Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MAC Cosmetics Essential Eyeshadows.........

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MAC cosmetics are one of the brands that always make best sellers. They are well known in the fashion circuit for their enormous and vivid range of color cosmetics that they offer from a damsel to a hard core fashionista.
When I go to my local MAC store at Juhu Shoppers Stop I see a lot of confused faces and most of the time perplexed and hyper excited ones too. The reason being not able to choose a color from the wide array of colors that are displayed for eyeshadows, blushes, lipglosses and many more. MAC is known for having the largest number of foundations in the Indian market and that makes it more specific yet more confusing.
Today I have decided to make a post on the best shades of eyeshadows that MAC could offer to an Indian woman. Most of them have already been heard somewhere or read in some magazine but I believe shopping for MAC eyeshadows with a proper guide is truly an overwhelming experience.
The shadows that I am going to talk about are the regular ones and not the limited editions though I have most of the latter, with the thought that they won’t come back again. These eyeshadows are retailed as singles for Rs.820 for 1.5 g and the same comes in just a pan without its carton for Rs.620 for 1.5 g. MAC also offers empty palettes of 4 and 15 eyeshadows for Rs.340 and Rs.840 respectively in which you could buy the pans and make your customized palettes yourself. These customized palettes are easy to carry, look very professional and are completely user friendly. Good for makeup artists and beauticians who have to carry a lot of makeup and this enables them to organize their cases properly.
I have my own favorites and they are one the most used eyeshadows in my vanity case.
So let’s see some of the best eyeshadows MAC offers for Indian women: -
(These are the names of the eyeshadows that I’d be giving)
Folie: - Intense plum-brown (satin)
Pink Venus: - Washed pink (lustre)
Star Violet: - Earthy touched pinky-brown plum fusion (veluxe pearl)
Sushi Flower: - Soft bright pink coral with opalescent pink shimmer (satin)
Cranberry: - Reddish plum with pink shimmer (frost)
Sketch: - intense burgundy plum flecked with red shimmer (velvet)
Hepcat: - Jazzy little deep blue wine (frost)
Beauty Marked: - Deep blacked red with a sparkled twilight effect (velvet)
Nocturnelle: - Pinked up chrome purple (frost)
Electra: - Muted silver with icy metallic shimmer (frost)
Beautiful iris: - Fresh lavender with sheen (veluxe pearl)
Parfait Amour: - Vivid bluish-violet duochrome with violet opalescent shimmer (frost)
Contrast: - Intense bluish purple flecked with blue shimmer (velvet)
Deep Truth: - Very real truthful dark blue (Forts)
Plumage: - Dusky peacock (matte)
Aquadisiac: - Deep sea turquoise (lustre)
Humid: - Intense vivid green with shimmer (frost)
Bitter: - Vivid bright golden green flecked with shimmer (velvet)
Vanilla: - soft pale peachy ivory flecked with shimmer (velvet)
Greensmoke: -Tarnished olive (lustre)
Nylon: - Pale gold with icy metallic shimmer (frost)
Goldmine: - Intense Gold with shimmer (frost)
Patina: - Muted taupe brown with golden shimmer (frost)
Retrospeck: - Beached blonde (lustre)
Samoa silk: - Polynesian peach (veluxe)
Woodwinked: - Warm antique gold (veluxe pearl)
Cork: - Muted golden brown (satin)
Honey lust: - Bronze dipped peach (lustre)
Brun: - Muted blackish brown (satin)
Mulch: - Intense gold reddish brown flecked with golden bronze shimmer (velvet)
Coppering: - Hi reflective orange copper (veluxe pearl)
Carbon: - Intense black (matte)
Blacktied: - Midnight black with silver white sparkle (velvet)

Please be careful of duplicates sold in the entire country. Try buying products from authentic MAC flagship stores in India and after surveying a few unauthentic ones I have found out that the pricing is higher than the actual price. Please do not buy if instead of names you see numbers on the eyeshadows.
If you happen to pass by at Juhu Shoppers stop where I shop the most of my MAC stuff please ask for Neetu or Shaily who are one of the most talented and warm hearted companions at MAC you would ever see. Please do give them the reference in case needed and they would help you even to get a makeover done (at a certain cost that would be reimbursed as products later on).
Next time I shall write about the essential MAC blushes. Till then…………

Monday, November 10, 2008

Congratulations to MYSELF

I got a job at Clinique in Mumbai....YAY!....I'd be working as a part time skin and makeup consultant in this fabulous brand and would like to invite everybody from January onwards to Clinique@ Shoppers Stop,Inorbit Mall.....
Here are a few products that Clinique is famous for......


This fall, what fascinated me the most was the usage of strong and bold colors, strong enough to make a bold and glamorous statement but soft enough not to go overboard!
This time the makeup techniques are refined and delicate application of bold colors ruled the ramps.

What I loved was the makeup at one of the most exotic fashion shows in the world, Alberta Ferretti. The eyes were the same smoky ones that we see everywhere but something enticing and alluring phenomenon happened here. This is called “whisper of color”.

