber-cool Luminizing Satin Eye color that gives a wonderful finish that is dreamy and ethereal. Its Shiseido's specialty to do vibrant colors that look subtle and sophisticated.
  • Talking about Shiseido is their Accentuating sticks aka cream to powder blushes that give a flushed effect and the innocent iridescence. Japanese know the art of playing with light and Shiseido is another example.
  • MAC cosmetics make Dazzleglass a hybrid between Chanel's Levre Scintillante and Lancôme's Juicy tubes gives that ultra power packed shimmer on the lips that is long lasting and amazing. MAC also makes Lip Gelee and have Plushglass lip glosses that give the same effect. Just a pinch of color with a glossy effect is what makes the iridescent look possible.
  • Are you looking for blushes that glow? We have Clinique Blushing Blush powder blush, MAC shimmertone blushes and mineralize skin finishes, Shiseido Accentuating Blush, YSL Blush palettes and so many more that are packed with shimmers that impart a subtle glow.

An irisdecent makeup not only adds a fairytale glow but also makes makeup go very modern. Don't miss the next article where I am going to tell you how to get that iridescent glow…………in A Whisper of Color Part 2

Till then,


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Black-querd up…..

Black is an omnipresent color. Shades of black, white and grey create shadow, tone and tint respectively in any color. Black adds depth and transparency while white adds opacity and highlights. It's a trend to mix these achromatic colors in the true colors and get an amazing makeup effect.

The trend is with black added to different colors for an added glamour. You have blackened eye pencils, lipsticks and everything except blush these days. Black adds a punk effect to the most mundane colors.
MAC devoted an entire collection that has sold out called Style Black and created ripples amongst makeup fans. Btw lets see how we could play with the new black: -

  • Eye pencils and eye liners are to begin with. I recommend blackened amethyst, teal, denim blue, navy blue, pewter, taupe, brown, bottle green and gold liner pencils that are fantastic to add a subtle touch of glamour to any plain look. You'll find them all over MAC and Clinique in their various ranges of Kohl Shaper for Eyes, Kohl power pencils etc.
  • Black eyeliners with glittery silver, gold and various other colors like lilac, purple etc too are good.
  • Black also makes cameo appearances in brands like Chanel, Lancôme, YSL and Dior and adds another layer of confidence to makeup. I loved the Chanel eye glosses and eye shadows that had plums, teal green, navy blue and blackened copper as a part of the collection.
  • Mascaras are the blackest these days. But mascaras infused with glitters are better choices for makeup addicts like me.
  • To complement eye furniture, lipsticks have got sooty as well. See blackened purples, blackened burgundies and so many colors becoming a rage.
  • Nail polishes are not behind. Chanel's Moscow collection was jaw dropping with black infused with different pearly finishes. So legendary.
Here's a quick look that you could do for a party.

Do the appropriate foundation,concealing and powdering. For eyes, trace a chubby eye pencil over the entire upper lid and lower lid and blend with a small dome shaped brush for a smoky look.Then with an eyeshadow sponge applicator before the pencil liner dries (play time) dab some MAC's Reflects Antique Gold on the upper lid and Reflects Teal over the lower lid.Brush away the fall outs.Then trace L'Oreal Superfine glitter liner over the upper lid and fill in kohl in the inner rims of the lower lid.Apply sumptuous amounts of mascara and then dust some MAC Reflects gold over the eyes taking care nothing goes into the eyes.Apply a dusky peach blush and go with a brown peach lippie....It just creates a fairy like glow on the face....Remember we are playing with black in contrast to glitter.The effects are stunning....

Black is not at all a bad color. Its just harsh so we need help of our expert tools to soften it….

In this short article, on a short note…..I bid all a good bye…

Till then,


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get Star ready at home….

We have the same skin celebrities have, we have the same problems that they have, we sometimes even have the same clothes what celebrities wear but what is it that they have that we don't? Celebs can afford a personal makeup artist at every venture of theirs which we cannot as makeup artists like don't come at affordable prices unless you are a friend or a celebrity yourself. So the dream remains untrue. Its not only the makeup artist that is important but also it is very essential to have a good skin that can sport the makeup very well and look radiant. Radiance and glow comes from within when your skin is happy, calm and blemish free.

So lets see what you can do to your skin and what makeup skills you can have at large to get the celebrity skin and glamour that you wanted without spending bucks over stuff outside.


Sometimes we see cosmetics that are way too costly for our pockets like La Prairie but it's also bad to invest in cheap cosmetics that can spoil your skin instead of making it better. The rule is, "not every expensive brand has the best ingredients and not every inexpensive brand is bad." But vigilance is important. If you want to be classy avoid products made for the masses. You don't have to buy the entire skin care or makeup set that the brand offers but a mix n match of stuff is good.

Every skin is different so hunt for the products that are custom made for your skin. Sometimes something best suiting to your friend might not suit you at all. So don't experiment too much. Invest carefully in cosmetics that would do wonders to your skin and not just be wonders in the bottle.

I have always sensibly invested in products that were result oriented more than being advertise oriented. Remember in the advertisements they pay the actress who doesn't even use the product she is advertising but in real life nobody is paying you to use that product and get your skin bad. So now it's the time to think.


It depends on person to person but there are brands that I love for what they do.
For budget buys in skin care I like L'Oreal only as it makes products for everyone. I have never thought about any other brand in this line.

For prestige and luxury brands I like Clinique, Shiseido, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Givenchy, Christian Dior and YSL. I don't buy everything what these brands offer but a little here and there that keeps my skin functioning better and looking radiant and wrinkle free.

I also love natural cosmetics that are skin and environment friendly like Forever Living, Oriflame, Korress, Epicuren etc. and use it amongst the above mentioned brands. And btw I hate The Body Shop as their products don't do anything on my face and this is a personal choice.


Skin care regimen always depends on the environment you live in and the way your skin feels every season. The latter varies every season and your skin is known to change every 6 months. So what your skin was when you were in 20s is not the skin that you have in your 40s. I have some tips of my own that can help retain the glow your skin is craving for.

