Tuesday, March 25, 2008

L'Oreal Star Secrets Trio Eyeshadows

With a payoff compared to MAC these nice pigmented eyeshadows are a steal. The new palettes featuring grey eyes for Linda Evangelista and blue eyes for Jane Fonda are some beautiful neutrals for all eyes.

Mix them in your spring look and concoct something new everyday.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring 2008 Look#2 SPRING NIGHTS

All the time everybody talks about spring makeup which happens to refer Day makeup. For springy evenings a touch of sophistication added to the spring colors creates enough drama. Pat McGrath, the world renowned makeup artist advised on adding smoky grays and blues to last years’ eye popping spring palette which already had vivid colors.

So I decided to do a look for spring evenings.
We’d need the following things: -

Lancôme Aqua Fusion Tinted Moisturizer (not shown in the picture)
Lancôme Effacernes Concealer (again not shown)
L'Oreal Paris trio eyeshadows in Linda Evangelista and Jane Fonda
MAC Barbie Loves MAC eyeshadow in Mothbrown LE (Disappeared)
MAC Mascara Primer
MAC Mascara PlushLash in PlushBlack
Random brushes for applying eyeshadows and blush
CoverGirl Lipslicks Gloss in Princess (a bubbly pink)

On a moisturized face dab on some tinted moisturizer and blend well in downward and outward direction. Since we want a sheer coverage, apply just where it is needed to add color and a luminous glow. Dot on some concealer and dab on to get rid of under circles and blemishes if any. Since Lancome’s Effacernes Concealer is water proof and hydrating, it won’t budge even during party hours. Dust a wee bit of translucent powder to keep the concealer in its place.

I got this wonderful palette online at http://www.strawberrynet.com/ owned by JLo’s makeup artist Scott Barnes called Chic Palette in Posh. This blush is a pinkish peach blush which goes on like silk on the skin to give a very sheer finish. It just makes the skin glow and flush from within. Since its summer, powder blushes are safest compared to crème and liquid blushes that have a great ability of causing beauty hazards. Dust on the lights pink from the palette on the apples followed by some highlighter preferably with a fan brush. You can use a contouring color under the cheek bones to add more definition.

L'Oreal has brought these fantastic neutrals in the market for spring and they are very user friendly.
Dust a beige-pink highlighter from the Jane Fonda on the brow bone. Dust the bone color from Linda Evangelista Palette all over the lid. Pat and flick for the color to hold on well. Mix the two colors with a blending brush. In the outer third of the upper and lower lid apply some dark brown and blend. With a smudge brush apply a charcoal color again from the same palette on the outer third just near the lash line. Apply Mothbrown color into the crease and blend upwards. To add extra drama, apply the charcoal color in the upper and lower inner corners of the eyes. On the remaining middle third of the lower lid apply the bone color. Blend in to hide any lines of demarcation. Jane Fonda Palettle
Linda Evangelista palette

Curl the lashes and apply lash primer. Apply 2 coats of PlushLash Mascara to have full length sexy lashes and don’t miss out on the lower lashes.
To add on to the drama line the inner rims with a beige-gold pencil.

To keep the balance, keep the lips understated. Condition with a lip balm, apply a lip primer in case of uneven colored lips and just dab on some CoverGirl Lipslicks in Princess for a girl bubbly pink shine.

This look can be paired with a flowy evening gown or anything that suits the makeup.

Hope you like the look. Do try it at home and have a sizzling evening.
For further queries on the look you can mail me on: -


Pip pip!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Q & A

Reena writes: -

Hello Dr Neeraj,

It’s a pleasure to read your tips n guidelines for all women. I came across your profile in the Orkut Community threads and must say appreciate the excellent work, really look up to your trait of sharing knowledge without any strings attached. Honestly very commendable...Orkut did lead me to your blogs posted and is a sure good read for beauty crazy mortals like me... I love dressing it up and I believe make up is an art and to perfect it ,its a learning curve always . I definitely vouch for your advice on MAC Zoomlash Mascara. I reside in Bangalore and the MAC showroom was an eye-opener but am pretty confused what to buy. I have a query which I would be most obliged if you could answer for me. .I am wheatish fair and have combination skin with T Zone oily. (Forehead n nose n areas around my nose n li'l part of my cheeks. Could you suggest the best cleanser make up Base /Foundation or rather all the best products for my skin (eyeliner, pencil, shadow, blush etc) .I use Garnier face wash for sensitive skin? Your tips would take me a long way. I have messed up trying products all over...

