Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Legendary makeup tips.......

Makeup artists are a source of inspiration all the time and always strive to give something new and innovative to the ever hungry fashionistas and beauty addicts….here are some tips I read recently and fell for them…..

1) Francois Nars the creator of Nars Cosmetics had once used a single peachy orange colored lipstick on a super model’s face and thus was born one of the favorite products in the world, the Nars Multiple. This was and is an inspiration for many other brands that come with the names like accentuating stick, blush in a stick and many more.

2) Pat McGrath, one of the greatest makeup artists in the world uses her fingers to apply makeup and told that they are the best and god gifted artistic tools anyone could have. Her makeup finishes are know to be something better than an air brush and bless her for her magical fingers.

3) Pat is also famous for brewing her own makeup concoctions which are so inspiring that cosmetic companies just die waiting to her what coming new from the maestro. She is known to mix paints in tiny pots and create magnificent arrays of colors ever known to man.

4) Stephane Marais had once used real garage grease on models at a fashion show and the shimmery look was born.

5) Pat McGrath applies foundation and powder on lips and then coats with some super thick transparent gloss to create those ultra nude and ultra natural glistening lips at the Versace show.
6) Dick Page, the makeup magician had once told to apply an iridescent foundation in a crescent shaped manner from the brow bone to the cheeks. This leads to one of the most flattering finishes in makeup and no wonder who is taking the credit for that.

7) Dick Page also advised to use a red clear thin lipgloss on the cheeks to create a healthy flush.

8) To create a dewy look for people with combination skin Pat advises using a tinted moisturizer all over the face and a mattifying foundation on the T zone and viola you look Dewy.

9) MAC makeup artists have attributed to some of the craziest colors in makeup and one of them I believe is a red colored crème blush which looks horrendous in the packaging but one of the most flattering on cheeks.

10) In earlier times mascara used to be applied with clients on recumbent position.

11) Makeup artists are known to apply eye drops and crushed aspirin on the face, the worst being toothpaste, meat and hemorrhoids cream.

12) Makeup artist Bobbi Brown once said, that the lipstick that matches to the upper lip color (without the lipstick) when on the lower lip is the best shade a woman would ever find for her.

13) To set makeup trends, makeup artists really think beyond thinking…..YSL’s black lipgloss is one of the major thoughts this season.

14) We heard about battery operated toothbrushes and razors and now its mascaras….Lancome’s Oscillation and Estee Lauder turbo volume are two of its kinds….

15) The ball at the end of the wand mascara called Phenomen’eyes by the brains behind Givenchy beauty Nicholas DeGennes is patented for 25 yrs and no company could copy it till then…..what a thinking….

16) Pat McGrath showed the world that Kabuki theatrical makeup could be done using all other colors that white like pink and powder blue…and not necessarily white……..

17) Lancôme’s Aaron De May brings a new punk-i-ness using a smokey eye unheard of, “the pink smoky eye”…

Makeup artists have always been mesmerizing us with their creativity and shall do it forever, thinking of the stuff never thought of and doing things that were not done….


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