  • Exfoliate regularly. Regular exfoliation keeps your skin's cellular turnover at its optimal level and the skin spills out all the accumulated toxins regularly giving itself the brightness and glow it should have. Exfoliation helps remove cellular debris, surface flakes, excessive oil, clogged pores etc and makes the skin active. This active skin reflects light evenly and that's how it glows.
  • Hydrate your skin. Appropriate moisture levels in the skin are markers of a healthy skin. More the moisture retained in the skin happier the skin is. This doesn't mean you have to slather moisturizer every hour. It means using a hydrating moisturizer that not only puts water but also prevents it from evaporating from your skin. It's a myth amongst people with oily skin that moisturizers can make them oily. Oily skin needs more hydration and when its hydrated the oily secretions are less.
  • Use a face mask to tighten pores and extract toxins out of your skin. These face masks also help control oil production, unclog pores and create a better skin.
  • Stick away from harsh toners that have alcohol and witch hazel as they dry the skin surface and alter the skin pH. Alcohol can be dehydrating as it dissolves in water and evaporates from the surface. Alcohol free toners and exfoliators are taken by the skin better.
  • Always use a sunscreen as I have written in one of my previous articles and always use a night cream as well. As per a diurnal variation our skin switches from protection mode in the day where a sunscreen is a must to a repairing mode at night where a night cream comes in picture. Night creams are formulated with all the raw materials skin requires in the repairing phase and promise a healthy skin the next day.
  • You can do the DIY peels and microdermabrasion at home at your own risk. I would never advice an expert hand in this because even if they are experts they cannot have control over the pressure that has to be exerted on your face in compared to what your fingers can. Peels can be horrible of they go wrong making your skin from bad to worse so use these products cautiously.
  • There are no pills for a good skin as skin is just like a floating sponge over a pool of blood. It cannot take all the nutrients so we have to feed them from outside as well.


We are our own makeup artists and we have to choose our own products. Please use the try and buy method as the beauty advisors can be a little pushy about their products at times and we end up buying something that we'd use only once. I strongly recommend everyone to go to beauty counters when they have small makeup seminars and the makeup artists associated with the brands tells you how to pull a look. You can also have personalized makeup consultations at free of cost or a nominal fee reimbursed to you in your suitable makeup. These professional makeup advisors not only tell you what is in trend from their brand but also give you the latest fashion updates and teach you how to do your look at home the same way you did in the makeup consultation.

Brands that have personalized makeup consultations are Shiseido, YSL, MAC cosmetics, Inglot cosmetics etc. and I've seen countless successful results with many happy women all over India. The one difference is that these makeup artists are most of the times honest and don't push you through the product that is not selling the way beauty advisors at times do.

As a starter you can have a kit that is your own and have stuff that you could use and feel happy when you do it. I always suggest my friends to buy multipurpose products that do more than one thing like a cream to powder foundation, 2 in 1 lipstick and blush, highlighter for the entire face, powder foundations, mascara and eye liner duo etc. these are more cost effective and solve the purpose without cluttering your purse too much. Ellis Faas, an eminent makeup artist in Europe known for her raunchy makeup ads for brands like MAC and Moschino has developed her own brand that looks like getting makeup done in a space station.

It is not available in India but people going to Europe can buy it from What looks like a small steel cylinder holds eyeshadows, foundations, concealers, lipsticks and blushes in form of pens in a pen holder where the cap is is the compact powder. Its very futuristic and edgy and oh so sexy. Another Japanese makeup brand that Kosé has brought in is designed by famed makeup artist Ayako who was the international makeup artist at Nars cosmetics for last 14 yrs. Her brand called Addiction by Ayako has some of the fantastic stuff you can imagine.

Any makeup aficionado or makeup diva should always have her makeup kit at her disposal as makeup is more than a weapon of mass destruction. Celebs do the most of the things I have discussed above and that are what gives them a camera worthy skin. Celebs do more of other stuff like botox and fillers which one can do at their own discretion.

Are you your own celebrity? Now you can be one.

Till then,


The glamorous trio

The glamorous trio is Turquoise, Lilac and Pink. In their various shades they complement each other so well and look so amazing. This is a party look that I've decided to share with all of you.

The party look is a very bright and out of the Wall's Ice cream candy inspired from their jelly Popsicle. I love the way they have coordinated colors in the Popsicle and that is my inspiration.

We need: -
  • Estee Lauder face primer
  • Shiseido Stick foundation
  • Clinique Airbrush concealer
  • MAC prep and prime finishing translucent powder
  • MAC Paint pot in Painterly
  • Clinique Quickliner for eyes in Really black and Grape
  • Clinique Brush on cream liner in True Black
  • Bourjois Effet Metallise eye pencil in Turquoise
  • MAC Mineralize eyeshadow (Limited Editions) Midnight madness (black with navy blue shimmer), blue sorcery (shimmery turquoise/silver glitter), odd couple (bright lilac/gold with pink and multicolored veining) and single eyeshadow in Remotely Grey
  • Clinique High Impact Curling mascara
  • Shiseido Accentuating stick in Rosy Flush and Champagne Flush
  • MAC Powder blush in Dollymix
  • MAC Iridescent powder in Belightful
  • Clinique Superbalm moisturizing lip gloss in Lilac

The brushes that I used are: -

  • Lancôme Foundation brush
  • Estee Lauder concealer brush
  • Shiseido Powder brush
  • Shiseido Blush brush
  • NYX cosmetics fan brush
  • MAC 224, 217 and 219 brushes
  • NYX cosmetics smokie brush
  • Shiseido eyeshadow brush (S)
  • The Body Shop Lip brush
  • Shiseido Liner and brow brush
  • Shiseido eyelash curler

In the budget buy you can use: -

  • Max factor second skin foundation
  • L'Oreal True match concealer
  • Max factor natural minerals foundation
  • Be:Yu eyeshadow base
  • Max factor earth single eyeshadows in turquoise and color perfection eyeshadow in lilac/purple combination
  • L'Oreal Carbon black super liner
  • Bourjois eye pencil in jet black and turquoise
  • Revlon Matte eye liner pencil in Vibrant violet……………it's a crazy lilac color you'd ever see in any brand
  • Maybelline Colossal volume mascara
  • Max factor miracle touch blush in pink
  • Max factor flawless perfection blush in Natural Glow
  • Oriflame O beauty blush in Pink
  • Max factor Color perfection lipstick in rosy pink

How to do it: -


On a primed face, use a foundation just where needed so that it gives a flawless canvas without looking heavy. I like cream to powder foundations as they five a smooth finish. Use concealer wherever needed especially in the inner corners of the eyes and around the sides of the nose. Dust a colorless translucent powder gently so that it gives a dewy finish but sets the foundation better. The main focus of the look is a bright skin so use less powder.


Create an under eye guard by dusting some powder with a fan brush in the under eye area to catch the eyeshadow fall outs. Prep the eye lids with a primer so that the eyeshadow glides better. I also like a long wearing cream eyeshadow as it holds the product better. Line the upper lash line with a black pencil and blend with MAC 219 brush so that it stains the lashes and creates a base for the other pencil liner. Trace a turquoise liner over it and blend it into the black to create a gradation of color. Over the lower lids draw a violet or grape colored liner and blend it with a pencil brush again so that no harsh lines are seen.

