Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Midas Touch

I think GOLD is one of the most understated and underestimated color in makeup. Probably because it highlights and blends into our complexions very well, or because it is less obvious when used and even more because it blends with any color without changing the color’s identity. But I want to give GOLD its own identity and its own uniqueness.

Gold works with all colors right from cool blues to hot reds and imparts its own signature to that color. But on its own Gold could be used in many unique ways. First lets see which are the GOLDS that we could choose.

Since GOLDS go well on any skin colors its not so difficult to choose the right GOLD color. Pink and fair complexions should choose a Pink or Coppery gold, where as warm tropical complexions should choose slightly bronzed golds and darker complexions could look effervescent with antique golds. A yellow gold which is the purest form of gold color in makeup could virtually go good on anyone and enliven anybody’s complexion.

GOLD could be used on any place on the body to highlight it. But I believe gold to be used as an accent more than an all over color.
Here’s a few tips to apply GOLD as a color for the face: -

-Use it in the inner corners or on the bulge of the eye ball or as a brow highlighter or as a liquid liner or some gold flecks on the eye brow to open up the eye makeup.
-Use it on the heights of the cheeks to give an appearance of a sculpted face or use on the cheek bones and apples for an all over halo.
-Use on the centre of the lips to make an visual pout or apply over the cupid’s bow to change the shape of the lip making it appear larger.
-Dust or spray gold shimmer on the décolletage and look like a goddess.

Some unusual tips would be: -

-Dip mascara wand in a gold pigment and use it as a highlight on the lashes keeping rest of the makeup neutral.
-Mix it with pinks and teals to create a duo chrome effect and see the fun.

So friends do let me know if you have some tips on how to use GOLD and please feel free to share it with all of us.
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