Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shiseido Rocks

With the new collection for FALL 2007 Shiseido has taken minimalism to new heights.This divine makeup is supposedly designed by Shiseido's new artistic director Dick Page from Jed Root Inc.

The fantastic array of eyeshadow colors,the creamiest possible non-smudging-non-budging liners and lipstick pencils adorn this collection.By the way,the collection is as fabulous as its model,uber chic Patricia Schmidt.

The Silky Eyeshadow Quads come in two colors, Lunar Phases and Desert winds.Where as the Makeup Accentuating Creme liner comes in Noir and Brun.

They have made an invention-in-itself with the Automatic Lip Crayon that cater to all complexions and have a range of Nude and Neutral glosses in Cinnamon Shimmer and Rose Tofee.

Overall the collection is fantabulous and its going to come to India in October 2007.

orkut glitter graphics

Glitter Graphics

Friday, September 14, 2007

Makeup Updates

I have been a Lancome fan since the day I bought one of their fantastic eyeshadows.Later on the craving went for their Fatale mascara and then everything....But the most highlighting part of all this was a seminar conducted by Lancome India's makeup artist who is also a celebrity makeup artist,Mr.Stafford Braganza.

He is one of those uber chic and talented makeup artists who have brought their global genius into India.He has worked under creme de la creme of the makeup world and the greatest and most worshipped makeup artist who herslf is the Internation Artistic Director of Lancome,GUCCI WESTMAN-NEVILLE.

He taught us some makeup tips that really helped us.Mentioned the most highlighted ones....

1)Warm up any product before applying on your face.Warm on the palms of your hands and then gather the products on your fingers and then apply and blend.

2)Always choose a foundation with regards to your skin type and skin tone.Match the foundation at your jawline so as to eliminate any mistakes and have a foolproof application.Using a foundation brush gives you better hold over the blending of your foundation than your fingers or makeup sponge.Try Lancome's Foundation Brush.Warm your foundation later on with your fingers.
3)Always follow the sequence of a blush then a lipstick and then eye makeup at last.This lets you balance your face and know where you have to stop!!Otherwise women end up doing their eye makeup endlessly.
4)Always look in the mirror to check for perfect application.
5)Where as eye makeup is concerned always start with an eye makeup base so as to enhance and make the eyeshadow last longer.The added benefit is more mess-free application.Start with an eye pencil first.
6)Contour the face for daily use with Lancome's Star Bronzer to have a sculpted look.
7)Use good quality brushes to make your task easier and more efficient.Regularly clean them up with a mild shampoo and clean with a sanitizer in between intervals.
8)Lipgloss is an accent more than an accessory.Apply on the centre of the lips to avoid a just-ate-mango look.
9)Your eyes aren't twins, they are sisters.Do not sit matching one eye with another.Nature isn't very perfect.
10)Inhibit yourself from applying tonnes of makeup as you dont want to look "possessed".
His class was excellent and I thank my institute and Mr.Stafford Braganza deeply for such a wonderful makeup session.
Btw readers I'm sure next time you go to Lancome Counter these tips would be useful to you.


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