Please advise

Best Regards


Answer: -

Thanks a million for writing those inspirational words. I’m here to write for the people who value my contribution. I not only try to give what is the latest in Indian beauty industry but also many things that inspire me all the time and with such feedback, I’m sure I’ll go to greater heights.

If you happen to be a MAC addict like me you can pick up a number of fantastic stuff from there. I’ll tell you the best things in MAC that I simply cannot resist. Whatever I’ll be telling is from their regular collection. MAC is known for its Limited Editions which is a subject of mass discussion and mass attack when the product arrives.
I like the makeup fixing Fx spray, Plush lash Mascara in Plush Black, Studio Fix Powder foundation, Eyeshadow in Amber Lights (which fascinatingly goes on all skin types), Blue Brown pigment, Powder blush in Honour and MAC brush no. 217, 219 and 187.

For skin care and base makeup I prefer YSL, Shiseido, Clarins and Lancôme. Most of base products and skin happens to be from Shiseido and the results are just amazing.
Shiseido has Pureness range for Oily/Combination skin which consists of a Deep Foaming Cleanser, Purifying softener and Mattifying moisturizer. Another product from them called The Skin Care Day protection with spf 15 is an amazing light weight moisturizer which is good for summers and so is the new Tinted moisturizer with spf 20 which is going to be my next purchase . Lancôme has a Self warming face mask from their Pure Focus range which is fantastic.
First of all are you sure that you have sensitive skin? If that’s the case then Oriflame’s Optimals from Sensitive skin is a very good option.
For foundations since you have oily skin try Shiseido’s Dual Balancing Foundation or Lancôme’s Teint Idole or Chanel’s Matt Lumiere or MAC’s Studio fix fluid foundation. The last one could be a good option as MAC has numerous shades of foundations matching virtually every skin color and tone. A life saving product for me as I have the same skin type is Shiseido’s luminizing powder trios. They have a highlighter, a base and a contouring shade all in one which goes flawlessly on every complexion.

I’d recommend you the products that I like from each category of makeup (taking in mind your skin type and color) in a Regular and a Prestige brand and lets see if you like them.

Primer: -MAC Prep n Prime, Shiseido Makeup Enhancing Veil or Clarins Instant light
Foundation: - Shiseido’s Dual Balancing Foundation or Lancôme’s Teint Idole or Chanel’s Matt Lumiere or MAC’s Studio fix fluid
Powder: - Shiseido luminizing powder trio, MAC Studio fix and Bourjois Loose powder
Eyeshadow: - L'Oreal Star secrets makeup kit in Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington
Eyeliner: - Lancôme ArtLiner, Bourjois Clubbing Liner or MAC’s Fluid line
Mascara Base: - MAC lash primer, Shiseido Lash primer
Mascara: -I love many of them but the best ones are Lancôme Fatale, Lancôme Virtuose and Max Factor master piece mascara. If you are a really fan then DiorShow mascara is perfect.
Brow: - Dior tinted brow gel and Givenchy Mr.Brow
Cheeks: - For contouring Shiseido’s Multishade Enhancer
For color: -Max Factor Color perfection blush, Dior Bronze Harmony and Clinique Fresh Bloom blushes
For Highlights: - Shiseido Accentuating Sticks, Smashbox cosmetics Fusion Soft lights
Lips: - I rarely use lipsticks on my clients. I use lots of lipglosses and my favs are YSL Golden gloss, Lancôme Juicy tubes, Dior Diorkiss lipgloss and L'Oreal 6hrs lasting lipgloss in a fantastic array of shades.

I hope this information is useful to you.
Do keep on reading my blog. It was very encouraging to talk to you. You can write to me at



Spring look 2008 #1 The Beach Fairy

Its spring and summer is going to arrive soon. So I thought of doing a look that is in transition in between the two. This look is for all those gals (women) who have thrown a beach party or a garden party in the name of spring.