Over the brow bone apply a pink-gold highlighter. Define the crease with a medium brown to bring out the eyes. Liberally dust silver shimmer with chunks of silver in it over the eye lid and be careful of the fall outs. Then use a black eyeshadow with navy blue shimmer on the outer corners of the upper lid just near the lash line. Take a deep purple and apply on the outer corners of the lower lid just near the water line. Dust a bright turquoise eyeshadow over the eye pencils that we have traced and blended starting at the lash line and covering only half of the lid and not all over the lid. It can look very trashy otherwise. Smoke out a bright lilac eyeshadow over the traced eye pencil on the lower lid.
Sometime bright colors can make the eye makeup look lost. So trace a ultra thin line using a gel liner in black color just near the upper lash line to define the lash line. You can wing out the liner to make it look like from 80s.

Apply curling, lengthening and volumizing mascara for very glamorous lashes. On the lower lashes apply less mascara to maintain the youthfulness of the makeup. You can curl your lashes while the mascara is wet to set the lash curls.
Comb the brows and set with a brow gel if needed.


Smile and blend a rosy pink cream blush on the cheeks for a lived in effect and a rosy flush. Use a champagne colored shimmer cream blush over it for a dewy effect. Dust very little amount of sheer tone fuchsia blush over the cheek apples to set the cream blush from getting streaky. With a fan brush dust some iridescent powder over the cheek apples, t zone and over the brow bone.


Use the same cream blush over the lips. You can also use a creamy satin rosy pink lipstick. Blend the pigments into the lips and give it a stained look. Apply some lilac pink colored gloss over the centre of the lips to create a fuller pout.

Apply a shimmery turquoise glitter liner over the upper lids and in the inner corners of lower lids to make it appear flashy and edgy.

Source of the image:-

This look is very good for girls but with some nips and cuts everyone can sport this look. I wish I'd a model to show how the look looked. But the step by step instruction is sufficient right now.

Do try it and give your comments…….

Till then,


What’s in a blogger’s mind….

Blogging has become a craze these days. Bloggers not only get to exhibit their talent may it be fashion, makeup, poetry or anything innovative but also generate awareness amongst all who read them. Blogging gives me and many more a pleasure to write and open my mind and thoughts to everyone whom I cannot reach physically. It's a virtual world where one can discuss and get opinions and make ready a platter of food for thought.


Blogging as I said opens my mind. I was inspired by bloggers like Temptalia and Blogdorfgoodman to write something of my own which I wasn't able to share with my friends in the entire world. Blogging made me more creative, more alert and more aware of the updated things happening all around the world and I could see them just sitting in front of my computer.

Blogging came naturally to me as I always had a writer in within who wanted to express himself in some or other way. Because of the habituation with computers if you go and write something in your book with a pen, after 5 mins you get a writer's block. The same thing happened to me and that's how I entered the blogging world. Since the day I decided to become a makeup artist after those unfruitful years of becoming a doctor, I have always done immense research over many cosmetic brands to find the right product that could suit my taste and suit my pocket. I have had so many friends on orkut, on facebook and everywhere even in reality who used to ask me for makeup tips and what products do I recommend them so that even they could look good. Markets being flooded with so many brands and so many happening things, blogging became an ambition more than a hobby. I sometimes can't sleep because I have to think of what am I going to write in my blog next.

"Beauty Traveller" was a name I decided for my blog keeping in mind the countless visits that I give to different cosmetic counters all over Mumbai. Mumbai being a fashion capital along with Delhi, its also a cosmetic capital with every new brand opening in Mumbai first. I have travelled in so many rickshaws and buses to get to these destinations and have scratched so many beauty advisors' minds that this name for my blog is very apt.


Most of the wonderful blog writers in the world of internet write about product updates and product descriptions so beautifully that they ignite a desire amongst consumers to go and buy those products. Cosmetic companies like MAC, Stila, Smashbox, Estee Lauder etc believe in bloggers more than their average sales people to generate sales and create awareness of their brands. These brands send their launches before advance to these bloggers so that they test them, review them and then these bloggers create the desire in their readers to buy these stuff. Some bloggers give honest opinions whereas others write what the company pays them for. This cannot be decided btw. All over US, bloggers contribute to 30% of MAC sales and this shows it all, what is blogging?

The fashion world isn't behind too. Bloggers are invited for launch parties, they bag the first row in many RTW fashion shows and are invited for countless parties, seminars and makeup trade shows. This is the impact of blogging.

Unfortunately this is still not a trend in India and people hesitate to write blogs seeing that their pockets do not allow them to buy all the stuff that bloggers write. Indian government would not understand trends like these because at the end of the day, these are foreign countries that are raking sales and earning profits. You cannot blame anyone and nobody can blame you.


You get the best of treatments, see the latest of product inventions and you are even paid for doing this. But is blogging becoming a job for many? Yes and no!! Celebrity blogger who has inflated and busted careers of so many Hollywood celebrities, PEREZ HILTON is rated amongst the richest people in LA. This is because celebrities are scared of him and the media is proud of him.

There is no exploitation in writing a blog until and unless it spoils someone else's life…………..

Bloggers see situations and target brands that are more on the premium and luxury side as the mass market brands already do good. There are unpaid bloggers who buy Revlon and Maybelline and write free reviews on them as they know what they afford and they know they have to share what makes them happy. Then there are bloggers who get the entire collection of MAC cosmetics just because they bray about how good MAC is…. This is a blind marketing and MAC pays them really well to do this. Anyways that MAC and these bloggers' look out of whatever they are doing.


Bloggers who get these samples and products from future launches have become cheap and downtrodden enough to sell them on online cosmetic sites and eBay. These bloggers in the desire to get some extra bucks backstab everyone they meet and that's what makes me feel sad.


I have to confess that till today I haven't been paid anything for writing review over any brand. Maybe that's the reason I don't write so much about MAC because even though I have trunks full of MAC stuff, all those are limited editions and I know you are never going to get them so why write about them. I love Clinique as I work for them and I love brands like Clarins, Dior, YSL, Max Factor and Shiseido which is why I write about them and recommend their products as they fantastic. If I were paid to write my blog I feel my honesty would be at a stake as I would be again doing e-marketing.

I know its become a sensitive topic now…………but at the end of everything, it is my blog that gives me immense pleasure and passes my time.

Btw I do welcome writers to write in my blog and please feel free to apply as well..

Till then,


Liner Vs Liner

Eye liner is a trend that is getting trendier day by day. Women have started reinventing themselves getting inspirations from the 80s and 70s. The lines drawn are not limited to the lash line and every season makeup artists take the eye liner trend to a new level . May it be Prada, Louis Vuitton or Dolce & Gabbana, the eye liner trend is getting better and better.