Its an amazing transformation of sophistication and I would be a fool not to mention this as a makeup update and of course with my own additions.

This fall choose some amazing colors like navy blue, pewter, gunmetal, dark taupe, purple, deep forest green, teal, dark mauve, burgundy, wine, midnight blue, dark khaki and of course all possible browns and blacks for eyes. This is the technique invented by masters of the makeup universe like Pat McGrath, late Kevyn Aucoin, Tom Pecheux, Gucci Westman, Val Garland and many more.

The key is to use it as a whisper which means using a wee bit of concentrated bold color and blending it over a larger surface area for a longer time so that it fades and just leaves a trace of color. This is done for very bold blushes, lipsticks and eye shadows and believes me it works.

So I am going to show you a few methods of doing these for eyes………
1. Prep and prime the lid but see to it that you apply less amount of product and I’d prefer a liquid one rather than solid as blending is the key. I’d suggest usage of a small or medium sized flat brush as it helps control the amount of eyeshadow that is to be picked and dispenses at the right place. I prefer small eyeshadow brush from Shiseido.
2. After using an eye primer, before it dries off apply thin line with a pencil liner and smudge it using a thin liner or flat liner brush…..the key is to smoke it out.
3. Line the lower lash line and do not put any liner in the inner rims as it becomes too dramatic and the purpose of the whisper doesn’t solve. The liner is in the picture could be skipped.And that is something different than the conventional one.
4. Then with the above mentioned flat eyeshadow brush take the tiniest amount you can pick and apply it all over the lash line and blend horizontally and vertically till the crease.
5. The amount of desired color can always be built and done according to your needs. Drama could be created by using a lighter contrasting shimmery color applied in the inner corners or in the inner rims. For e.g. if you are doing a navy blue eyes, try putting some copper shimmer in the inner corners and believe me it looks ravishing.
6. Be very very extravagantly generous with the mascara and skip the liquid liner for the day or else keeping it smoky and faded.
7. Use a warm orange or hot fuchsia blush and apply just a hint to add on a healthy flush.
8. Use the new mouth watering range of lip tints from Bourjois to finish off and I am sure you’ll get accolades.

Here the color is very important. You could stick to colors from MAC or YSL as they are bold enough to create the required dimension.
Since there are no rules don’t forget to reinvent your style again and again….


Monday, November 3, 2008

Val Garland and YSL Tuxedo Collection

YSL - ITV Val Garland / Makeup Summer 09 from Julien Berger on Vimeo.

I have seached high and low for this video....Hope you like it...

The new spelling of Glamour by YSL

YSL this season brings out a magnificent array of colors that would be etched in our minds for a long time. Never did I think that YSL would bring in such a collection. No doubt, it’s the work of makeup artist whom I love and whom we have seen backstage as a key makeup artist to some of the biggest fashion shows in the world, Ms. Val Garland. Val lends her expertise as a creator of color cosmetics for YSL and has always worked on the bold side.
She happens to take the Parisian Chic to a new level with a new dimension. Inspired from the designer YSL’s vision of using bold colors, this time the makeup also takes a vivid dimension.
From one of the most coveted limited edition collection for Fall 2008 is their limited edition tuxedo collection. Yes of course there are other makeup products that need a standing ovation too but this eyeshadow palette stole my heart.
At YSL its all about looking haute couture even though you couldn’t afford the apparel wear itself. The stress this season is on a wonderful sparkling smoky eye that reminds us of the late designer’s passion towards clothes and styling. The palette for me works on an emotional level as well as I had always worshipped the talent and creativity of Yves Saint Laurent. (I still remember how I couldn’t concentrate on my makeup artist’s interview at Clarins that day)
So what did I do for that? I bought this beautiful golden palette to churn out some looks of my own.
This palette called Poudre Collector Pour Le Yeux I’m talking about consists of 3 eyeshadows that are designed to make you look fashion forward and avante garde and add a substance to your makeup style this fall winter 2008. The three eyeshadows making up this iconic palette are black mica, bluish grey and ivory.
These eyeshadows intensify the eyes in shades of black and is an ultimate in creating smoky eyes with the help of these closely connected colors. One thing about this palette is that the luminous ivory stripe mimics the satin stripe of the tuxedo. The formula has an exceptional satin texture thanks to the silica micro spheres which distract light in wide angle creating an ultimate luminous eye with an incomparable radiance giving an amazing graphic interpretation in between light and shadow…
Isn’t it a collector’s edition?
Next time we’d bring this palette to use to create some wonderful looks for the fall season.
Till then

Articles to come ahead: -
-Highly recommended eyeshadow colors from MAC cosmetics without which its impossible for a makeup artist to begin his career.
-Look for the Winter from the makeup house of Shiseido
-Inspirations to create some fantastic looks for the fall season.
-Makeup breakup on R-T-W brands that I love the most.
-Essentials in a makeup bag of a woman who wants to make a fashion statement.

Wait as time gives you its worth…………..


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