For this look we’d need: -

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel + SPF (not shown)
The Body shop All Over Glow
Lancôme’s Bamboo Sun Bronzing powder
Stila All Over Shimmer Highlighter in #3 and #5
Shiseido Luminizing powder trio in Apricot or as per the complexion type
L'Oreal trio for Blue Eyes in Jane Fonda
Max Factor MaxEye Shadow in African Violet
Lancôme Fatale mascara
Bourjois Effet Duochrome pencil in Violet Rose #59
Random eye and cheek brushes


Since the summers are sweaty and hot the coverage would be least. Just a wee bit of tinted moisturizer with lot of sunscreen. Donning a fake tan would be a good option but only if needed. Try slightly orange based tans or something that imparts a slight coppery glow without going over the top. What I did on a model is prep the skin with Clinique’s DDMG and then dab on some All over Glow tinted moisturizer to give a subtle glow and dewy finish. Powder the under eye area and the T zone if required. Use an All over shimmer highlighter over the cheeks and lips to add subtle touches of bronzed rose and coppery color. This is the essence of the look to keep everything minimalist yet look dramatic.
The key is to dab on color working it from the apples to the temples. Since its all over color, it can be used over lips for a metallic tint. With a kabuki brush dust or precisely a fan brush dust the Lancôme bronzer for an added warmth to the complexion. This gives an effect of a sun tan. Dust some in the contours of the cheeks and all the place where the sun is likely to kiss you.
With a full body brush, this bronzer can be dusted on the areas that catch the sun (and of course attention) like collar bones, cleavage, décolleté, shoulders, arms and legs.

The all over shimmer highlighter works great as a lipstick and gives a tint of color on the lips to keep them subdued.

Playing with luminous colors that contrast each other can be done to make an eye-statement. Contrasting colors are eye catching and make a trend. Dust the whole lid and the brow bone with a nude bone shimmer from the L'Oreal trio. Apply the taupe color from the trio in the crease and outer corner of the upper lid and blending in the outer third of the lower lid to create a soft smokey eye that is not very dramatic. In the inner corners apply the beige-pink eyeshadow to open up the eyes.
On the lid dust some dark lilac color from the African Violet trio. Since the color is translucent the bone color should be seen through it to give a subtle duo chrome effect.
Line the lash lines of the upper and lower lids with Bourjois effect duochrome pencil to make the eyes ooze sensuality and drama. Use some in the inner rims to add dimensions and enhance the shape of the eyes.
Curl the lashes and finish with dollops of Fatale mascara to create dramatic lengths and curves.

The contrast that is seen here is with Violet and Pink on the eyes contrasting with the orange and coppery tints on the cheeks and lips.

To carry this sensual look you need to dress up accordingly and mainly accessorize.
Hope you’d do this look and please don’t forget to mail me the pictures on : -


I’d love to hear from you.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring is on the Way

Spring 2008 is on its way. This counts for changes in our routine to adapt to the warm environments. This includes different clothes, different makeup and a different skin care regimen. Since the summers in tropics go to extremes there is a must have list to be planned out for this season. Since I happen to be a beauty expert let me limit myself to the beauty part of it.
Since summers are hot and some what humid in India, certain changes are mandatory in our diets and skin care practices. Let’s see what we can do this spring: -

For people with oily skin, summer happens to be their sworn enemy. For them it’s a must to use a purifying cleanser or face wash that would remove impurities and help clear clogged pores. A toner could be optional or could be completely avoided as harsh toners are known to strip the skin of the oil (sebum) and thus cause imbalances and overproduction. Instead it’s good to use a mattifying moisturizer preferably with a SPF of 15 and above depending upon the time of sun exposure. I’d recommend investing in a very good brand as they make very skin friendly products.

For people with dry skins, this is the best time to use a light moisturizer followed by a sunscreen. Try using hydrating serums as they help replenish our moisture levels plus correct the damage done by environmental pollutants.

Using an under eye cream will let you combat with signs of fatigue and stress in the under eye area.

Where as makeup is concerned, follow the dictum “Less is more”.

Makeup primers are much in vogue. They not only hold onto the make up but also prevent the oils in the skin from reacting with your foundation and turning it dark. A tinted moisturizer is a very good option for summers as it goes smooth and sheer and still provides some color and coverage. Liquid foundation can be mixed with a daily moisturizer to make a tinted one.

To maintain hydration levels in the skin face mists can be used to infuse the skin with moisture. They contain Chamomile which soothes and most of the times dissolved collagen and elastin.