The popular the trend, the confused we are. When we follow trends we have to choose different options that what we would do if we made our own trends. This happens because cosmetic companies bring in liners not only in different colors and glitter but also in different textures. We have pencils, pens, liquid brush liners and gel liners and all the hybrids that drop in between these main categories. These innovations are made taking into consideration the level of effort a woman (or men who use guy liners) puts in to get herself the perfect line and the easier application that she desires for. Eye liners over years have adapted to such situations and what we have today is bigger platter of colors and textures to experiment with.

Today's post is about comparing a gel liner with a liquid liner and looking for their pros and cons and seeing the best products in the Indian market with better options to choose from. Please note that being a professional makeup artist I would always choose a liner albeit its price and look for something that gives me a professional result. My ideas may vary with yours but I'm sure this article would show some direction and food for thought.


In one of the Vogue editions, makeup maestro Pat McGrath has given some essential tips over drawing the perfect line. In a literal sense that was itself an eye opener considering how easy it is to apply it and also remembering the fact that the most famous makeup artist in the world herself is scared of liquid liners that are runny and bad. This makes the choices even difficult and with so many products available a roving eye would get us some lovely stuff. First of all a liquid liner needs precision and a stable hand to apply and that where most of us go wobbly. Liquid liners if not tried and tested can be runny or crack on the lid and the formulation as well as the application brush would play an important role in getting things done perfectly.

The brush of the liquid liner should be felt tip or a small flexible nylon brush tapering downwards for better application. I hate felt tips though because they need more precision and if a small mistake is made, the line goes very thick and unsightly. The flexible brushes are great tools to create an amazing finish and always the end result pays off.

The formulation of the liquid liners is such that it dries up to give a precise line that could be depending on the contents of the liner. You wouldn't believe but some cosmetic companies have the same formulation for the eye liner as they have for their mascaras. I love waterproof liquid liners that come out as one strip when you use a cleanser and leave no residue behind. I also love eye liners that give a lacquered finish and look very sophisticated and elegant.

Liquid liners sometimes have fantastic formulations but very horrible brushes and vice versa. In such cases you have to go for a liquid eye liner brush that is specifically made for such reasons. Since the brush is long enough, it gives a good hold and the liner goes perfect on the lash line.

Liquid liners that I really love are

  • L'Oreal Superliner
  • MAC liquid liner
  • Christian Dior liquid eye liner for their fantastic brush
  • Lancôme Artliner which has the best brush and best formulation you'd ever see
Other companies maybe good but these are the best in that section.


Gel liner was developed with an inspiration from a mascara formulation for people who loved those tiny gel pots and who loved to sport a dramatic effect at an ease. Cosmetic companies have also created angular liner brushes that take eye lining to a different level. When we say gel liners, the formulation is more of pigment and waxes than oil and that's why they are more long staying and blend better. One thing about them is the quick lining and blending that is needed because gel liners dry at a lightning speed and once they are dry they are indestructible.

Gel liners have such lovely textures that a thick line if blended before it dries can create a lovely smoky eye with minimal effort. The gel liner glides so beautifully over an eye pencil that it looks as if it's a dark eye pencil that is applied. The texture is somewhere in between a liquid liner and eye pencil and it's much ergonomic as it stays better.

Gel liners are intensely pigmented and give a jet black line that does not appear grey on wearing.

In gel liners I love: --

  • Clinique Brush on cream liner which comes with a brush

  • Shiseido Accentuating eye liner with a better brush and better cost
  • Inglot gel liner
  • MAC fluid line
Lancôme also attempted to make one but I absolutely hate the formulation and find it a complete waste.


It is your comfort and easiness in application that plays a role in understanding what liner you must use. Teens and middle aged women should go with gel liners as they draw one sharp line without breaking anywhere in between. For teenagers it gives a punk effect but for middle aged women its ergonomic as it does not settle or break in their wrinkled eye lids. Liquid liners are good for ladies who go to work as it adds the right amount of drama that is needed at work. Liquid liners can be vampy and foxy while gel liners could be gothic and punk. It depends on how you use it.

Some brushes that I recommend for liquid liner and gel liner application are: --

  • NYX cosmetics eye liner brush
  • MAC angled liner brush and flat liner brush .... I forgot the numbers
  • Shiseido Angled liner brush which is excellent because its tiny enough in thickness to draw a precisely lovely line.
  • Clinique makes a flat small liner brush that makes the liner walk over the lash line.
  • Also try out the eye liner brushes from Dior and Clarins but they are not that famous.

If you have some liner ideas feel free to share them. Soon shall review eye liners from Inglot and Makeup Forever so do keep reading ....

Till then,


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Foundation Fixers…

I have been continuously discussing about foundations in almost all the posts but I never get satisfied with it. The reason being foundation in any possible formulation is the most important step in getting the makeup right. Concealer is a part of foundation too which should not be neglected too.

Today I want to dedicate this post for discussing different foundation for different skins and then giving different ways of foundation and concealer application with foundation in different situations.


The reason why a "foundation" is important is because foundation is the bridge between your skin and your makeup. If foundation goes wrong, the entire makeup is haywire. But isn't it important to choose the right foundation that suits you?

  • Are you dry skin? Then you need a foundation that locks in moisture and emollient rich. Powder bases could make the skin even drier and mattifying foundations are a total no. I love moisturizing foundations with medium to buildable coverage that have optical diffusers to blur out dryness and wrinkled appearance of dry skin. Treatment foundations with anti ageing benefits are best suited for dry skins. An "oily" foundation is best suited for dry skin.
  • Are you combination skin? This being the most complicated skin type you'd get, it needs moisturization on the cheeks and needs to combat oiliness on the T zone. Advanced technologies have brought in foundations that do both the things that I've described. Still an oil free foundation is advisable with powder application only on the oily areas of the face.
  • Are you oily skin? The foundation tends to disappear on long hours of wearing due to its dissolution in the natural oils of the skin. I suggest sheer to medium oil free foundations that stay matte and absorb excess oil and stay longer and combat unhealthy shine. Powder foundations are excellent for these skin types.
  • Are you sensitive skin? Cosmetic companies like Clinique make foundations for sensitive skin that are non comedogenic, allergy tested and does not cause skin irritation. If Clinique is not your choice, I advise mineral foundations that are more and more in vogue nowadays for their performance. Mineral foundations are a rage because they glide seamlessly on the skin and cover imperfections going flawlessly on the skin without showing too much. Only the thing I don't like about mineral foundation is they can be too shiny due to mica particles and is not very good for oily skins.


