Friday, January 25, 2008

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Happy New Year with SHISEIDO

This year 2008 – Shiseido still rules my makeup bag. Had been really busy in the starting of New Year and could hardly find time to write anything in my blog.
This New Year, since I’d some really fascinating bridal orders, Shiseido has again been a choice for both me and my clients.
I love Shiseido coz they make one of the best makeup base products and I simply allure their amazing textures. I couldn’t resist buying their O40 Dual Balancing Foundation for myself and now I can’t resist writing a review.
O stands for Ochre and 40 shade is a Fair Ochre. I got this one for myself as I have a fair complexion with yellow undertones and somewhat peachy undertones as well. Thence this foundation balances my skin type completely. I forgot to mention that my skin is oily too.
On smoothening this foundation over my skin after thorough moisturizing I blend it really well with a makeup sponge. This foundation really vanishes into my skin making a flawless base for all other makeup products which I don’t unfortunately apply.
Luckily this foundation suited my mom as well and that’s why I could try on a full fledged make over.
Dual foundation has a nano powder that makes the makeup last long and fresh for the whole day. Plus an added advantage is of balancing oily/combination skin type which is a boon for me.
Shiseido’s luminizing powder trios are excellent as well. These are three colors that are coordinated in one palette to give multi-effects on highlighting, contouring and shading. On swirling a powder brush on all the three, the brush picks up a uni-powder that gives a multi-effect again. I set the foundation with this powder for a matte finish.
Shiseido has a multi shade enhancer which is an invention of ace makeup artist Tom Pecheux that has 5 blush n bronzer shades which blend in to give a beautiful glow. Since the shades grade from darkest to the lightest, I use the darker ones for contouring and the lighter ones for highlighting. I own all the three editions that they launched but my favorite is no.3 “Sunset Glow” which is a combination of peachy and sandy shades. It’s a fantastic palette and very ergonomic too. They have happily included a user friendly brush that is great for touch ups (which generally cosmetic companies don’t provide).
Shiseido makes one of the most beautiful glosses. To complete my look I add on a G7 Apricot Nectar gloss for an immaculate shine, topping it over a shimmery peachy lipstick like SL5 to give a multi-effect again.
For the eyes my favorite is Shiseido Hydro powder eyeshadow which glides on easily on the eyes and leaves behind a powder non-creasing finish. I use them as highlights as well.
The Advance volume mascara creates beautiful thick lashes with a touch of glamour.

And this is how I commence the New Year with a fresh look all courtesy shiseido.


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