For eye makeup: -Use pastels and shimmery shades that would play with light. Pastel shimmers ranging from beige, baby pink, pink, lilac, powder blue, sky blue, mint, peach and light orange give a very breezy airy light sensation that is flattering. Kohl hasn’t gone out of fashion. The only thing is it isn’t distinct. Smoked up eyes are in but in a subtler way and should be reserved mostly for evenings. Waterproof mascara becomes a staple during sunny days and can be even used during swimming. Since orange is the color of the season an orange eyeshadow is a must have. Choose an orange that would look subtle on your complexion and enhance it. Avoid matte colors. I learnt a new trick of applying a matte eyeshadow in 2 layers and topping it with a light or any other colored eyeshadow t get a duo toned effect with highlights and lowlights. I know it’s too complicated but I reserve it for makeup artists.

Apply subtle peach or orange shimmer on the cheeks to accentuate them. One of my fav blushes happens to be APRICOT which adds enough warmth to the overall makeup yet makes you look cool. Bronzers with a subtle hint of orange or red are most welcome this season. But I wouldn’t recommend a beach look as it’s become too passé.

Lipsticks and lipglosses in shades of warm beige, corals, apricots, orange-golds and even yellows are in this season and luckily all these colors compliment Indian skins. In case you happen to be confused try the best of all of them that is “peach”.

Girls can use flowery and fruity perfumes with an aura of feminism to it. Boys should wear fragrances with citrus, leaf or watery notes to beat the heat.

I’d suggest teaming up contrasting colors like purples with oranges to create the perfect spring look.

Please do ask any questions if you have them.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mascara Chronicles

Thick fanned out lashes is every woman’s dream. Some are blessed naturally and some take the help of a beauticeutical. But what all women all over the world swear by as a key to stunning makeup is a mascara.
Mascara has always been a cosmetic product in R&D all the time. Beauty companies do the largest amount of research in developing a MASCARA as it happens to be the most commonest accessory in a makeup bag.
As a makeup artist, survival would have been difficult if mascara wasn’t there. Mascaras do have a lot of history behind them. Maybelline was the first brand to make a mascara out of Vaseline and Helena Rubinstein, the makeup maven gave the world it first wand in a tube mascara. What a golden day in the beauty industry!

Today with almost millions of mascaras available, shopaholics are in a fix and end up buying several mascaras out of which one turns out to be the best. Each company promises something different and something unique and grab the market. Some ladies that I have seen have been using the same mascara brand for almost 10 yrs (if we’re not forgetting the enormous success of Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara) which is one of the best sellers even today.

Anyways I’d like to make mascara purchasing easy for you with certain tips to buy mascaras and what do we want from them. As previously said, some women (like my mom) are blessed with naturally luscious and long lashes. They hardly have lash-falls and the lash hairs really grow long. But some women have scanty and sparse lashes with a very short lash span. Mascaras these days cater to both the above situations and something more than that as well.
Now a days mascaras are fortified with pro vit B5 and green tea extracts to condition the lash follicle and strengthen the lash. It does work at times but girls use very harsh make removers or sometimes none which weakens the lash all the more.

Inventions have targeted the formulations, the shape of the brushes and of course the tube. They have brought in lash primers that coat the lashes and add volume to scanty ones. So many things happening and yet we are still confused.
So lets see how to buy a proper mascara…

Ask yourself a few questions before entering into the store as we don’t want to fuss out over there.
1.What are my needs and what do I want my mascara to do for me?
2.Do I wear lenses or have sensitive eyes and would my mascara make my eyes water?
3.Am I going to use a mascara everyday or only for special occasions?
4.If I have to try out a color mascara what eye color is mine and what would bring out my eyes best?
5.Most importantly, what is my budget? How much should I invest in mascara?

These are some questions that would come into an average woman’s mind before shopping. Girls enter a store to look for some eyeshadows and end up buying mascara. Funny isn’t it? But true. Coz I have seen many of them doing that. Actually it’s a good practice because mascaras age very fast and have one of the shortest shelf lives.
I’d divide mascaras according to the purpose they serve and shall give you all a comprehensive list of my most favorite mascaras in each category. Of course I’d be talking about the ones available in India only.