Foundations are available in different formulations and so are the tools that can be used to apply them.
  • Foundation sponges
  • Foundation brush
  • Dual fibre brush
  • Goat hair foundation brush
  • Powder foundation brush


  • Applying liquid foundation only where needed and then setting with powder is a good way to avoid looking too chalky or made up.
  • Liquid foundations are better as they give good coverage, more controlled in application and give play time for the user to blend in before the foundation dries. It also gives a dewy finish that is radiant and flawless. Liquid foundations come in various textures with mica particles to oil absorbing silicones and are the most versatile cosmetic products in the industry.
  • Use powder foundations only if you have a very oily skin or for touch ups as they are very difficult to control while applying. You never get a powder foundation right as it is also applied more or applied less. Please remember powder foundations can go horribly cakey and can be very drying for dry skins.
  • An ideal foundation application should enable the foundation to disappear in the skin and add radiance. It should not be obvious that the foundation is on but the skin should look better.
  • You don't have to apply a thick foundation to look good. Nowadays the better formulations in the market look better when applied less and blend like second skin.
  • If you have a blemished skin or freckles, never apply a very thick layer of foundation to cover it up. This can give a masked look and look very artificial on the skin. Instead I'd advice applying a sheer foundation all over the face and then using a heavy duty concealer or treatment concealer on the freckles, pigmentation or blemishes respectively. Set the whole think with a minuscule layer of translucent powder to set the whole thing and see miracles happen.
  • Tinted moisturizers are a hybrid between skin care and makeup and are fantastic for work as it does not look heavy. They are readily available in market but if you want to have DIY tinted moisturizer, mix equal parts of an oil free moisturizer, oil free sunscreen and oil free foundation and get it done at home. The latter is flexible because you have a control over the coverage your tinted moisturizer has to give you.
  • Sometimes models or ladies who have near to flawless skins or actors at Oscars (not in India where people slather hundred layers of foundation to mask their skins) use a tinted moisturizer on cheeks and little bit medium coverage foundation on the T zone, set it with a powder foundation and look radiant the whole day.
  • Never judge how your foundation looks immediately. Let it set with the warmth of your skin and then see. It takes 15 minutes but your foundation does not look the way it was when you applied it. I recommend looking out of the window and then looking back in the mirror. This enables you judge the flaws in your foundation application.
  • I tried this new way of applying foundation the way Pat McGrath had suggested for one of the Calvin Klein RTW collections. She applied a hydrating oil free moisturizer after the entire makeup was done over cheeks and t zone in small stippling strokes. The look of the foundation immediately changed. The models looked more radiant and it gave the look of a transparent blush applied on the skin. The faces reflected just the right amount of light and glowed. To try at home, use Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief over your entire makeup and see the foundation metamorphosing.
  • Dick Page, the artistic director of Shiseido once said that he applies a shimmery foundation like Clarins True Radiance foundation in a crescent shape outside the eye area, on temples going over to cheek bones and sides of the forehead. When light falls over those areas, you can see a softer finish and can look radiant without too much of highlighting.
  • If you want to hide pores, use a foundation primer. If you don't have a primer apply the regular foundation in zigzag strokes sideways to fill in the pores. For this always choose a foundation that does not clog pores.


  • After choosing the appropriate foundation texture and color that goes on your skin, there are several ways of applying foundation to get a desired finish.
  • Ideally start from the forehead, blending the liquid foundation upwards and outwards to make it disappear in the hair line. Then dot some foundation on nose and sides of the nose and blend. Dot foundation over the cheeks and blend it sideways and downwards to avoid settling the liquid foundation under facial hair. Apply foundation under eyes and sometime over the eye lid. This gives you an idea of amount of concealer to be used. Sometimes you may not even need a concealer. Apply foundation on the jaw line and blend it into the neck downwards. I never suggest applying liquid foundation over the neck as there are chances that it would crack and stain the clothes.
  • The biggest mistake women make is not using a translucent powder to set the foundation. Because of this the liquid foundation does not last longer and creases into the wrinkle.
  • To apply foundation you can use a foundation brush with natural or synthetic bristles, fluffy blender brushes, dual fiber brushes or even fingers depending on convenience and budget.
  • For powder foundations or mineral foundations, apply them in small round strokes to get a better blend.


  • The right formulation will not make you look bad, so choose and invest wisely.
  • When you choose the best suitable foundation, try not changing it until it is discontinued or you have changed your skin color drastically.
  • Don't try to look pink when you are not. In the path towards looking pink, women apply foundations and go ashy. You have to look beautiful and not like a BLACK & WHITE person in the colorful world.
  • Don't choose a foundation to look fair. Accept what god has given you and try to enhance it and not change it. You don't want to move around and make a fool of yourself.
  • Apply foundation wisely and don't look like you have dipped yourself in foundation. You may feel glamorous from inside but people around you would be disgusted looking at you from outside.

Makeup is to make your individual identity and not its own. So try to get your own……..

Till then,



To learn more on foundation application please read

Source of image is also from the above site.Its a great learning experience.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Natural and sheer…

The "no makeup look" has never got out since the day it was in. It's a twist and paradox in itself as the no makeup look actually needs more makeup to put on. Skin flaws are an unavoidable part of us human beings and sometimes we need to hide them to reveal our inner beauty. This is actually the essence of "the no makeup look."

For the no makeup look we need……

  • Estee Lauder Face Primer
  • Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint SPF 15
  • Shiseido Stick foundation in appropriate color
  • (optional) Lancôme color Ideal foundation
  • Shiseido Accentuating stick in Glistening Flush S3
  • Shiseido Multi shade enhancer in S3 Sunset glow
  • Clinique Blended Face powder in appropriate shade
  • Clinique High Definition Mascara in Black
  • MAC single eyeshadow in Remotely grey or Dark Edge
  • Clinique Superbalm moisturizing lipgloss in Grapefruit

If you are budget conscious then you can use: -

  • Oriflame Face primer
  • Chambor Stick Foundation
  • Oriflame Giordani gold mineral loose powder
  • Max factor flawless perfection blush in Naturelle
  • Oriflame O Beauty blush in Bronze
  • L'Oreal trio eyeshadow in Linda Evangelista
  • Max Factor silky gloss in Plum shimmer

