Monday, December 10, 2007

Neo Gothics for Fall/Winter

Fall/Winter is all about dark colors and sensual sophistication to mask the cold jitteriness of the weather. The dark colors that are used in makeup and apparels tend to absorb light and heat adding warmth and a sense of comfort.
Dark colors give eyes a beautiful definition and brings out the feminity. If dark eye shadows are paired with a soft and light lip color and blush to balance the two extremes, it’s like a dream coming true.
For this look I’m inspired by a neo-gothic makeup or a chimney swiped look that the models had sported last season at Rochas. The idea is to use lot of bold dark jet black for the eyes and add drama.

FACE: - the usual skin care regimen and then using a primer to help the foundation glide on the face. Blend in a rich textured foundation like Max Factor’s Age Renew Foundation downwards and outwards using a makeup sponge. Then warm up your hands and gently press to help the foundation disappear into the skin. To mask under eye circles use a heavy duty concealer. Seal it with some translucent powder and then apply a luminising concealer like Oriflame’s Giordani Luminous Concealer or the legendary YSL Touch Éclat. Work on the concealer from close to the lash line in more of a stippling motion rather than rubbing. The heat in the fingers helps blend the product well. On the apples of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, forehead and chin, blend a shimmery crème highlighter like Shiseido’s Accentuating Stick in S3 Glistening Touch. This adds on a vibrant glow or an aura onto the face.
Dust on some more loose translucent powder to set the makeup. Use the highlighter from Shiseido’s luminizing powder trio all over the areas that you want to make appear brighter and shiny. Then contour under the cheek bones, jaw line and sides of the temples to create an attractive harmony and balance in the face. This luminizing powder makes the work of the blush easier. Dusting just a warm peachy or golden toned shimmer does the job.
The idea behind concentrating so much on the face is to get the right base for your makeup to work on.

EYES: - the most attractive thing about using black on the eyes is to bring out the color of the iris. Eyes look exceptionally bright and lively when a black is used.
Apply an eye primer or an eye base like MAC’s Painterly pots. Choose a darker color to make the top color look even darker. Then apply MAC shade stick in Sharkskin on the entire lid, blending it upwards into the crease using fingers or a crème eye shadow blending brush. Line the eyes with pencil eyeliner like Dior Crayon liner or Oriflame’s waterproof liner near the lash line on the upper as well as the lower lid. Darken the rims of both the lids with the same jet black liner. Now with a medium eye shadow brush apply a jet black eye shadow like MAC’s Carbon or Smashbox’s Twilight. Blend the edges to create a softened Smokey look. With a tiny blender brush smoke the same dark black shadow on the lower lid just near the lash line. For added drama a powder kohl can also be used over all this to add in extra depth.
Apply long false lashes and coat them with a volumising and lengthening mascara like MAC’s fibre rich lash mascara or Max Factor’s volume couture mascara in rich black.
Groom the eye brows.For a variation you can sweep in a gel mascara taking the hair upwards and then fix them in that place for a very natural unkempt brow.

LIPS: -just apply a coat of thin liquid concealer and seal it with translucent powder to give it a very fleshy appearance. Top on clear nude gloss with a hint of shimmer.

Add you are ready to rock the world.


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