Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bye bye fake cake….Real skin is in?

Foundations are like small genies in bottles. They come in all shapes and sizes, all textures and finishes and are made for all. Hasn’t that been a discussion for eons? But today’s woman is choosy. She takes her own time to decide and has the patience to select the right shade. This shade that she chooses remains with her for her life (of course until the formula stays).

Since today’s concerns are different, so are the foundations…. I have seen a lot of women with concern of pigmentations or uneven skin tone applying a pasty thingy on their face which masks their features completely. These foundations are not only cakey and fakey but also they are of the wrong undertone and horrible to look at. Such women lose their confidence and are desperate for measures.

I was able to find an answer for this solution. After trying out many formulations the best out of them was Clinique’s Perfectly Real Makeup, an oil free foundation known to do wonders. Let’s see the features of this foundation: -
- Its oil free so does not add any extra oil into the face that could create some other problems.
- Its has a micro mirror technology that instantly blurs imperfections and light diffusers reflect light in different directions wishing discoloration adieu.
- It gives full coverage but looks like real skin.
- Perfectly Real makeup helps hiding rudiness, discoloration and imperfections without looking cakey and its ultra light in texture.
- Its light but lasting.

Most of all it is allergy tested, 100% fragrance and dermatologist developed.

How to apply?

Perfectly Real Makeup glides on the skin like silk. To make it glide even better its very important to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. The exfoliation is a gentle daily exfoliation that does not cause skin injury and can be done by Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion. Since the surface flaky cells are wiped out and the smoother cells drink the moisturizer, the foundation sits better on the skin. Using a primer or a moisture booster helps the foundation last longer. Since it does not have sunscreen, a moisturizer with sunscreen in advisable during the day for women with concerns of discoloration and environmental damage.

After prepping the skin, peanut size amount on the back of the hand. First dot in the areas of concern and blend. Then with a foundation brush dab the foundation onto the skin and blend side wards from the middle of the face going out wards and down wards. This gives the most natural coverage. Since it’s a buildable foundation, layers of it can be applied wherever needed.

If there is too much of blotchiness on the skin or deeper discoloration a full coverage concealer like Clinique’s All About Eye concealer can be used underneath the foundation and then the foundation should be dabbed onto it.

Not only because of the availability but also because its meant to assist the coverage that the foundation gives, a powder called Perfectly Real Compact Makeup can be used. This powder is silky and gives full coverage by itself but also enhances the effect of the liquid foundation and seal it.

This foundation can be used by everyone as its not necessary that you need to have a concern on your face. Its ultra light weight and goes well with everyone.

I strongly recommend this foundation and you’ll see yourself transforming within minutes.

That’s why bye bye fake cake, now a days real skin is in !!!

Till then,


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