How to sport the new makeup look: -

  1. First prep the face by dabbing a small amount of primer all over the face. The face primer lessens the appearance of pores and makes the foundation go flawlessly on skin. Face primer also prevents the foundation from changing color thanks to the acidity of the skin and makes the foundation go longer than what it would go without a primer. Primers nowadays have fortified with anti oxidants and vitamins that not only enhance but also enrich the structure of skin.
  2. I chose a Stick foundation because it solves the purpose of a concealer and foundation in one. It goes on effortlessly and builds up to create a flawless canvas and doesn't look heavy on the skin. It creates this magical veil of color that looks natural and beautiful. Use a foundation brush or fingers to blend the stick foundation into skin. First draw a couple of strokes on the face and then spread and blend. This means, a horizontal stroke over the forehead from one end to another, vertical strokes on nose, sides of the nose, 2 vertical strokes on the cheeks, one on the chin and 2 horizontal strokes on the jaw line. Quickly blend these strokes into perfection so that there is no visible demarcation line.
  3. Apply and blend with fingers, the stick foundation in the under eye area like a concealer and then blend over the eye lids to create a subtle base for the eyeshadow to cling on.
  4. Use a creamy oil free highlighter stick over the heights of the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose, on the brow bone and centre of the forehead with fingers. I always like to blend with fingers as the warmth and the oils in fingers blend the product better.
  5. Set the foundation and the illuminating highlighter with a minuscule amount of loose powder using a fluffy powder blush so that it does not look too matte or too chalky.
  6. Use a taupe brown eyeshadow on the lid up to the eye crease and blend it to perfection without any harsh lines. The eyeshadow color is specifically chosen to mimic the natural color of the eye lids but less harsh.
  7. Fill in the brows with a shade lighter than your hair color if you have dark hair and shade darker than your hair color if you have soft brown or blonde hair color. For ladies with red hair, they should choose a burgundy brown but very discreetly. I love an angled brow and liner brush and prefer filling the brows with a powder than using a pencil as the former looks more natural. Any matte brown in an appropriate shade works. Btw do stay away from harsh matte blacks and black eye brow pencils. They are the most unnatural ones and do not solve the purpose of the look.
  8. Then use a semi matte bronzing powder discreetly over the cheek bones, in the perimeter of the face, under the jaw line and over the bridge of the nose using a fluffy bronzer brush. Do not forget that you have used a highlighter even before putting the bronzer.
  9. Apply a dash of lip gloss. I prefer a lip gloss that has an effect of lip balm also so that it nourishes and keeps the lips looking softer for longer time.

Suggested Brushes

  • Lancôme Foundation brush
  • Shiseido concealer brush for the eye areas
  • Shiseido small eye shadow brush
  • Scott Barnes contour brush
  • The Body Shop lip brush
  • Human fingers (reader's own)
This is the best look for everyday office use or for starters who hate to apply a lot of makeup. This look is very international and has an appeal all over the world.
Think Kangana Ranaut, Priyanka Chopra etc. and you'd know.
Dab in some shimmery gloss and some liner and it becomes an evening look…..

Try on and have fun……

Till then,


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Product of the month: - Estee Lauder Concealer Brush 4F

In my post about Scott Barnes brushes I mentioned their lovely concealer brush which is very hard to find now since the brand closed down. Scott has restarted the brand but I have no idea whether he makes brushes so it's not a good situation there. After looking in the department stores for some other good quality brushes I was utterly confused between Clarins (Rs.950), Shiseido (Rs.1175 approx.) and Estee Lauder (Rs.1020) concealer brushes. MAC was out of question as I had not liked the brush for everything from its appearance to its performance and its cost too which is around Rs.1400 and not worth it.

MAC being an Estee Lauder company I thought of going for the latter. It made more sense as I'd heard of rave reviews about the quality the brand offers and their state of the art brushes have always been a talk of the town.


It's a navy blue-black concealer brush with yellow orange taklon bristles. It looks as if it was made to order for a Sultan due to its rich appearance. When it comes to packaging and quality, Estee Lauder has always mesmerized me and it did the same to me here as well. The brush is 17 cm in length and the breadth of the bristles in 1.2 cm with tapering ends.


The navy blue black handle with 1 cm of the handle being transparent and is made of Lucite and is very sturdy for concealer application. I'd not suggest anyone to use a lot of force while applying concealer or use it for fighting as then are the only chances when it'd break.


The ferrule of the brush is polished black and looks utterly stunning. The shiny finish adds a touch of luxury to the brand.


The bristles are synthetic taklon and are orange in color which is contrasting to the navy blue handle and that's what makes it more attractive. The bristles are soft and sturdy and picks the right amount of product. The tapering end of the bristles helps reach the tiniest areas of the eyes. While blending you can hardly feel any pressure and it blends in the skin seamlessly.

The concealer brush sells for Rs.1020 and comes in a shiny navy blue packaging with golden print. I'd recommend this brush to artists as well as amateurs and it's a great value for money for ladies who want a good quality brush.

Do try it and give me your feedback….

Till then,

PS : - other amazing brushes that I own are from Smashbox, Lancôme, Shiseido, Christian Dior and Clinique. I also have NYX cosmetics brushes that are excellent and inexpensive. I also own the blush brush from Estee Lauder and shall write about it. I shall soon post about these brushes. And I hope you enjoy them.

Brushed up

Long long post ago, I'd written about the brushes I owned and now the collection has double folded. Since sometime I have been buying some amazing brushes from brands like Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Shiseido and an amazing brand called Scott Barnes. You can buy these brushes from

Before telling about the brushes let me tell you about Scott Barnes. Have you wondered who has been responsible for the J Lo glow? It's the ace makeup artist Scott Barnes whose expertise has adorned many Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez and many more. He is known for his signature glowing looks and skin enhancers and that was the reason he started his eponymous brand Scott Barnes cosmetics. Unfortunately due to some economic disturbances he had to discontinue his line and that's how he broke many hearts. I hope he starts again just like a phoenix rising out of the fire.

What makes Scott Barnes brushes so good?

  • Not only his celebrity status but also his attention to detail and quality made his brushes very user friendly.
  • I know that Scott Barnes' brushes are very expensive but if taken care of they'd last forever.
  • Some state of the art brushes that you don't get in the market.
  • His brushes surpass the quality of many other famous makeup brands like MAC.
  • Each brush looks as if its masterwork.
  • The brushes are soft but sturdy enough to blend and give an amazing professional finish.

I got some of his lovely brushes like

  1. Scott Barnes Angled Blush Brush
  2. Scott Barnes Contour Brush
  3. Scott Barnes Crease Brush
  4. Scott Barnes Foundation Brush
  5. Scott Barnes Concealer brush


Made of natural pony hair, this brush is soft like a wisp of cotton. Its dense bristles catch enough product and blend beautifully on the cheeks giving a professional result. I love the olive green handle which looks different and attractive. The ferrule is in steel with a dense tuft of hair that is of very good quality. The angled brush fits exactly in the hollows of the cheeks and applies blush or bronzer really well. I use the brush to also powder the under eye area thanks to the angle of the brush.