Lengthening Mascara: -

- They add lengths to the lashes by accentuating the tips of lashes a little further. Tiny nylon particles coat the lashes and lengthen the tips to give an over all appearance of a long lash. Today girls prefer other mascara types as these mascaras don’t add any volume or body to the lash.
- The most famous mascara in this category would be YSL’s Everlong Mascara, Lancôme Hypnose, MAC Fibre Rich mascara etc.

Curling Mascara: -

- They make the lashes appear curly thanks to the protein base in the mascara that dries off and pull the lashes behind.
- It could be a substitute for people who are scared of eyelash curlers.
- They have crescent shaped brushes to accentuate the curls
- Famous is YSL Infinicurl and Lancôme Virtuose

Volumising Mascara: -

- Most famous formulation liked by everyone as they dramatically improve the lash volume. These mascaras generally have a lengthening and curling formula in it.
- The best mascaras in this category are YSL Faux Cils, Lancôme Fatale, DiorShow mascara, Dior Blackout, MAC’s Plushlash, Mascara X, Prolash and Zoomlash mascara etc. The list is endless.

Drugstore brands hold the nicest mascaras as well. Max Factor Masterpiece mascara priced at Rs.380 INR was voted as the best mascara all over Europe and has boosted their sales like anything.

Women in India are scared of mascaras as they tend to run out in the extreme climates. But here’s a fix. A waterproof mascara does the job better or mascara sealants like the one from Clarins helps a washable mascara face the challenges of the environment.
A word of caution would be to buy an eye makeup remover along with your mascara as heavy scrubbing and cleansing can damage lashes.

Please do ask any queries if you have……


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lancome Ombre Glacee - an eye shadow with a cool edge

World wide launches from Lancôme take some time to come to India and so did the LUCI collection which hasn’t still launched here. But from http://www.strawberrynet.com/ I could grab my hands on one of their earlier launches Ombre Glacée in Vert Bohol which is a liquid gel eyeshadow drying down as powder that hasn't arrived in India as yet {SAD}.
Never have I seen such a unique product (at least in India). This eyeshadow blends flawlessly on your eyes and dries down to an opalescent finish playing with light as much as it can. It feels cool on application may be due to the menthol it contains and gives a very 3 dimensional finish. It illuminates the eyes and makes them look ethereal.
What I loved is the durability as well. This baby won’t budge or move until you make some really desperate attempts to get it off. Another thing is that it remains fresh and looks newly applied all the time.
I tried using it as an eye base for powder eyeshadows but wasn’t very impressed as the eyeshadow itself is very shiny and playing with colors on it is almost impossible and so was the blendability of the powder eyeshadow. So as per lancome’s artist’s suggestions on their UK website I could use it as a top coat over any of the fantabulous color design eyeshadows.
A very unique product with an airy light texture, this is going to be a product in every woman’s purse during summers.

Application tips from Lancôme artists: -
To be applied in light-catching touches on the arch of the eyebrows and the inner and outer corners of the eyes to enlarge eye expression. Or apply over the whole width of the root of lashes.Ombre Glacée can also be used as a top coat over a Color Design eye-shadow to coat it with a cool icy vinyl look.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Latest buys

Lancome India has launched some stunning makeup products which I'm sure would create a rage amongst fashion and beauty addicts.

The key product thats launched happens to be an inspiration from Gucci Westman's gift given to her by a chinese friend called "Destiny Cube".This uber chic product comes in a hexagonal or rather polygonal packaging and contains two eyeshadows and two lip colors.This palette could be tossed in your smallest bag and taken all around and proves to be best for touch ups.

At a price of Rs.3000 INR its a "collector's piece".

PS: -This was launched a long back in US and Europe but somehow has made an entry now in the India market.Available in Shopper Stop Bandra and Juhu in Mumbai.

YSL launches its much awaited "White Gold Holiday Collection" in India and would be exclusively available on YSL counters in Shopper Stop.With three eye shadows, three lipsticks, one gloss, one highlighter, and a heart-shaped blush—you’ll be all set with the chic white gold palette that they have launched as the heart of the collection.I also loved the heart shaped pendant having a red and a clear glittery gloss.These are collector's pieces too.Best gifts for the ones you love.The palette is available for approx.Rs.3000 and the pendant for Rs.2350 INR.


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