This is another blush brush that applies blush on the cheek bones and gives a sculpted look. The hairs are the same quality as that of the above brush and the handle is olive green too. I love to apply highlighting as well as contouring powders with this brush.


From the softness of these bristles I believe they are squirrel hair. Its blends the eyeshadow amazingly in the crease and softens any hard lines that could be there during contouring eyeshadow application. I also use the crease brush to contour the sides of the nose and give a zero size nose even to the fattest girl. This brush is versatile enough for a complete eyeshadow application and comes very handy when doing a smoky eye.


This foundation brush is made up of natural white goat hair. White goat hair are very soft but are excellent in blending creamy products thanks to their density. These hairs pick up the product but the liquid does not retain or stick to the hair and blends seamlessly into the skin. The bristles are white in color with a brown dye on the ends and looks really attractive and a piece of work. I love to blend liquid foundations, concealers, liquid as well as powder blushes with it and it blends them effortlessly. Btw the magic is even after applying foundation you'd hardly find any traces of the product on the brush when you wipe it with a brush cleanser. This shows how good the brush is. I'd compare it or may be its better than MAC 187 or Guerlain foundation brush and this one performs better.
It was designed to blend Scott Barnes' creamy foundations but does a lot of justice to liquid foundations too.


The concealer brush is made up of synthetic taklon hair that are stiff enough to make the brush sturdy but good enough to apply concealer in the smallest and hard to reach areas in the inner corners of the eyes. I love this brush because of its handle which is of the right size to fit in the hands properly. I find this concealer brush better than any brands I have used and it keeps me amazed all the time.

Unfortunately I did not buy the entire collection of Scott Barnes from the internet maybe because I have so many other brands but the famous five brushes of his are with me and I use them everywhere I go and even on myself.

I'd also advice to wipe the brushes with a brush cleanser or baby wipes, the latter being good as it is alcohol free and non drying on the bristles. Once a week wash your brushes with a mild shampoo and rinse them thoroughly under tap water and keep them flat on a surface to dry. Retain the proper brush shape so that there is no alteration in the brush hair.

Brushes are like babies, the better care you take the better is their upbringing.

Till then,


Oily Dilemmas….

Oily skin maybe called as a blessing as people with oily skin don't end up with wrinkles in early age. But I feel it's a curse. Maybe the ones who said that it's a blessing never had an oily skin. They never felt greasy as they got up in the morning, never had clogged pores and did not get acne breakouts when there was a major occasion in the house.

I have gone through everything I mentioned above and after spending 6 yrs of my life with horrible acne breakouts today I sport a healthy and normal skin. Btw this post is not about me combating acne issues, but it is about makeup for oily skin. Let me sum up the hazards that happen when we do makeup without taking proper care.

  • The worst is using "ice" all over the face as its known for its pore tightening properties. Ice is BAD….it can be dehydrating and makes the skin blanched thanks to its blood vessels constricting properties. Its can really go bad because it freezes the skin and such skin can get really hurt.
  • Not using moisturizer before applying makeup. People with oily skin neglect moisturizers as they wonder why they would need it. Its not true. Every skin type needs hydration as water is the key element that helps the moisture content in the skin. More the moisture, less the skin getting oily. This is because when the skin feels that too much water has evaporated it puts in a film of oil to prevent further evaporation. That's why if a moisturizer is not used the skin feels parched and puts in more oil.
  • Makeup vanishes from the skin due to oils dissolving the makeup ingredients. It gets streaky, creases in the facial lines, lipsticks disappear somewhere and all the things possible happen after 3 hrs of makeup.
  • We have forgotten to use oil free products for oily skins. If skin maintains the natural balance of oil and water in itself, then just hydration is enough.

I hope everyone has gone through this. So lets see how to have a long lasting makeup that stays put till you wash it off.


Prepping oily skin is vital as that's how the makeup would last without being greasy. Use a foaming cleanser like Elizabeth Arden Intervene 3 in 1 face wash or Clinique anti blemish solutions foaming cleanser (even of you don't have acne) to remove all the traces of extra oil on the face. Try to exfoliate skin daily with a gentle exfoliator and once a week with a grainy AHA based exfoliator for a wonderfully radiant skin. Since oily skin tends to collect a lot of dead cell debris, scrubs are the best ways to remove them.

I love the Clinique Clarifying Lotion which is a gentle salicylic acid based exfoliator that removes surface dulling flakes and reveals a radiant skin. One should go with no.3 or no.4 for combination-oily to oily skin respectively. Daily twice a day gives clearer skin.

Use an oil free hydrating moisturizer like Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel or Shiseido Pureness mattifying moisturizer that is lightweight and very hydrating at the same time. Use an oil free sunscreen that best suits your skin.

The next most important step is priming the skin. A skin primer does not allow the acidity of the oily skin to react with the foundation and since the foundation sits on the primer, it sits longer and better. I love Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect touch or Estee Lauder Primer as they are oil free and very long lasting. For budget buys, Oriflame Skin primer is good as it helps for the face as well as eyes. For eyes I suggest Clarins instant light perfect touch eye primer, MAC prep n prime for eyes, Estee Lauder eye primer or famous in the Indian market right now, Elizabeth Arden Eye Primer. The eye primer does not allow the eyeshadow to settle in the creases and makes the eyeshadow glide better. MAC has a complete range of primers in their Prep N Prime range that takes care of everything….they even have one with SPF 50. Inglot cosmetics also have a wonderful makeup primer.


Oily skins should choose a foundation that's oil free, mattifying and something that absorbs excess oil from the skin, if a makeup primer is not used. I like foundations that give a sheer to medium coverage, hydrating concealers and translucent loose powders that absorb excess oil and make the foundation long lasting and run proof. For liquid and cream foundations I'd suggest Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation, Clinique Superbalanced foundation, Dior Forever Extreme Foundation, Shiseido Stick Foundation, Clinique Superfit makeup, MAC Studio fix fluid, L'Oreal True match foundation, Lancôme Teint Idole, Lancôme Color Ideal, YSL Matt Touch foundation, Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation, Inglot Mattifying foundation etc. I found Sonya cosmetics from Forever Living products that make cream to powder foundation enhanced with the goodness and nourishment of Aloe Vera.

When it comes to loose powders I like Shiseido Translucent powder, Clinique Blended Loose Powder which is mineral enriched and Oriflame Giordani Gold Mineral loose powder. I generally do not like talc based powders as talc removes all the oil from the face and is known to clog pores but sometimes it's an exception.

In concealers I'd suggest ones from Inglot, Clarins and Dior


Powder blushes are a boon to oily skin as they blend and stay better thanks to the sticky oils in the skin. But it a loose powder is not dusted, any blush formula would streak and look horrible. I also love oil free liquid and non greasy cream blushes and then dust them with powder blushes. Also good are cheek stains and liquid blushes that give a rosy glow when applied.

In powder blushes my favorites are from MAC, YSL, Shiseido and Lancôme. Lancôme blushes are packed with shimmers so I'd suggest gentle application as they would look oily on the skin. Never buy too much shimmer as it might look garish. The rice powder in these blushes absorb excess oils and makes the blush stay longer.

In cream blushes I have always talked about Shiseido Accentuating Sticks and Clinique Uplighting Liquid illuminator. Other favorite is Clarins Multi use cream blush with collagen.

For stains I'd suggest the one and only Body Shop cheek and lip stain.


There are a wide choice of powder and long lasting cream eyeshadows available in the market. So are mascaras and waterproof liners.


I prefer long lasting lipsticks and long lasting lip glosses. It's a personal choice


For touch ups and to avoid last minute makeup mess I advice always to carry an oil free compact powder. I like Clinique Perfectly Real Compact, MAC Studio fix, Shiseido Supplist Poreless Foundation makeup and Inglot pressed powders.

Oily skin can be controlled using the right products. The products that I suggested above are the ones that I like. You can also research in markets to see what suits you the best.

Do share your views on oily skin makeup……….

Till then,


Madeup Men

Makeup has expanded its horizons from women of all ages to men of all ages. Here I'm not talking about drag queen makeup for men, but some tips that make men's skin flawless and radiant. Today so many male actors use makeup and look stunning on screen. Male models don makeup to look much more appealing on the run ways. Even the US President uses a bit of magic with makeup for his famous appearances.

Is man makeup the in thing? Everyone is doing it, so why not we…….

When you do makeup for men these are some things that one must take care of to prevent from looking like makeup on or a drag queen. Btw there is nothing wrong is being a drag queen, so any queens out there, please don't mind this post. There is nothing harmful in doing all that for the ones who want to do it.

  • No heavy foundations, concealers and loose or compact powders.
  • No volumizing mascara, black liners and other stuff unless needed.
  • No shimmers and blushes
  • No lipsticks

How to do makeup for your man………..

  1. Use an oil free light weight moisturizer before applying makeup.
  2. Use an oil free sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer all over the face and very discreetly over the beard area to look natural.
  3. A brightening concealer like Dior Flash or YSL Touché Éclat discreetly in the under eye area and over the lids.
  4. Dust some translucent loose powder just over the concealer to set it and may be a little bit more over the entire face but not too much that it looks like a face smeared with flour.
  5. Use a brown liner just near the lash line and blend it to invisibility with a small eyeshadow brush.
  6. Use a lash tint or transparent mascara for unruly lashes and unruly browns. Sometimes long lash mascara also opens up the eyes.
  7. A little brown eyeshadow applied with caution on the lower lids can give a natural effect. I also like a little bit darker concealer.
  8. A matte taupe eyeshadow is good if you are confident enough.
  9. I love to use matte bronzers in the colors two shades deeper than the skin color. I dust it under cheek bones and jaw line for a sculpted look.

  10. Finish with a little bit of lip balm or a lip tint.

Makeup is not harmful. It actually gives an extra protection from environmental damage and also makes the skin appear flawless.

Surprise your man and show him how he could look the best.

Till then,


De-stressing daily

Skin care is the most important step in getting a flawless and radiant skin. Environmental damage, pollution and sun damage are some of the factors we need to protect our skin from. Stress happens to a contributing factor in premature ageing due to additional release of free radicals and factors causing ageing. Today available in the market are cosmetics that take care of ageing caused not only because of environmental damage but also skin damage due to internal stress.

Let me tell you what you see in your skin due to external damage, the signs of premature ageing. After looking in a mirror in bright daylight one with premature ageing would see: -
  • Fine lines on forehead, under eye areas and smile lines
  • Lax skin starting to loosen at the jaw lines
  • Folds on the neck area
  • Uneven discoloration on the areas of the face where the sun hits the most
  • Appearance of sun spots or age spots on the face and aggravation of freckles
  • Dullness and loss of the glow on the skin
  • Visible under eye circles
You are not the one who is seeing it. Its everyone around you who sees it and has it. This is because sun damage does not spare anyone and it happens to everyone.
Scientists with extensive research could identify internal stress induced damage on the skin externally and found out ingredients and cosmetics that could help fight this damage. I'd be discussing the ones available in India and the ones which I recommend the most.

A word of caution is "these cosmetics help fight internal stress induced damage on skin and not the internal stress itself. To fight internal stress one can try techniques like yoga and pranayam in an amalgamation with external skin care."


This is one of its kind moisturizer that has sun protection, anti oxidants and factors helping fight stress induced damage on the skin. Clinique says " Clinique's most complete defense against the visible signs of aging in a daily moisturizer. Arms it to fight the visible effects of emotional stress – which research confirms damages skin, like sun and pollution. Helps protect against UVA and UVB. Improves barrier strength. Keeps skin looking better, longer. "
  • It protects from environmental damage with broad spectrum sun protection SPF 25 in a ratio of UVB: UVA in 3:1.
  • Red microalgae found on the coast of Israel helps fight skin damage due to emotional stress.
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and prevents first signs of ageing.
  • Sodium RNA helps build skin's defenses and immune system to fight external aggressors.
  • Anti oxidants help reduce free radical damage.
  • Sea whip extract helps soothe skin.
It is available in very dry to dry, dry combination and combination oily to oily skins with the latter two being oil free formulations. Its dermatologist developed, allergy tested 7200 times before it touches your skin and 100% fragrance free to avoid irritation.
I would suggest one to apply Superdefense after Clinique's 3 steps of Cleansing, Clarifying lotion and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion/Gel with its counterpart night time moisturizer Superrescue Anti oxidant Night time moisturizer

Its one of the best ones I have seen but I strongly recommend one to get a custom fitted recommendation from Clinique's skin care consultants for a one of its kind skin care experience.


Arden says: "Night time is the best time for INTERVENE. This lightweight intensive moisturizer with BiodorminTM technology and youth preventing complex delivers a look of immediate radiance to the skin. Works continuously throughout the night to help skin recover from daytime assaults and defend against the visible effects of stress on the skin. Wake up to skin that looks younger, relaxed, revitalized and radiant."
I love this moisturizer for its texture and how it nourishes at night. You can use the entire INTERVENE range to get optimal results.
Stress busters are here but are you ready to get busted? (Stress-busted)…….do try it…

Till then,



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